Wim Dankbaar, a Liar and Defamer

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Wim Dankbaar is a well known liar and defamer across the internet. He defames people on every single “scam reporting website” and blog that he can find including this one.

He tries to sell his fake books about murderers in his midst and fake news about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He also makes videos that he claims are documentaries although everyone who knows the truth about the subjects disavows them. The FBI refuses to entertain anything he has to say about President Kennedy. They have labeled him a fool.

Dankbaar was convicted for stealing the diary of one murder victim, a young girl, right from under her mother’s nose and was ordered the the court to stop selling the stolen material. During the investigation, Dankbaar threatened, stalked and defamed scores of police officers and had to be restrained from continuing his insane behavior, so much so that he was ordered to have a psychological examination and he has been fined repeatedly for his courtroom outbursts and unlawful behavior.

Dankbaar is a liar and defamer who goes all over the internet claiming that reputable journalists and others are frauds. He blackmailed Dutch journalist Peter r. de Vries and American journalist Judd McIlvain and threatened them by letter, email and telephone. He stole de Vries personal photos and email contacts. In the case of McIlvain, a former police officer and military veteran and a well known reporter who reported for CBS News among many other outlets, he threatened to destroy his reputation and then went on the internet claiming that McIlvain was a well known scammer. Dankbaar tried to get all of Judd McIlvain’s advertisers to cancel their contracts with him, by threatening to ruin their reputations too. McIlvain had a very popular website advocating consumer rights. Dankbaar wanted no one to trust McIlvain anymore so he’d go broke.

Dankbaar lied about Bob Vernon who sold him the original rights to the Kennedy story many years ago including the very website he now uses to defame many people. Dankbaar wouldn’t pay what he owned Vernon.

Dankbaar has defamed CIA man Chauncey Holt and his associate J Bartell and their families, all because of his various disputes with them. He goes on the internet and claims everyone else is a scammer when it is Dankbaar himself who scams everyone. Only Dankbaar goes after people’s families and associates.

Dankbaar uses the internet as a disgusting vile fake news weapon.

This scam report is written to warn people to not believe the disgusting lies told by Wim Dankbaar. He has even falsely accused his detractors of peddling child pornography so others, his supportive trolls on the internet, will freely attack them on his behalf.

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