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Veteran United Loans are difficult to manage

I got a loan approval from Veteran united home loans. The loan process was easy, and it made me feel as if I had chosen the right firm. However, things changed sooner. I believe that the real colours are obvious after you start paying your loan payments.

After the loan is done, these guys transfer the payment service to a different department or the section of their firm. And, to be true, these people are very irresponsible and unsupportive. These people from the payment management or whatever department are rude and would not give it a second thought when lying to their customers.

I was lied to multiple times right on my face. I have been paying religiously since the day the payment cycle started. I have been paying above the principal amount to make sure I never get low on credit score. However, these guys have made huge mistake by reporting me 90 days late. This has immensely affected my credit score and it has fallen to 120 scores down.

I made a payment through an additional account which is over 1000 dollars. It is still in suspension and they say that they won’t accept the payment. These guys refused to take the payment and without any prior notice, they reported me on the credit file.

The other day, I was on the phone with them for more than 5 hours only trying to erase the misunderstanding or any mistake that I may have made in understanding the payment terms. After all what they did to me, I was ready to listen to them and resolve the matter which could have helped me clarify my credit points.

But, they seem not to listen. For all the hours I was on phone, I was treated rudely. The phone got disconnected many times. More than that, they hung up on me at numerous occasions. I asked for a supervisor and they never connected me to one.

I spent hours trying to reach the right person, but I was never given a chance to express my side of story. These guys are intentionally treating me like I am scammer or defaulter. They advertise that they are for veterans. But, they do not care if you are serving your nation or not. All they do care about is the money and payments.

They will never mind in scamming you for more of it. They do not have the curtsey to talk to an old man. If being a veteran does not make any difference to their attitude, at least an old man’s problem could bring the change. Thinking the same, I tried my best to clear the matters with this company.

However, I was wrong. They won’t help me or anyone for that matter. All they do is fraud people and scam them for money. This is a completely different place than they appear to be. A place full of crap and lies. This is all you can expect from them.

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5 reviews on Veterans United Home Loans

  1. Their staff was unrealiable and unprofessional.

    I would not recommend Veteran’s United (VU) under any circumstances. I was sold a $180,000 condo with hidden and extensive damage (i.e. water, electrical, and HVAC damage). VU was no help, and disappeared as soon as I reported this extensive damage to them.

    Their staff was unrealiable and unprofessional. It will take me years to recover financially from this poorly managed VA loan process. Their advice below shows their only interest is the $$$, not the Veteran. While they sleep in clean beds, I sleep for two months on a dirty floor.

    I still have nests of birds in the HVAC unit closet that keep me awake at night because the vents were not fixed as required by the contract and inspection. 100% bad faith. A company without a conscience. If this were their family they would be outraged. Veterans United? Change your name.

  2. Never Again

    All these folks saying that Veterans Home Loans really is a great place, apparently has more money than they know what to do with, or were paid to say great things about this lender.

    As a former Veteran both me and my wife are on a fixed income and have enough money for a $500 a month mortgage but says we don’t qualify based on a Credit Report which is only updated every 3 months. We have long since paid off what they are saying however to them a Credit Report does not lie.

  3. My experience has truly been heartbreaking and a disaster

    My experience has truly been heartbreaking and a disaster! When I spoke to the VU agent, I specifically explained to him that I need to know if my wife and I will be preapproved for the loan. Later in the day, I was told that I was pre approved for the loan and that we can start looking for a home.

    We had to submit the required documents and everything else that goes with the process. We were in a apartment home and before we submitted our 60 day notice, we had to ensure that we were good to go. Fast forward two months.

    We of course found a home, purchased a home inspector, home appraiser and had submitted our 60 day notice to our apartment with just three weeks to closing. Understand that at this point the apartment had already had new residence ready to move in after we leave. VU called me and stated “you were not approved for the loan and we are sorry.”

    Wait, what? Devastated I had to let my wife know and the frustration was just beginning. I have purchased a home many years ago and had a wonderful experience. Fortunately, we were Blessed to find a place for rent as we are trying to recoup funds spent through VU and movers.

    I was later told by the same agent that I spoke with I could not get the funds back from the appraisal that I had to pay them to use from their company!! For all the unfortunate things that Veterans go through to just get benefits, it is truly a disgrace what VU considers Veterans United!!

  4. you are just a bottom line to VU that says they are in your corner, their not.

    I was drawn to Veterans United (VU) for the “I care about Vet’s” slogans they spout, the original process I endured in getting the loan over 5 years ago was good, I never missed a payment, but now, they are forcing me to a new “servicing company” called “PennyMac”, VU telling me that they have a stellar rep, and that their customer service is outstanding!

    This is a lie, any fool conducting a google search will discover that PennyMac has way too many complaints in the negative. Horrible customer service. When I called VU to state my concerns, I got the “Well, VU is trying to reach more veterans, in order to give home loans, so we have to ‘free-up’ money in order to do this, so we are selling off old loans in order to help other vets”, this is such BS!

    So, now I get tossed out of the chopper so they can make an extra buck in selling my loan to a low rated servicing party, sure my rate stays the same, but, now I have to endure PennyMac’s version of what true customer service really is, I am screwed. SOOOOOOO screwed. Re-consider Veterans United and PennyMac – you are just a bottom line to VU that says they are in your corner, their not.

  5. Please dont waste your time.

    Please dont waste your time. I have found that all these companys that claim that they are there to help Veterans are bottom feeding scammers. They have no affiliation with veterans and there only purpose is to get rich off of veterans.I have found out the hard way dealing with veterans United.

Reported Loss :4700 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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