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I meet this woman five months ago, she said she was from Adelaide Australia working with children in a missionary home in Malaysia, now in those five months she asked me to give her money so that she could meet me, but then she doesn’t come & makes up excuses saying she was kidnapped, & she doesn’t use her own bank account she uses someone else’s bank account & now she is asking me to send $700.00 so she can meet me for Christmas now im getting sick of her lies & ive also insulted her for taking my money. I want her to pay me back, now she has ruined my chances on date sites or to know what’s it li,e to have a girlfriend, it is totally unfair these sort of scammers are allowed to use people on date sites to lure innocent people like myself for there selfish needs.

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12 reviews on Vanessa Albertt

  1. This person is not responsible

    Not fair that good people be taken from scammers who get away with it

  2. Christmas

    I had waited for this person & now Christmas is here & she didn’t show up, now i am paranoid and about to commit suicide because of her.

  3. Still mad at this person

    I’m so very mad at this person for setting me up

  4. Still mad at this person

    My love for her has been destroyed, maybe time will heal but the scars are still there & it would be a long time for them to be healed. Plus im the only one writing & intresting other people just dont give a damn

  5. This woman is hidding

    Since Christmas this woman has not been talking to me.

  6. This is a woman who is wanted for scamming

    I was stupid to give her money for not even meeting her, so the fault is mine.

  7. I curse this organization

    This woman continues to ask for money so she can meet me. So she says. I doubt she is a real person. So I ask from dirty scam to look into this please because I’m becoming destitute with no money because of this woman.

  8. Wanted for scaming

    This person is in an orphanage in Malaysia on Sunday’s she goes to a Roman Catholic Church if you see her please put her under arrest because she is a scammar on dating sites & must be deported to Australia at once.

  9. This woman ruins lives who are looking fornso called partners

    This lying scamming whore had a plan to rip me off my money.

  10. This is important she is an impostor

    If you meet this person on a date site report it imedetley to internet crime

  11. This is an imposter

    I have blocked all communication from this scammar but these pictures are someone else’s be on the look out on dating sites, if they ask for money so you could meet them or they say they want to meet you. Report them to the authorities

  12. Change of name

    Vanessa albertt goes by the name Vanessa Vanessa on Google Plus. She again asked me for $1000 so she could meet me but I did not give her any, but I blocked here on hangout Google Plus & on Gmail I put her email on spam.

Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur MY
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Reported Loss :56740 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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