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Don’t trust VCA Hospital for your pet care if you love them

VCA Hospital; I’d Chosen the wrong profession. With this kind of attitude, they would better fit into cemetery.

I think they are into business and not profession. They have a price tag for every little detail and do not like to adjust even if it means going beyond ethics.

We have a pug and as you know pugs are the most adorable breeds who never fail to share their love anytime. Our family members and friends are in love with her and surprisingly she has melted hearts of many pet haters.

When she fell sick, I took her to VCA Hospital as that was the first option for my search list. They seemed doing everything they can at first but soon came the bills that shouted $3000. They diagnosed pyometra and put up the bevy charges and fees to make it seem justified. I was left with no choice and after a long discussion, they let us pay $1800 and the rest later.

The next day, when we visited her, we found her in a cage. That was distressing. What did they charge for, torturing my girl? They again sent us for an ultrasound that costed us $400 as she was not recovering. We went back to VCA Hospital to admit her but was not addressed for next 45 minutes. Please note, we signed for an emergency case and paid $700 for that as well.

Till the time our number came, the doctor had left and they asked to clear the initial $2200 charges if we wanted her to stay overnight. They also charged $600 for that night.

I couldn’t understand how can they ask for more money if I had paid for 3 days’ care and stay. There was still 12 hrs to go. When I tried to contact the customer care team, they made excuses and nothing was done to pacify my anguish.

This was not it. After paying in total of $4100, my pug was returned in the same condition and I had to contact another doctor.

Is this the way you want your pets to be used for filling pockets? VCA Hospital should be banned and the entire team should be put behind bars for tormenting pets who are our family members.

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  1. Sounds about right for VCA

    VCA even has the audacity to charge, “$50 shipping and handling” in addition to the overnight stay fees for a pet that is not transferring facilities.

  2. Waste or time; despicable

    Fictious diagnoses, use of intimidating tactics and money focused, inhumane, cruel Ear specialist ” Kathleen Van Lanen” incompetitent and stupefying waste of communities’ trust!

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Reported Loss :4100 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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