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Virtual Bank is not a professional company

Hello Virtual Bank say’s the company open in USA but operating in south Africa they took R15000 and they said it’s a Stokvel now my R150 00 dropped to R2000. Please help thank you

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9 reviews on Virtual Bank

  1. still can't withdraw

    this stupid app seems wrong I can not withdraw my money

    1. George Coetzee

      I have the same problem. What is going on?

  2. can any one still access their website? seems as if its gone to me

  3. i am fed up with this scams. i my money back virtual bank please.

    Who can us to get our money from this scams.

    1. George Coetzee

      In the beginning there was a notice that they are upgrading the website but that it will re-open soon. Now the website does not open at all and you cannot log in. Also you cannot withdraw any money that is supposed to be due to you.
      Would like to know what is going on. Can anyone assist with information in this regard?

    2. George Coetzee

      I would also like to know what is going on!

  4. Where is Virtual Bank

    I don’t understand. Where is Virtual Bank and where did their page disappear to? I was supposed to cash out in July and I really want my money. Who can we talk to? Who brought this to South Africa? I’m not sure how one proceeds in such instances. They won’t accept my friend request on Facebook so I have nowhere to pose these questions to. I am quite disappointed.

  5. I have invested R3500, mone has dropped now, was not able to take out anything, system was offline, now i cant even logon


  6. VB App not working

    The app has not been working for a while now & the money put in there was down to about 20% of what I put in. This has to be a scam!!!

  7. I was also scammed by these people I invested R2000 last December a month later they disappeared.

  8. Virtual bank scammers

    I bought virtual money (VM) from a seller @ virtual bank and when i was supposed to sell my vms in a months time the system was not operating we want our monies from virtual bank.

  9. Loss of money

    I investment R2500 it drop and now I can’t even login it’s a scam even support is useless.

Reported Loss :15000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : sipelelet
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