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I deposited USD $ 250 from my VISA credit card on March 4, 2018, to Universe Markets, with the intention of buying some e-krona, but then learned that it was all a scam, so a few days later I requested my money back.

I submitted all of the documents that Universe Markets requested in order to verify my identity, but they have continued to stall the return of my money. I have emailed them numerous times, and have tried to phone them many times but they don’t answer their phone most of the time, requesting them to refund my money.

They have brokers from various countries phoning me and trying to get me to invest in various schemes, and when I tell them that I just want my money back, they ask why. I tell them that it is not any of their business as to why I want my money back. As of this date, Universe Markets has not refunded my USD $ 250 to my VISA card.

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34 reviews on Universe Markets

  1. dont even think about it

    they are a scam out fit and steal your money by misrepresentation and deception i lost £10,000 gbp with them with no hope of getting it back they are not licensed or registered in the uk watck out for a guy called Gabriel Greyson he has a degree inn lying cheating and trickery the platform you get is a dummy one , at the end of the day its my own fault i am told for not checking them out properly so i have to bite the bullet , i am sure this guy and this out fit will get their just reward

    1. Universe Markets Is a scam company. They took all my money, denied my withdrawal request and refused to respond to my mails. I reached out to a recovery expert wealthwatch to help me recover my money and they did

    2. D. Lenz

      2 Months and still haven't gotten my money back.

      You are saying this is a scam company but rate it 3-stars? facepalm.

    3. Sebastian Ripoll

      sad that nothing can be done! same for me…

  2. Scammer

    Don’t touch them with a barge pole I have been trying to withdraw £250 for over 5 months. Tel calls are useless same as emails POISON

    1. Helle

      I have been trying to get my money back now for 6 month, and them website is gone

  3. Don't Invest Universemarkets

    Universe Markets Is a scam company. I deposited USD $ 250 from my credit card and after deposit, no response from their side.

    1. Niyas

      Last month I was deposited 250$ and I made profit of 750$. I requested withdrawal of 250$, it was approved only after several lots traded. Last day I got my deposited 250$ and now I requested profit 500$. Hope that profit will credit soon.

  4. absolutely i same story

    my £250 also ripped by them.
    when i ask for withdrawal, they said i have to trade 30 times for each £1. means 30×250=7500 times i have to open and close position.
    this is their stupid condition.

  5. They are a scam! I was dealing with James Woods and David Harris (most probably not even their real names!). They have £10250 of my money, and now their website has disappeared and their phone lines are down! I have informed the police fraud squad and engaged a law company to go after them.

    1. Andy Darby

      Hi Lee,

      My father has also been scammed a lot of money by these people. Perhaps you two could have a chat together – it may be another source of intel for the fraud squad….

      [email protected]

    2. Sebastian Ripoll

      Dear Lee,

      I think I understand the feeling as the same is happening with me. I don´t even live in UK and I don´t know what further action can be undertaken… .
      I´m ready to put forward my case as well as proposed by Andy Darby..


  6. Scam. When I requested my moneys back I can no longer access my account or the Universe Markets website

    Everything about Universe Markets is a scam. The two people I had contact with were Dan Gallo and George Rooney (probably not their real names). They pestered me to deposit large sums of money with the promise of huge returns of up to 50% of my investment. I “invested” a modest amount to test the water as I thought it all sounded too good to be true and sure enough as soon as I tried to withdraw some of the “profits” ( which were obviously just numbers generated on screen) the tone changed and I can no longer access the Universe Markets website or my account with them. I thought Universe Markets was a British based company but according to the FCA their origins can be traced back to Estonia and my deposit was sent to a Chinese source. Do not be fooled by the hype – it is totally false.

    1. KL Tan

      Please stay away from George Rooney, who has scammed many people in OneTwoTrade Binary Options and CFD Stocks which he was a broker. I was personally cheated of US20K in OneTwoTrade and you can read of others in. CFD stocks. Never never deal with this guy, he is a crook.
      When will this son of a bitch stop cheating? May he rot in hell!

    2. KL Tan

      Never never trust any company where George Rooney operates in. He is a scammer and a crook. George also operated in OneTwoTrade Binary Options and CFD Stocks, where many people were cheated by George Rooney. Please stay away from George Rooney and if he operates in Universal Markets, it’s probably a scammer scheme there

  7. Universal Markets Scam

    I have just read some of the reviews to do with Universal Markets and agree to everything that these people deposit have said. I also found myself trapped in by the promise of making money, to tell you the truth who hasn’t?
    I deposited $250 to fund account from my Mastercard as they said you could start trading right away, to only be told that I needed to send in some ID forms, colour photos such as a drivers licence, utility bill with address and the card from which you funded account with and you had to cover certain numbers and the CVV number and to fill and sign one of the there documents which I did,they said that a broker would contact me soon this was on the 24th 2018 and guest what I am still waiting for this broker to call me, I I decided to email them for a request to get my funds transfered back into my account and still nothing I have emailed over 50 emails and have had no replies I have rung the numbers that are provided on their website, but there is no ring tone.

    What can we do? Can I get my money back? Can the Authorities help?

    So disappointed.

  8. SCAM...Avoid or simply flush your money down the toilet. This is easier and less time consuming and will have the same result as investing with Universe Markets

    I have had the exact same issues with Universe Markets that everyone else has complained about. The minimum deposit of US$250 is not an entry level deposit. You will soon be advised that no broker will work for this money and that you will be required to deposit a minimum of US$5000 for any assistance with your Trading.
    The initial deposit is locked in your new Trading Account and although after providing all necessary identification documentation for a withdrawal, the funds are not accessible. The Universe Markets help and support department is no longer available and nobody from any department responds to any emails. The consultants/account managers are very quick in chasing your money but this is completely reversed when you would like to withdraw funds.

  9. Estafa a pequeños inversores

    En enero e puesto una inversión de 500€ y los pierdo todos, intento recuperar mi dinero y pongo 250€ más, desconfiando pero pienso recuperar mi dinero, nada la inversión no es tal, es una estafa, porque intento recuperar los últimos 250€ y todo son problemas, la facilidad que hay para recoger el dinero por parte de UniverseMarket, no hay manera de recuperar tu deposito ¡¡¡¡peligro!!!!! esto es una estafa.

  10. watch out!

    they are starting all over again!


    Pls don’t deposit money!

    1. Sebastian Ripoll

      I ended there trying to buy cryptocoins…is there nothing that can bedone????

  11. universemarkets.com cheating/fraud techniques and gulp $250 dollars and site crashed now

    universemarkets.com a fraud Britian/England
    I also came across with their cheating techniques and invested $250 dollars and they engaged me with documents process for more than 2 months and forcefully made me signed their agreements. This is totally new technique for scam and fraud where they force very technically call many time until you open account with them then they will motivate you to invest more 5000 $ or 10000$ which is not easy to invest and here is the gimmick you will loss 250 $ saying they can not money due turn over process and they never discuss about refund policies and now their website is crashed now. Any England bansed authority take note this and cyber crime cell must acts on it. I invested from kuwait but soon realise or sense smell of fraud and ask refund than they engage me documentations. This kind of fraud can be escape from government policy because they enforced agreement and documentations and made it legal account opening,
    Government must investigate refund policy of universemarkets.com bitcoin wealth link played gimmick where big CEO of the world declared and sponsored it and eat my money now.

    1. Jaslyn Wee

      They have changed their website address to http://www.universemarketsfx.com!

  12. Victim of Universal Market...

    I am also a victim of Universe market.. As they have approved my money but i did not get my money back.. White collar cheats of this era..

    If any one trying to open an account or planning to invest money its a humble request not to do so..


    I am so angry BECAUSE i have deposited 1000EURO Universe Markets although my INTENTION was to BUY e-krona but ended up with Universe Markets,since March 2018 I am trying to her my money back on my Master Card AFTER providing all the documents requested still NO money back,NO Replay.I have called them so often and wrote e-mails and nobody Picks the phone!I WANT my money back ! I DONT KNOW HOW AND WHAT to do ABOUT it!PLEASE help me to find a Way to get my money back!

    1. Rob

      I initially invested a total of $95,000 with Universe Markets over a period of 18 weeks. My bonus/profit was $170,000, every attempt to make withdrawal failed and I was instructed to make another deposit of $25,000 before I can make withdrawals which I did. Up till now I’m still unable to make withdrawals and all attempt to contact broker has failed. This is very pathetic and I advise everyone to desist from binary options generally. I did a due diligence test before investing with them but guess what I ended up getting burned. This is to create awareness, not everybody can be as lucky as I was. I was able to recover my funds. Thanks to Radovan Stanic, he’s a wealth recovery expert [email protected] thought you might find this information useful.

  14. Money taker 🙁

    They took 250$ from me, and when I tried to get it back, they phoned med night and day, and now the website is closed

    1. George Kulyk

      They have changed their website address to http://www.universemarketsfx.com!

  15. the same with me,they still have to give me my money back...

    everything thats been said already

  16. Stay away from Universemarket

    I`ve been also a scam victim from Universemarkets. I`ve been trying to withdraw my 900€ investment (not any “profit”) without any chance of succes.
    They will make you believe that you have the control over your account but nothing is real. Suddendly I got banned from the site and none will answer emails or phone calls.
    I`ve been scammed by Dennis Callow..
    If necessary I can provide all relevant information and evidence.

  17. This is a money making scam,

    you wont get your money back and their auto forex trading platform is a farce, trading myself, possible once a week I never lost my basic investment, however soon as I asked to go onto auto trading I lost it all in a matter of days,now my account is virtually zero they seem to be preventing me from accessing the account or their web site. I constantly got calls from brokers attempting to get me to invest more money even to using my credit card and even when I kept telling them I was not investing any more money they were still persuasive and a weaker person could have been persuaded to invest more.

  18. Scam, Diebe

    Ich habe Weihnachten 250 EUR eingezahlt, weil ich Bitcoins handeln wollte. Auch die gewünschten Dokumente hatte ich eingesandt. Ab dem Zeitpunkt meiner Einzahlung wurde ich mit Anrufen aus London, Österreich, Genf, etc. geradezu torpediert. Das ging so weit, dass ich nun Dutzende ausländischer Nummern sperren musste. Withdrawal funktionierte nicht mit schrägen Hinweisen auf irgendwelche Terms, die sowieso total falsch waren. Ich hatte Anzeige in Deutschland bei der Kripo gestellt, die leider eingestellt wurde, da die Täter nicht zu ermitteln seien. Nun ist die Website universemarkets.com verschwunden, dafür hat die Seite universemarketsfx.com aufgemacht. Selbes Logo, vermutlich gleiche Leute. Ich verstehe nicht, dass man diese Leute nicht ermitteln kann?

  19. UNiverseMarkets scam and fraud

    I have had a similar experience with Universe markets. Deposited £250 via visa credit card and the required documentaiton. I have asked for my money back and a refund on numerous occasions, but this has not happended. Now I see the Website for UM is not reachable

  20. i have a similar story to tell
    i deposited my 250 dollars
    now i want to get my money out of them but to no avail
    sent all the required documents they requested about 7 times
    but they just ignore you when u email them again they send new set of documents and requirements
    then u get a consultant phoning you and wanting to know why you want to close the account. then he started getting rude and start calling you names and says i am wasting his time. i never asked for a consultant to phone me
    my reply to him is its my money and i can choose what i want to do with it
    i will never recommend anybody to invest in their trading

  21. BIG SCAM!

    I am also a victim just like others. They took my $250 and now they disappeared. After investing, I realised that they are scam and asked them for the refund, they asked me to send ID and proof of residence and I did but now their emails are bouncing back!!

  22. Scamers

    Hey guys, I know Universe Markets are scamming hundreds of people in Latin America, please read the coments here https://brokersdeforexconfiables.com/universemarkets-opiniones/ we should all sue them together, I think is the best way—

    For the ones still doubting, it is an unregulated scammer broker!!

    Good luck to everyone.

  23. Biggest scam going

    Same story as the rest of the reviews. I invested £250 April 2018, then realised after reading bad reviews(my fault for not doing that first)that I should get my money back fast. It’s now June 12 and after endless phone calls from them,trying to convince me to stay with them, which I have now barred, and e-mails to them with my details to withdraw my money, I cannot reach my account, and all e-mails just ping back to me” no IP found”.
    Do NOT go near these cowboys.
    My only comfort is that I appear to be one of many, many people who have been conned by this outfit, and have given up all hope of getting my money returned.

  24. bad experince

    I ripped off by a scam broker a couple of months ago it was very difficult to get a withdrawal even after several requests. I had to hire a recovery solution firm to get a refund. Glad this finally over I wouldn’t trust any of these brokers. ronjacque0atgmaildotcom

  25. Same story with previous client I deposited 250$ so I not see. back no money not trading not answer to my emails.

  26. I deposited £250 from my VISA credit card on Dec, 2017, to Universe Markets, with the intention of bidding on some Stock Market but then learned that it was all a scam, so a few days later I requested my money back.

    I submitted all of the documents that Universe Markets requested in order to verify my identity, but they have continued to stall the return of my money. I have emailed them numerous times, and have tried to phone them many times but they don’t answer their phone most of the time, requesting them to refund my money.

    They have brokers from various countries phoning me and trying to get me to invest in various schemes, and when I tell them that I just want my money back, they ask why. I tell them that it is not any of their business as to why I want my money back. As of this date, Universe Markets has not refunded my USD £179 to my VISA card.

  27. Play along to get your initial deposit back

    I got my money back after 1 month!

    DO THIS!

    When they ask for more money on the phone. Explain that you have more money coming in that you want to invest with them. Then mention that you always make a test withdrawal before you deposit more money when dealing with a new broker.

    I kept playing along with them and finally they made a chargeback on my credit card for the initial deposit. I even got a €3 currency gain. Maybe I’m the only one who actually made a profit with them.

  28. scamed

    i to have been scammed by this company be very careful when dealing with any one form these business do your home work first , they did the same to me just keeped fobbing me off

  29. I have also requested my $250 to be returned but they quote a clause in their small print which is impossible to achieve without risking more money! Their email addresses are no longer valid and my log-in at their new website universemarketsfx.com fails. When attempting to send a message from this website an error message appears and says try later! No reply when telephoned and I gather their City address is an accommodation address with no one there!

  30. I GOT 2504 from universe markets

    Last month I was deposited 250$ and I made profit of 750$. I requested withdrawal of 250$, it was approved only after several lots traded. Last day I got my deposited 250$ and now I requested profit 500$. Hope that profit will credit soon.

  31. You never get your profit or deposit Back, be careful

    Connected to Jack Cruz
    He ask me to invest lot of money.
    When ask for getting money back, he is silent.

    It seems to me I never get money back
    Is UniverseMarket swindler?


    If you made a deposit using a credit card and Universe Markets refuses to refund your deposit, inform the bank that issued you your credit card that you have not been able to get your money back. My bank contacted the foreign fraud office, and then my bank credited my deposit back to my account.
    It took me 3 months trying to get my deposit back directly from Universe Markets and then it took my bank another 2 months to finally get my deposit back.
    Universe Markets is a total SCAM and somebody should have Interpol investigate them as they are stealing people’s money.

    1. Ken Gill

      Can we speak more on how you managed to get your money back from your bank ?

    2. George Kulyk

      See my posting towards the end of this string of complaints.

  33. Scammers

    watch out they are back as http://universe-markets.com/

  34. Universe Markets will not refund funds

    I deposited USD250 from my Mastercard credit card around November 2017, into Universe Markets, with the intention of buying some Bitcoin. A slick salesman rang up at midnight a day or two later trying to sell me Forex etc. I was so upset at receiving a phone call in the middle of the night and thought this is a scam. I sent an email to just return the USD to the original credit card. Nothing happened.
    I have sent more than once the documents they requested in order to verify my identity, but they have continued to stall the return of my money. .
    I have emailed them numerous times, and warned them I was going to report this my bank and hope get my funds back. The bank could only suggest I go back to them.
    The latest email showing the signature on the credit card was not acceptable as the signature when off the silver part in place. (How do I change that?)
    As at August 28 12018, Universe Markets has not refunded my USD250 to my Mastercard.
    The authorities I the UK must do something to stop this firm from scamming people.

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