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VCA Hospital– Animal’s Slaughter House

I have never been so disgusted with anything and anyone as I am with VCA Animal Hospital Management and staff. My pain for losing my dog was not even calmed and VCA Animal Hospital gave me another stroke. I had to say goodbye to my dog few days back which was the hardest thing anyone can imagine. I did that at my regular pet clinic and not VCA Hospital. The people were supportive and had the empathy to relate to my pain. I was atleast convinced that she was in good hands during her last few minutes.

Me and my mom were trying to recover with the pain. I usually feed animals including cats outside of my house and one of the cats allowed us to take her home. She recently gave birth to kittens and I was happy to share the love of my chica with these kittens.

One night, a kitten fell off and was in very bad condition. My vet stayed a bit far so admitted him to a VCA Hospital which was closer. It was an emergency entry and had to be given priority. It was 2:30 AM and still all dark outside. Looking at his condition, I was well aware of the coming fate but wanted to try my best and give it the last try to save him.

They took the kitten from my hands and asked me and mom to stay outside. I wanted to be with him in the examination room but wasn’t allowed and I do not know why. It took them hour and a half to come back to us. They asked for my agreement for allowing the fluid through the veins which I did. But these bastards couldn’t find his vein and put the needle in his bone. The doctor informed us about it and asked us to wait again. After another half an hour, they handed a piece of paper with $1000 written on it.

I kept on asking about the kitten but the answer was always no. They did not let me see my kitten. The doctor said the chances are negligible and we can take her home. But I stayed rigid and wanted them to help. I waited and waited and they kept us waiting.

At last, I was out of my mind and started forcing them to bring him to me. They brought him in a box with a paper to be signed. The paper said that I didn’t do what the doctor at VCA Hospital suggested.

This was outrageous for me and I couldn’t take it. I told that the doctor was the one who insisted on taking the kitten home. But nothing made them change their cold heart. I had to do the needful and pay my bills of $1000 for nothing.

I took him home and tried to feed him but he was not able to swallow. I tried my best and then gave up. I kept on talking to him and tried to reduce his pain through the comfort of love and compassion. But I knew I will have to go through it again.

Finally, I put him to rest beside my Chica. But I wish to spread this inhuman practice for making people aware of the act. This invokes action.

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  1. VCA Animal Hospital Review

    No one is there to take care of your pets… I have my baby cat been sliced by a dog and gone to treat her at VCA hospital.. the staff was busy and one one came to me.

    Please take care of pets.. they are human.

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Approved Date:January 5, 2017
Reported Loss :1000 $
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