Visions Adolescent Treatment Center

Visions teens offers the worst program for drug rehabilitation

I was enrolled with Visions Adolescent Treatment Center located in Malibu who call themselves the drug rehabilitation center for quite some time. It did not take much time for me to understand the way they are scamming people. Visions teens offers a program that is based on lies and is way too expensive for the services it offers.

I still feel that choosing visions teens was my worst mistake I have made till date. If you would look into the promises they make, you would be more than flattered. However, when you will enroll with them, you would understand the severity of damage they are willing to make to your child’s mental health.

I witnessed many parents who trusted this business to improve their relationship with their children and left with heavy heart at the end. Instead of making things better, it made it worse. The advertisement clearly stated that they would provide personal attention to each member which was rarely met. Even if they provided personal counseling time, it was limited to 10-15 minutes.

What I have analyzed from my experience is that, they look forward to making profits and give no or little attention to the assistance that the children at Visions require. They focus on getting more numbers onboard and give a shit about the personal therapy and counseling sessions. I was not only disappointed but felt scammed after joining them.

They will never disclose the charges and keep you in confusion. For parents, who have limited fund to spend on their child’s recovery, Visions is a nightmare. In case, you do not have an insurance, you can expect to pay quite a big amount.

They also discriminate among children based on their condition. They offer most of their attention to the kids who have more problems, ignoring the ones with lesser problems. This is completely unfair. They will treat for the problems between the kids and their parents that never existed, making a lot of money out of it. I have seen kids who left with more and greater hatred towards their parents. If this is what Visions has to offer, I would rather stay the way I am and everyone will have the same say on this after knowing the inside story about the center.

They have nothing valuable to offer and they their program is a complete mess. Instead of getting enrolled to a program that Visions offers, it would be much beneficial to join a week-long detox session and find a different center for that too.

What is the point of paying for therapy sessions and getting nothing close to the amount that you pay. If you really wish to improve your relationship with your children, you better find another place. Or, you would lose what you have between you can your child.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center is a business and will treat you the same way. You can expect a hell lot of bills and no proper sessions and therapy.

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4 reviews on Visions Adolescent Treatment Center

  1. Visions review

    Visions adolescent centers are the worst rehab centers. They did not provide anything that was useful in handling my situation.

    People at visions are money minded and pay no attention to the cases they handle.

    Complete waste of time and money.

  2. Visions adolecent treatement centers review

    Visions made me pay a lot for personal therapy sessions and never happened to give that attention to my case.

    I do not appreciate the way that they handle their business and would never ask anyone to connect with them.

  3. Visions Adolescent Treatment Center review

    This place is extremely overpriced and their facility is worse. Being an adolescent, you do not have a choice to suggest your parents about the center, but you can try.

    People are great at brainwashing and when it comes to their children’s future, parents can spend any amount, but it is only worth if the program is helpful and in this case, it is not.

  4. Adolescent Treatment Review

    When I joined, little did I know that this program aimed at making money. After my dad moved to a different city, I was left without friends and did not cope with the changed environment. Because of which, I went into depression and avoided talking to my parents.

    I needed only few consultation sessions, but these people convinced my parents that I needed to stay for a month’s time at their premise. They also encouraged my parents to minimize their visit and limit that to two in a month.

    They started treating me for problems that were never a part of our discussion and charged a lot of money without results. My parents had to fight to get my release.

    Adolescent center is a prison. You are not allowed to leave until they have taken most from you.

    January 24, 2018

California 1 27807
Malibu 90265 CA US
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Reported Loss :5890 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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