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US Standards follows ridiculous business approach

I got a call from an unknown number who happened to be a representative from the US Standards Products. They started the call introducing themselves as the cheapest and best company and told me that I had a free t-shirt that they wanted to deliver to my doorstep. When I showed a little interest, they shifted the conversation from the free t-shirt to the different items that they wanted to ship to my place.

After few minutes, they already had listed three items that they wanted to ship to my place. They did not tell me the cost and said that these would be the best fit as per my requirement. They had my personal information and other details with them. That is how they become the one dictating the flow of the call.

I had to interrupt him to make him stop. I told him that I would only be interested in trying the safety glasses from Grainger. We usually order it from a different company that charges $1.90 per pair. So, I thought the price would be somewhere close to that rate. I did not ask him the exact price and he did not bother to inform me as well.

He said that the case would contain 24 pairs of glasses and that is the one they had with them. I agreed. I order them frequently and I did not mind ordering the entire case. So, I agreed.

The order reached me in a couple of days. They had sent me not one but two cases which I never ordered. I was shocked to see the price on their invoice. It mentioned $358.80 for each case. In total, I was billed for $717.60.

When I opened the case, the safety glasses looked worthless to me. Paying such an outrageous price for something that was not even worth a cent was not justified. I tried to talk to them. But, nothing was sorted. After few days, I received other three orders that I asked not to send.

They billed me more than $1000 in one shot. I am not going to pay these fraudsters. Either they send me a return ticket to send these items back including the safety glasses or they forget about the invoice.

In no sense, I am ever going to pay for these items that I never ordered. On top of that, the quality is pathetic. I have never used anything like these. I believe that US Standard Products uses these filthy sales tactics to scam their customers. In no way, one can buy such pricey items which are more like trash.

If you even get a call from someone calling from this company, you should know what to do, just hang up. Even if you let them talk to you for few seconds, they would entice you into buying something and would bill you like monsters.

And, I never received that free t-shirt ever. The address was correct, and they sent me the items that I never asked for with huge price tag with them. But, I never received what was free.

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6 reviews on US Standard Products

  1. They called me as well but I caught on.

    Next following week the same thing happened again. I told them I was on to their scam and do not call again. I called the number back and was hung up 3 times. Last time I called they said they would take my name off of the list and that they could tell I was offended. This has to STOP !!!

    As I am still not sure this site is also not related to this company… I refuse to give my email address.


    Someone called asking for our shipping address and name. I received items I did not order. Today a Tshirt came in the mail I did not order. When my boss and I both spoke to this company they stated they had recorded me authorizing shipment by giving my name and address. Total scam. Filing a police report.

  3. free shirt

    I received a similar call, but hung up on them before they could try and get me to buy something. They did offer an NFL shirt.

  4. Beware of this outfit

    We have had items shipped by them in the past as well, and everything in the report above is accurate. Very scammy outfit. I just got another call from them. They asked for an employee (who rarely has a need to interact with anyone outside the company) to verify shipping info, get a cell phone number, and other info. I was not comfortable with the direction the conversation and started asking questions… then he got a supervisor on the line. More bullshit ensued before I hung up.

  5. They try to sell products over the phone

    i dont like receiving sales calls. i want to purchase items at local shops only.

  6. Scam Callers

    A girl by the name Sara called. She mentioned she was having a better day than Trump. This is how the conversation started. She mentioned her company, I asked if we did business with them, she responded yes (even though I’ve never heard of them). She then asked if I was a NFL fan, which I said yes, and then she tried to offer us “free” t-shirts.

    I then asked her again who she deals with here, and she hung up on me. She could tell I wasn’t falling for her scam. Total scam artists trying to get unsuspecting employees to buy garbage from them. Not sure how “Sara” sleeps at night.

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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : rendan
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