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Money gram to Ghana

This so called Us Sargent Patrick Nelson contacted me through messenger app on on my cell phone and I thought OK, it would be great to talk to someone that is fighting this war for us.  It turns out asking if I was married and I told him I was and not looking for romance but a friend that need moral support and to chat. Patrick keeps carrying on about how beautiful I am and sending me pictures of himself.

Then Patrick got around asking for funds because he’s hungry and can’t use credit card there in Afghanistan.

He wanted me to send money gram to Omora Fatawu in Ghana,  Tamale,  00233, and I noticed right away that it didn’t sound right sending it to Ghana,  he claimed it is the diplomat address for the US troops stationed in Afghanistan.

I went off and I called him a goat rider and to get out of Africa and go back to his country and stick a dynamite up his ass!  He texted me saying he was real and even send a picture of himself holding a piece of paper with the todays date at the time.

I knew it just didn’t sound right,  he is still asking for me to get him funds and feel very uncomfortable about this and got to really look deep into this and found out after all,  a scam.  I played dumb with him and got his email and using reverse psychology on him like he’s doing to me.  I felt it was my duty for our troops to report this.

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  1. Contacted me on handouts, asked for a care package to include sneakers, iPhone, shirts and undies boxer shorts.. same photos used as above Tells me to send via diplomat won’t cost at the post office. He keeps telling me how pretty I am, and he doesn’t want me to cheat on him, he at Kabul US Army camp there, and tends to retire on March 21st next years 2019. He says he coming to my country. I have told him I am not interested and blocked him on my hangouts, but now comes through my Gmail and I blocked him on that and he tried a third time through a social media site. I told him not to be so persistent, that he is a scammer and he gave me a sad story that he has 5 months to go in the army and he will not tarnish his 28-year record by being part of some sort of scam that he was real and not some idiot. Just the usual chap talk.. I have cut him off. Be wary of this person.. he talks about Franck Rowland and about how he and Frank are the best of buddies in the military.

    He speaks good English – and he writes well too, without errors or bad English sentences, He is very cunning about twisting your words or putting words in your mouth. He doesn’t take NO for an answer.

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