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Upright Law

UpRight Law offer a service stating they will find you an attorney for bankruptcy. State that they will help you every step of the way. For a few of 1800.00 and one you pay you never hear from them again!

Upright Law is SCAM! They are overcharging by 1500.00. I found out that I could have done the exact same bankruptcy by hiring a paralegal for 350$.

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51 reviews on UpRight Law

  1. DO NOT!!!!!!…….I REPEAT DO NOT!!!!!….Do business with upright law, they are liars, when you catch them in a lie and request a refund they hang the phone up on you. The stated that if i paid $210.00 i would be contacted by a Lawyer immediately and the garnishment would also stop immediately, so when the lawyer called me, he stated that, he can’t stop the garnishment until i pay the $2100.00 in full, i explained to him, that Sandra at Upright law told me that , you would stop the garnishment immediately, he went on to say that, they will not release my file to him until all money is received, so i asked him , if it was ok to call Sandra on the three way and he said sure, of course Sandra didn’t answer, left Sandra a couple of voice messages still no response from her, called this morning and she gave me the run around stating she did say that payment needed to be paid in full, so i asked her if they recorded the call and she said yes, so i said ok can you play it back? and then she said, you need to call customer service, the can help you, i will transfer you over their, so after she rushed me off the phone to past the bucket, i am now speaking with some rude guy that didn’t want to give his name and told me that, i would not be receiving a refund and hung the phone up on me. Upright law reps are rude and disrespectful, all i want is my money back because they wasn’t honest with me. I feel like they just took my money and said oh well!!!! They are wrong for misleading people and they need to be out of business!!!!
    I give them a NEGATIVE TRIPLE ZERO…….don’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste your money! with upright law!!!!!!!!! It should be against the law the way they treat customers!!!!




  2. Better go through with your bankruptcy.

    Just a couple of things to report about Upright Law.

    First, the fees are 1500 to the firm plus the filing fee for the state which you live in,


    If you decide at the 11th hour before filing, you will not get a refund. I was charged over 300 an hour for the local attorney and they charge around 280 an hour for services. I was given a breakdown of the services performed by both parties, but was too infuriated to hear clearly. I did hear the part where they claimed that they did over 1,900 dollars of “work” which came to roughly 4-5 hours (again, I was way beyond indignant by then to tabulate the “work” that they did). The local atty bills for every minute of calls to you, time on the bankruptcy paperwork, the whole nine yards.

    This is not explained at the time you begin the plan you agree to.

    They did say that they would return the filing fee of 335 dollars (that was on the 11th of June, 2018) but so far, it has not happened.

    The point is, it is better to avoid bankruptcy and debt management services by contacting the creditors yourself and haggling a settlement than to hire these thieves.

    I for one, will never trust a lawyer again.


  3. Fraud

    I sought to file bankrucpcy in Feb. 2018. I paid 400.00 to get started they wanted 1800.00 after a week of being harassed when i was going to pay the rest I told them I didn’t want them to represent me and asked for my money back. I was told needed to taled to a manager. I called everyday for two weeks asking to speak to a manager, finally someone called me back only to tell me i couldn’t get my money back but they will continue to represent me if i pay the balanced. I took my lost I knew at this point I knew this was a scam.

  4. Stay Away con artists

    Please stay away they got me for 350. Had 1 phone conversation with an attorney 3 hours away. The call lasted 5 minutes. Look into the firm the where sanctioned by a bankruptcy judge for 250 thousand it’s a sceme they got going on. Won’t return calls or money plz stay away don’t be dumb like me.

    1. Judy

      They are liars

      I paid in full to have a local lawyer talk to me about bankruptcy. He was great but told me I didn’t qualify and would have my full amount refunded. The main office just gives you the run around. Tells you that it is going to be done on that Friday and nothing.
      You end up having to hire another attorney to try to get your money back. They stole $2400. From me.
      Already in financial he’ll and they have the audacity to fraud you. Don’t ever do business with them.

  5. Scam

    I hired them thanking that they were togoinghelp me turns out they over charged me and took my money.I called them and asked for a refund of my mony since theu didn’t do anything on my behalf .They told me that i could not get my money.I feel that is wrong for any one to do hard working people like that theu didn’t do anything to help me they should not be allowed by Law to keep anyone money if they haven’t done any work.

  6. Upright Law is a Scam!

    I filed a chapter 13 with upright law back in October of 2017, Paid my money ,havent heard anything fron them ,aby comnunication comes from me calling them. I sent every document ,on more than 2 occassions they claim they never recieved them ,So i took them into the office personally, back in June of this yr 2018 , still No respinse from them at All!!!! Called July 23rd 2018 ,Nothing ,called Aug 20 2018 run around ,lets take this to the News reporters so that upright law can be investigated. Ive Never even recieved paperwork from them ,No letter head Nothung!!!!! Ugh Greedy asses!!!

  7. has not refunded my money in over 60 days

    do not deal with them they took $1635.00 of my money on june 26 2018 i am yet to get my money after they said could not help me they were recommened by legal zom

  8. UpRight Law is the best bankruptcy law firm you will find. They truly make it as easy as possible to make payments and then get filed. They are super communicative throughout the process and make it as easy as possible to skip payments if need be. You are even able to access your portfolio online and see how long you have left before you’re finished. It’s so much more of an enjoyable process when you have a team who truly cares about your wellbeing. The home office is great at helping when you need to get in touch with the local attorney, since they’re in and out of court all day long. I’m so happy to have gone with such an amazing team of people. Thank you UpRight Law!

  9. Wonderful Customer Service and Support

    UpRight Law has been an absolute godsend to me and my family. As a single mother, I was too depressed to deal with the fact that I owed tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. I called in one night just wanting information and I was met with an amazing energy, one that was inviting and warm and didn’t judge me for my issues. She was able to help me find a way to make a plan to pay off the bankruptcy, since obviously wiping away thousands in debt isn’t free. She explained to me thoroughly that though the bankruptcy wouldn’t be filed until the fees are paid in full, they would help me with the harassing creditor calls until then and start getting the petition prepared, which they did!
    The communication was amazing on every level. Whenever i had an issue or concern, they were able to address it right away. My partner attorney was also amazing and was able to help me get it filed in a timely manner once I was paid in full, which i ended up doing faster than I expected. Thank you so much UpRight! I got the fresh start I needed!

  10. Refunds

    Aweful. They do not want to refund your money in a reasonable time frame. They say it takes 30 to 45 business days. I’ve never heard of this in my whole 55 years on this earth. I’m really glad I cancelled my service with them. I think they are scamming people. DO NOT USE THEM.

  11. Upright law is horrible

    Do not use upright they are garbage. I was gonna use them but decided to go another route they told me it would be a week to refund my money Well now I’m going on two months and I can not get them on the phone poor poor service

  12. I would not recommend upright law to ANYONE!

    Been waiting for my refund since August 13 because I got tired of the attorney that they found for me would not communicate with me after leaving 3 emails and 2 voicemails in a 5 day period. I spoke with an agent named Jonah on October 16 who told me that he would expedite it and I should have it either Friday October 19 or Monday October 22. Saw no transactions on my bank statement on October 22 so I called to check it out. Jasmine was very professional and knowledgeable with how to handle the situation but informed me that i did not qualify for the expedited refund and that she would submit another one on my behalf. Originally I was told that this process would take 30 to 45 business days to complete. I have now been waiting for 51 business days (71 calendar days) now and just got told that it could take up to another week.

  13. won't refund money

    I consulted with them and paid $300 down for what was supposed to be a free consultation. the very next morning I canceled my contract and my retainer agreement was voided and through docusign. My agreement was never signed and they never performed any services, I never talked to an attorney. It was not even 24 hours before I changed my mind and they have not refunded me my down payment which they should have never taken from my account once the agreement was voided. They are immoral and I would advise against doing business with them.

  14. can't get money back

    Do not use. After some pressure and promises from what I now understand was a sales person, I paid 2100.00 up front since rates for bankruptcy were going up nationally and upright was among the lowest priced per person on the phone. Nothing but problems since. Waited for name on attorney. Then waited for attorney. Called for a refund told they would only give back 900.00 because of all the work that had been done. What work?! Some customer svc mgr told me she would have my assigned attorney call me. By this time I was served with lawsuit. Called attorney and told don’t worry about it No need to show up in court. Well that didn’t go well. In the mean time this attorney dies. Don’t find out until I call. Again call upright for my money back or wanted an attorney of my choosing since I can been informed that some of the deceased attorney’s clients were being assigned to attorney I wanted. Upright told me they would look into it and call back. Next day receive call with the name of an attorney, not the one requested, who called and sounded great: this is what we are going to do, this is what you need.etc. Given instructions to do online bankruptcy questionnaire which hasn’t gone well. Now waiting to correct this issues. Problems contacting, not getting answers, etc. In the meantime the required class certificate has expired. It has been a nightmare and I feel sick with the thought that I most likely have lost much needed money. If I can help someone not make the same mistake at least I will feel a little better. Good Luck.

  15. SCAM. Help me to shut them down. Email me your story

    They only want your money. They are nice till you give them a retainer and sign the contract. They will not inform you that the case will be filed after full payment is made. Then they email you the contract. After you sign the contract you will not hear from them again. After two weeks I called them to get an update and find out as why my case has not been filed. Then they told me that they must receive full payment first. That would be 8 months from now. I needed help now. So’ I am suing them for misrepresentation and fraud. Please email me and let me know as how they scammed you. Email me your situatio to: [email protected]





    Well im still waiting for my almost 1900.00 check since September 18th well over the 30-45 days as promised. Im going thru all these terrible reviews about Upright Law Firm, And they are so Right.
    I have fell victim of Upright Law Firm. I been a customer of there’s since August 2017, Have had 3 Lawyers Cancel thru Upright Law Firm. I’ve spoken to Financial Department about a Refund and have yet to receive my monies from my case i set up in August2017. I called Upright Law Firm again today (November 27 2018) requesting more about my almost $1900.00 Check. Upright Law Firm repeated the same conversation we talked about on October 18,2018. I will not stop calling Upright Law Firm nor stop Writing Reviews until I receive my hard working money back. This is not a Threat this is The Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Scam artist

    What I have to say is not pretty, upright law is a scam, my wife and I have been trying to get our money back from our bankruptcy fee’s. Upright law told me and my wife that it was mailed out on the 5th of Nov, tomorrow is the first, we still haven’t received our money yet!!!!! Where is our money???? I’m trying to be civil about it, but they keep giving us the run around. Talking about give it more time, I’m done with that !!!! We need our money asap!!!

  18. I have gotten scammed by upright law and I don't no what to do!!...im so upset and my dr.bills are getting sent to collection and now one of them is garnishing my check...please HELP

    DON’T DO UPRIGHT LAW… THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY..OF $1800..AND LEAVE U HANGING…They quoted me $1200 and it was $1800..she charged me $375.and hr.and then they wont,GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!! They never sent me a receipt or any thing to tell me what was going on.there bad pepole….Thanks Connie Derrick..Ontario,Ore.

  19. The worst company I have ever delt with

    My husband went to file through these people, I highly recommend not to! The gentleman that we spoke with told us the amount of money we needed to pay. We made the initial payment and when the lawyer called us proceeds to tell us we have to pay them 150 a hour on top of what we already paid upright law. Really???? That was never said to us at all EVER! So we called back to upright and they gave us the run around and tried to tell us there’s nothing we could do. They basically get to keep our fee when they didn’t do a dam thing for us. Are you kidding me???? They didn’t do shit for us. And now we have been calling for a refund and they wanna tell us they can’t do that. Well I said play the tape of our phone conversation and show me where any of this was said to us. Funny they don’t wanna do that. Such frauds I’m beyond myself.

  20. Scam

    The Absolute Worst Experience ever! Poor customer service, very unprofessional! I am due for a refund and still has yet to receive my $300, which is the down payment to get the ball rolling only to find out that “ they can’t help you until they’re paid in full”. I needed help filing a Chapter 13 (for obvious credit issues),but why would I pay an extra $300 bi-weekly bill paid to Upright, or better yet why would I add $300 more to the rest of my bills. It’s a waste of time dealing with these people! I’ve made numerous of phone calls only to be redirected and then hung up on. left email messages. I have yet to receive my refund that was promised back to me .

  21. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAM OR DOES BUSINESS VERY VERY POORLY! The customer service is poor and unprofessional.


    I was looking to file a Chapter 13 with Upright opened the case on 11/29/2018, they gave me a 1-888 phone numbers to give to bill collectors when they call. They were paid $300 on 12/04/2018, but bill collectors kept calling. I reached out to the lawyer given to me by text msg., where he stated that “technically my vehicle and other assets can be taken away from me, because my Chapter 13 doesn’t start til the $1886 filing fee is paid in full! That was not stated during my initial phone consultation. THE GUY WHO TOOK MY INFORMATION WAS AGGRESSIVE AND A BIT RUDE. I was desperate so gave my info, by the way I wouldn’t be dealing with him yet a lawyer, not the guy that was doing my initial consult. My reason for filing a Chapter 13 is for obvious credit issues, why would I want to ADD AN ADDITIONAL $300 BIWEEKLY requested from Upright Law, to the rest of my monthly bills! It’s ridiculous! I have cancelled my account on 12/04/2018. I WAS PROMISED A REFUND in which I am stil currently waiting for. I’ve made numerous of calls only to be sent right back to square one, then redirected only to get hung up on! I have left text and emails ( no response). I called this morning spoke to someone who told me that a refund takes 30- 45 days, I asked the lady to send me an email of refund for, so that it will be in writing, she stated that as soon as our call ends the email will be sent, well that was 2 hours ago, I am furious at Upright business conduct. I will absolutely not refer these people to anyone, yet I will tell everyone I know about my experience with these people.


  22. Sick joke

    Is this some sick kind of joke! I gave up months ago trying to reach my attorney Eric. I ended up getting laid off from my job months ago and gave up trying to contact him! I have not received any type of communication from either party since July or early August! Up right law nor Eric did a thing for me! I should be charging for my waisted time and anxiety over making a difficult time that more unbearable! Promised a manager call back by last Friday……still waiting!

  23. Still waiting on my refund

    PLEASE, I state again PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE, I paid $350 to started a bankruptcy case on November 29th 2018 and cancelled on December 5th 2018, due to unexplained opening and starting a case. The guy on the phone who took my information was very passive aggressive ( I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with him so I gave him my info so that I can get started, so I looked over the aggression) and rude, and kept talking about money, how much do I have now and what can I pay. Everything is through emails , I Literally spoke to the appointed lawyer (James Lisowski) through text msg and email. I wasn’t clearly informed that after I pay my initial $350 to get started, that I would have to pay $350 bi-weekly until the $1886 is PAID IN FULL ( but my case wouldn’t start til the $1886 is completely paid). Obviously I’m having financial difficulties, but why would I add another $350 along with the rest of my bills, it’s ridiculous! THEY WON’T TELL YOU THIS INFORMATION, but they WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! It was up until I KEPT getting CALLS from BILL COLLECTORS that I realize that I need to get in contact with my lawyer as to why are the bill collectors still calling, when the guy who took down my information gave me a 1-888 number to give to bill collectors ( which did not work) do I reached out to my lawyer who stated to me that TECHNICALLY MY CAR CAN STILL BE REPOSSESSED, ALONG WITH THE OTHERS THAT I OWE, because my case filed with Upright Law is NOT PAID IN FULL (the $1886), again why would I add $350 more to my bills, when I’m in a financial strain! So on December 4th 2018 I cancelled and close my case, I am still waiting for a PROMISED REFUND that I have yet to receive and today is now January 22, 2019. Every time I call they give me the run around and transferred calls only to be on hold forever and then phone hangs up, I am infuriated by their lack of professionalism. I was told that I would receive my refund in 30- 45 days and I’m still waiting!

  24. Scam

    Upright law firm are nothing more than petty hustlers that try and get over on people about their money I wouldn’t tell a rat to do business with these low lives they owe me 100 dollars and i want my money back and they keep stating 30 to 45 days I hope when their caught they receive the maximum sentences. Who does people this way god will make them pay their karma will come

  25. Don’t do it

    Upright law contacted me and I listened to what they had to say. The lady helping me said she would look up my credit to see if I qualify. She supposedly did her research am came back on the line and told me I qualified and that they could clear my debt for a little over $2000. I said great! Bcz I thought I had a lot of debt. I gave them my account and routing # so I could pay the down payment when I got paid. After speaking with her I was supposed to sign the agreement. They seemed really pushy about it and that turned me off. I then looked up the reviews and I wanted to rethink having them help me so I did not sign the agreement. I emailed them and called them I told them I was no longer interested especially since my debt was only $795!!! They were going to take over $2000 from me to “help” me pay off my debt? Anyway they would not stop sending me the agreement and telling me to sign it. So I had to go close my bank acct so I wouldn’t get charged. Today I get a text saying my payment didn’t go through. Really? Damn right it didn’t go through! Don’t give them your information they will rob you.

  26. Scam beware

    Please stay away there a scam. Will get your money and do nothing. They prey on people with financial issues. Please be warned go to a local attorney and do it that way. A FEDERAL JUDGE JUST SANCTIONED THEM FOR BEING A SCAM. FOr a company to take advantage of others when there in a time of hardship is awful. Please stay away read all the reviews they are correct 100%. All of us they took advantage of we need to file a civil action against them. Let’s all stay strong people and give them what they deserve. They think because they are a internet lawyer they can’t be touched let’s do this people we need all get up with each other and get them.

    August 9, 2018

  27. Dirty, Lying, Scam, Fraud Upright Law Firm/ Allen Chern LLC 888-708-0876

    Upright Law firm took money out of my account although I told them not to and they have not refunded my money. I did not speak with any attorney of theirs and I have not signed anything and they did nothing for me. I cancelled with them within less than one hour of contacting them. This company is a huge scam and I would not recommend anyone to even contact this company. They are a huge fraud. I will be making as much noise as possible about this company telling everyone about the fraud and scam they pull. I want my money back. I have reported them to the BBB and the fraud department of my bank and I will be contacting the news media. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE FRAUD PEOPLE.

    December 22, 2018

  28. Definite Scam

    These people scammed me out of my $100 down payment. I requested a refund on January 10th, 2019 and its now March 6th and I have YET to receive a thing and am still getting the run around when I call them.

  29. UpRight Law is Legitimate Lawfirm

    I work for UpRight law in the Buffalo/Rochester district. I recently joined the firm as of the middle part of 2018. I have over 30 years of bankruptcy experience and have represented 1000’s of clients. UpRight Law is not a scam. I am here to help and always answer my client’s emails or phone calls. Most cases that are not filed; are because the client not forwarding the necessary documentation. I can tell you that UpRight Law is committed to helping people get out of debt. I can not speak for other attorneys; but I am ready, willing and able to assist clients. It is not a scam at all. I can not speak for customer service but on my end; I handle every case as professionally as I know how.

    Mark Lewis, Esq.
    UpRight Law WDNY

  30. UpRight Law is Legitimate Lawfirm

    This is a great company; dedicated to helping people get out of debt.

    The last review; I forgot to rate the company.

    Mark Lewis, Esq.
    UpRight Law WDNY


    I requested a refund hours after they charged me almost $400. They told me I had to wait 45 days. I got my money back through my banks fraud department. This place is a rip off. Glad I found out about it before I paid them over $1000. I found an attorney who filed my case for $300.

  32. They aren’t giving me my refund

    I was filing for bankruptcy but was told I couldn’t qualify. They have $2400.00 of my money and are not returning it. I am entitled to the full amount.
    They keep giving you the same run around and tell you all kinds of stories.
    They even said if I took my negative comments off they would get my money to me sooner.
    If you read all the negative stuff you will see people have been waiting forever.
    For such a big company they are so unprofessional.

    1. LL

      Upright Law should be outlawed

      This company is the biggest scam i have ever seen! Who on earth can sleep at night knowing that you’re committing fraud on a individual that is already down on their luck?! I spoke to a guy by the name of Jacob, that tried to pull the wool over my eyes and almost succeeded if my intuition and memory didnt serve me well. This guy convinced me to give him my debit card number for a 1.00 to make sure my account would be good to go if i decided to choose them as my bankruptcy attorney. This guy only had permission to charge a dollar, how did a dollar and a 200 charge occur i am so disgusted! Flat out the biggest liars i have EVER came across and its pathetic! The sad part is they probably would have gotten over on me if they wasnt so darn greedy upright! This is where they dropped the ball… they’re so use to scamming people that they stole 200 dollars from my account without MY PERMISSION THE NEXT DAY! Ahead of what could have been a well thought out scam if the idiots would have allowed me the chance to sign the contract and speak with the attorney. Of course i reported them to my banks fraud department because guess what? It is fraudulent! I will file a report with the Better buisness bureau as well in hopes of helping others not get scammed.

  33. Would NOT recommend this business to any one

    Waiting now 29 days for my refund, they say I have no choice but wait for the 45 business days.
    And I believe I have been “taken to the cleaners” . Currently seeking help with the authorities.
    WORST experience I have ever had with a any company! Looking at the “Official” REFUND date of 15 MAY 2019. Time will tell the “story”. Customer representatives are well trained to avoid “customers” .

  34. Upright law is a scam

    On April 2018 I took my taxes and paid 1500 debited from my checking account. Then I was assigned an attorney by the name of Provanda Kennedy.It wasnt until September that I was suppose to meet her at court and she didnt call me until she was in court. when she called me I hopped into my car and she was gone. She was one of the biggest liars always asking me for the same thing over and over. Sometimes I would go months without hearing from her. Most times I called her because she would never return calls. The last time I spoked to her was in Jan. 2019 never heard from her again. Its so funny that she would respond to calls from Upright law but never from her own client. Now Im out of 1500.00.

  35. scammers

    Did a free questionnaire online and some guy calls back and ask personal questions but not about my debt. Gave me a quote of $1645 and asked for my banking info. When I told him I’d rather come into the office and give all my debt and banking info, he hung up.

  36. I needed help,never had to do this and after a few details he ask how .uch I can pay, I told him I do not know,then he knew I was getting mad at his rudeness he hung up on me.

  37. Rip off scam

    Asked for a dollar for consultation, then tried to pull 200$ after all i did was read their insane fees over 5k was told it would be 1800 if i signed up felt pressured now their xalling threatining to take me to court for full amount stay away

  38. Rip off - scam artists

    We were charged $1800 for a bankruptcy. When we determined that we were not going to need to file after all we contacted them for a refund. We were given a laundry list of charges so they would only refund $832, although they had done nothing to actually file a bankruptcy for us. To this date, and after contacting them repeatedly, I have not received my money back. It’s been nearly 3 months. Every time I call, there is another story about why they can’t get me my money back. DO not use this firm. They have no interest in helping you. They just want your money.

  39. WARNING!!!!!!

    UpRight Law

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    Q: BEST company I’ve ever done business with!! Already recommended them to 2 people and will continue to do so!! Pleasant, easy to deal with and was quickly finished… and they actually care!! A++++!!!!
    A: They sure did work with me..I highly recommend.
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    1,504 reviews
    “Quickly, honorable and respected place to use for bankruptcy.”
    “Horrible experience, do not give these people your banking information.”
    “Awesome service, question answered quicky, with friendly people”
    Robin Williams
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    15 hours ago
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    UpRight Law: Bankruptcy Law Firm – Get Out Of Debt
    Contact UpRight Law and find out if you
    qualify for bankruptcy protection from
    the nations #1 … Chicago, IL 60603
    Locations – UpRight Law
    https://www.uprightlaw.com › locations
    Belleville, IL 62226, IL. Kevin
    , Chern, 79 W. Monroe Street, 5th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60603, IL. James, Ford …
    Affordable Bankruptcy Attorneys – Bankruptcy Lawyer | UpRight Law
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    Are you looking for an affordable
    bankruptcy attorney? … Illinois. David
    LeibowitzSenior Legal Advisor.
    Chicago, IL.
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    1.1/5Dirty Scam · 38 reviews

    1,504 reviews
    “Quickly, honorable and respected place to use for bankruptcy.”
    “Horrible experience, do not give these people your banking information.”
    “Awesome service, question answered quicky, with friendly people”
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    Robin Williams
    Robin Williams

    15 hours ago
    Our experience with this company has not been the greatest. We called in and requested help with bankruptcy, okay they took the information to get us started in the process meaning our banking info for auto payment to allot us time to pay the very large sum for them to assign an atty to file our request meanwhile supposedly keeping the creditors off our backs you know they tell you to give the collectors their number and you write letters informing the creditors they are handling your situation ya-ya-ya…. Newsbreak, collectors still call, At this time a great deal of time has pasted in our Pymt’s to the company and thru-out we have adjusted the amount here, there and there. Get this we requested a refund in February this year, here’s what I was given their so called client services team tell us a manager will give you a call back in 72hrs oh yes, this was in Janurary this year. Moving foward, I must have called back 2-3 time thereafter before finally getting a. response from the office. During this time I was informed that they would be returning EST. $600 or less of the $1600 I had already paid. I asked WHY are you taking so much from me for my return. they stated for the two minute call from the Atty and in that 2 min. call in which she states once your processing fee is paid I will contact you to retreive and file for the process. In addition, I was billed for calls to the client services . Here’s one for the books I called to adjust the amt. of various monthly Pymt’s ,,, and was never told I could go online to their website and adjust or skip a pymt for free. Then I was told I was charged for a file created. What file of my payments, my name and telephone number. In addition, Feb. 2019 I was told at the end of the day I would receive a check for $1000. within 30-45 days. No check, I called on the 30th day to to the start of being shafted week to week and still have not received my check . I asked to speak with the accounting dept. they couldn’t do that so give me the managing partner , V.P General counsel , operations officer anyone who can release my refund that fell on dead ears , they stated we cant give you or connect you to anyone. Iim sorry I’m sorry for choosing this place, but I’m sorry for my husband more the person they are hurting the most due to his Illness A big joke to client services when I informed them of his condition and we needed all funds available to maintain a descent quality of care every little bit helps.

    THEY DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Worst service I have ever experienced!

    I cancelled their services within 24 hours, so I am owed a full refund. It has been 3 months!!! I have heard excuse after excuse and have yet to see my refund. I am spreading the word on every platform I can find. I cannot imagine how terrible their services are if they cannot simply return monies debited from your account within seconds of requesting their services. Shouldn’t it be just as easy to refund when there is nothing to research, etc? INCREDIBLE AND UNACCEPTABLE!

  41. it seems tobe a scam

    40-45 business days for a refund but now it has been over 50

  42. $400 stolen from me.

    After taking $400 from my bank account, I was told the full amount must be paid before the file the case. I complained. They emailed me saying they will apply the $400 if I decide to stay with them. When I decided to stay with them, I was told they dont want my business and never refunded my $400. I have notified Arizona Bar Association to ban their prsctice in Arizona.
    Dr. Mostofi

  43. Refund of money

    I was going to go through bankruptcy through upright law decided not to and after 13 weeks of them taking money out of my check like clockwork when I asked for it back and decided I wasn’t going to go through their bankruptcy they told me it would take 30 business days before they would send out my check well it’s now been almost 3 months and they still haven’t sent it out so you better think very carefully about whether you want their services or not I don’t know how well they actually would have been if I went through at the bankruptcy or because I’m not going through with it they’re taking forever to give me my money back

  44. Frauds

    Did chapter7 bankruptcy but was supposed to keep car and it got repoed cause they didnt do their job right so now I have no car that wasnt even payed off yet and I’m out 1800

  45. terrible idea

    I still have not gotten my money back still after 45 days they do whatever they can to not return it!! scam all you get a hold of is people that don’t know how to get the job done. Filing a small claims to get my money back over it

  46. Scam!!! No return of my $ deposit after cancelled

    I sent $500. for deposit then cancelled when local attorney assigned didn’t respond to a phone message. I’m still trying to receive my refund they promised of $50.
    They stated the remaining $450 was charged for “work” completed…not true!

  47. Outright Fraud

    They managed to charge a first payment for NO services rendered (which they insisted would not be the case), by the time the phone hung up. Looking at reviews more closely, I’m not sure how they are not in jail. They are masters of lies and being impossible to reach at the right moment. I look forward to the charge-back they can expect if I don’t see the refund.


  48. Untrustworthy

    They want your money then, when a refund is needed they say it’s in backlogged. I have been waiting three months for a refund. I don’t think I will ever get my refund. Also please check all reviews. I should have. They have bad reviews

  49. I have been trying to get my refund since March 25th. I am very disappointed in this law furm.

    I am very disappointed in the service i got from these people. I live off of a fixed income and can’t seem to get my money returned to me.

  50. Pack of thieves !

    It’s been 83 business days that I been waiting for my refund and I really needed help and they couldn’t help me because they don’t practice law where I’m from! That after I paid them a down payment of $600.00 in the first call & that was at the end of April ! Hello!,, still waiting! I think the best thing to do is get altogether and file a lawsuit of fraud against these bunch of corrupted lawyers ! And get a real lawyer to take them and there lawyers to court! I’m soooooo down! Who wants in? Because for them $600.00 is nothing and seeing the reviews most of you have paid a lot more than me ! This needs to stop! It’s put me deeper into debt and hardship of not paying my bills because if I didn’t give them that money I would’ve been ok but because of the late fees that I encountered like given them this money they put me in a worse situation , canceled cards, bank account and minus the late fees , etc, never thought this would’ve happened! But I’m wiser now not to give in for something not done or even started!

  51. took me for $1,800 and then wanted $250.

    told me that i was to late for getting my information in,and i no it got there cause the office sent it right after i called. my attorney here Boise,idaho moved in the middle of my bankrupty and blame me for not keeping in contact she never answered my phone calls and blam me always being late,i want my money back,,and she said to me the she finaly answered my call and said do u have a memory problam and i said yes,she was very rude to me,then she cause i was late that i owed more money,all i want is my money back,if not my attorey is ready to take them for every thing they have,he just wanted me to wait to see if they would respond…i would like my money back today im disable and i need it to give to my attorny,,please lets get this done!

West Monroe Street 79
Chicago 60603 IL US
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Reported Loss :1800 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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