Wiliam Rabie a.k.a Reginald William Lynton Rabie

Not a registered financial advisor in South Africa or Mauritius

William Rabie, also known as Reginald William Lynton Rabie operates under the name of Black Marlin Group from Mauritius and now it seems that there is a link with William Rabie and “First Namibia Equity Fund”.

Previously William Rabie operated as Merlin’s Private Equity Fund and IBear Global Investment Strategists.  He has numerous findings against him from the FAIS Ombud in South Africa.  You can read these findings and reports on them by clicking on these links.








Whilst being employed by Sanlam Investments, William Rabie allegedly committed fraud and was later arrested.  The link to this you can find here:


William Rabie started a company known as Black Marlin Group or Black Marlin Investments or Black Marlin Investment Fund in Mauritius and again, encountered difficulties with authorities.  Links on these can be found here:



William Rabie is also affiliated with a company called Ma Vie International Club, and links thereto can be found here:


When opening this link, a logo of Black Marlin Group appeared in the top left hand corner, until reports on the workings of Ma Vie International and Black Marlin Group were reported the past week, whereafter this has now been replaced with “First Namibia Equity Holding”.  However, at the bottom the Black Marlin Group Link still appears.

When trying to click on this link https://blackmarlin-login.com/?password-protected=login&redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fblackmarlin-login.com%2Fpremium-savings-plan%2F a page for login to First Namibia Equity Holding opens up.  After a search on the website of NAMFISA no details of any registration for “First Namibia Equity Fund” could be found.

It is noteworthy to mention that William Rabie was born and bred in Windhoek Namibia… No registration of “First Namibia Equity Holding” in South Africa could be traced either.

Some reports on Ma Vie International Club can be found here:

Ma Vie International Club – Investing Club or Pyramid Scheme?

Ma Vie International Club Review – Legit Or Scam?

Ma Vie International Club: Legit Cryptocurrency ICO or Scam MLM?

All videos on youtube uploaded by Ma Vie International were removed.  In an introductory video William Rabie was indicated as the CEO of Black Marlin Group and the guest speaker, and that Ma Vie International was the client of Black Marlin Group.

Please be aware of William Rabie and his companies.  He operates from South Africa (Somerset West) and still has ties in Mauritius too.  However, he seems to conduct business from South Africa and according to the FSB (South Africa) and FSC (Mauritius) he is not licensed in either South Africa or Mauritius and neither are his companies.


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