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Wilson Luna ltd from Sydney mocks knowledge for profit

Wilson Luna who run wilson luna ltd is a motivational speaker who invites individuals to attend his free course on business developments and strategies for exceeding everyone’s expectations. In the same trial course, he pitches for the paid course. But my experience was devastating and I felt it was my worst investment. This paid course includes his video course, his published books about finance, Internet-based learning, participation in the network of like-minded people and 6 days of advanced training in the UK. It also includes unlimited additional training if you want to join his course in Sydney,  Australia.

I enrolled with Wilson Luna after I attended his free two-day seminar where he was impressive and sounded determined. He has rehearsed these classes many times and this is the reason people turn up for paid courses. I was one of those people. However, after those two-day class, there was nothing that felt worthy.

In July, I joined his paid mentorship course and by October I had completely lost waiting for the real meat which I never tasted.

I have utilized various other paid courses such as Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham’s. So, I thought I will have the same enthralling experience with Wilson Luna. But, he is not even close to these geniuses. He is fake and has nothing that you can utilize to grow your business acumen.

Mostly, if you are a beginner and have not learned under great mentors, you can find the syllabus enticing but in a longer run, you will come to know its real worth which is less than a penny.

He can only help you run your business through Facebook what he does for himself. Paying so much just to know how to advertise yourself on Facebook is a lot. He is just someone who breathes through fake advertisements and Facebook is his tool to spread lies.

The coaching is not the ultimate goal that Wilson Luna craves for. He wants to grow the number of his followers and will keep pushing you to bring more people either friends, family or whoever to join Wilson paid courses. He will even harass you if you fail to do so.

He will insist you to talk about him on Facebook. All these are marketing jacks and he knows how to attract audience.

The ugly part is when you realize that you paid for nothing but some shit that demands for getting your close ones involved too. It is another MLM program that just cares for wallet and not people. And it totally opposes Wilson Luna’s philosophy of working for people. All he likes to gather is money.

And if you speak out, you will be ignored completely. He won’t answer to your emails and will even eat the money of your unused classes. You can dream for the refund but that will never happen. He will cut you off from the Facebook group and all your comments will be deleted as if you never existed.

This all makes him the greediest person who has chosen wisdom as the opportunity to cheat people.

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8 reviews on Wilson Luna

  1. Wilson Luna Is a Motivational Speaker From Sydney

    I can not believe it 🙁

    I saw his many inspiration videos and stories online but never knew the brain behind online world.

    Will avoid to purchase the courses and seminar series.

  2. Wilson Luna is a Scam, please avoid him

    Wilson Luna is strongly Executed Fraud, I have lots more than 5000$ in course fees, he agreed to teach me personally but he never did it.

    I strongly recommended not to attend any of Wilson Luna’s seminar.

    Wilson Luna is a Scam, please avoid him

  3. Wilson Luna is a Scam, please avoid him

    Wilson Luna is strongly Executed Fraud, I have lots more than 5000$ in course fees, he agreed to teach me personally but he never did it.

    I strongly recommended not to attend any of Wilson Luna’s seminar.

    Wilson Luna is a Scam, please avoid him

  4. wilson luna scam

    Who believe if wilson luna scam some one?

  5. Wilson Luna's Net Worth is Around 439k GBP

    Wilson Luna Limited is an active company incorporated on 13 June 2012 with the registered office located in Greater London. Wilson Luna Limited has been running for 4 Years 9 Months. Wilson Luna’s Net Worth is Around 439k GBP.

    So Wilson Luna’s Net Worth is a Net Worth or Scam Worth?

  6. Wilson Luna's net worth is 439k GBP

    Wilson Luna’s net worth is 439k GBP. Its a huge one Careen. How’d you figured it out?

    I doubt selling online seminar and webinar can’t get you that much of reach, I know this guy wilson luna, he used to be a failure and now he is fucking guiding entrepreneur. how come luna become kind of rich and well recognized guy still its a myth.

    what was the paste business of wilson luna, can any one predict? he was fisher . Yes he was a Fucking FISHER

    I have all the proof just right at my table, How can i attach it here? can any one guide.

  7. He runs a very clever cult!

    The biggest scammer on the face of the planet. I spent £30,000 going on his retreats. He just brainwashed me with his psycho babble and making me feel worthless without his approval. He truly runs a cult!!!

  8. Valuable biz development training; multiple millionaires built in 18 months

    I am a lawyer with 25 years experience in Queensland, Australia. I have started, operated and sold several law firms over that time. I hold a current practising certificate in Queensland.
    One of my personal passions is business development. I have attended numerous training courses within Australia, as well as executive training at Stanford and Harvard (London Course) over the years.
    I have been using Wilson Luna as my business coach and mentor in the business development space for the past 2 years (2015-2017) . In that time I have experienced the fastest business growth period of my career to date. The training is fast paced and very effective. The learnings are just massive and very practical for business owners.
    I have observed a large number of business owners achieving similar explosive and very profitable business growth in their niche biz areas too. I would recommend that anyone keen for rapid business growth quickly signs and completes this training, either in the UK or Australia.

    Michael Garrahy
    October 2017

Sydney NSW AU
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Approved Date:September 23, 2016
Reported Loss :892 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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