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Dentist who is nice but terrible at their job

Let me first say this: I’ve never reviewed anything on Dirty Scam, mostly because nothing has ever been that good or bad for me to think it deserves a review. I do rely on other reviews, though, which is why I had to review Dr. Rexan’s dental practice. I’m convinced the only reviews on here are her friends and family or just a very small sample size of her patients.

I can’t in good conscience not tell others about my experience. So do with this review what you will. You’ve been warned:If I was able to give no stars or negative stars, I would. Her practice is that bad. I started going to Dr. Rexan about 18-24 months ago. I had the same dentist for the first 26 years of my life, had the occasional cavity every few years but nothing serious.

Since that was my only dental experience, I went into Dr. Rexan’s office with an open mind knowing it would be different, especially since I was (at that time) new to San Francisco. My first impression should have been my clue: the equipment is outdated, the hygienists are not trained well (ask my gums and my new dentist) and the employees are underpaid (every time I went I heard more than one complaint about things they were cutting back on or couldn’t afford in their daily life).

But the staff, including Dr. Rexan, were over-the-top nice and always greeted me with a smile — at least until the end (will get back to this). So I kept giving them chances, figuring they were good people, which they still might be (but terrible at their jobs).

The first time I went she said I had a cavity. So I had it filled. Then the next time, two cavities. Again, I had them filled. Then the third time, she also said I had two cavities. This is when I began asking questions. I brush and floss more than anybody — even the hygienist noted this. Was it something in my diet? Was there something else I can do? Nope, she said, sometimes it just happens. I began kindly asking more questions, and she started giving me some attitude. I mean, when is a patient not allowed to ask questions for help?

She also was not very good at filling cavities. She had to use numbing medication FOUR times during the one procedure because her injections numbed everywhere but the one tooth she was working on. Just terrible. After the numbing wore off following the last cavity filling, my tooth hurt — I had no pain prior, and now I had a lot of pain, and a big gap between the tooth she had been working on and the one next to it that did not exist before.

It took me FIVE days to get another appointment, at which time she told me the cavity needed a bigger filling than she had done. Fine, I said. Let’s do it. Then she said it would cost me more money for her to do it. I stayed composed but was fuming inside. I kindly explained to her that I paid her for a service and she did not perform this service properly, so why should I have to pay for the same service again? Then she said she probably should have done a crown on the tooth and not a cavity filling, which did not make me feel any better.

Bottom line: she either was too terrible a dentist to fill the cavity properly or too incompetent to recognize the real problem — if there even was one to begin with.After asking more questions, she left the room. Then I began to walk out and she tried to embarrass me by telling the receptionist my situation and said “I guess I’ll just do it for free because he doesn’t think he should have to pay for it.

” OF COURSE I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! If you had done it properly the first time, I wouldn’t have to pay for it and we wouldn’t be doing two procedures. What other person runs their business this way, let alone a medical practice? More than any of that, I would’ve settled for an apology. People make mistakes. It happens.

But embarrassing me — and causing me physical pain — is the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen in my life, which should tell you everything you need to know about a person.I could not let somebody like this work on my mouth again so I found a new dentist recommended by a friend, even though it cost me more money to have the tooth fixed. I almost forgot what a good dentist was like.

Wow, what a difference. The results were mind blowing. My new dentist fixed my tooth and asked me a bunch of questions about what my last dentist did and why. I could tell he was trying to stay professional (what a concept) and not put down a fellow dentist. Without ever asking him, he led me to believe my teeth were in a lot better shape than Dr. Rexan had implied.

And I probably never needed cavity fillings to begin with on some of my teeth, which would only mean one thing: Dr. Rexan was over billing me to make more money. Wow.So don’t be fooled by the perceived kindness from Dr. Rexan or anybody in her office. After all, would you rather have a dentist who is nice but terrible at their job, or a dentist who is not as nice and great at what they do? I hope for her patients’ sake she gets better — and fast!

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4 reviews on Union Fillmore Dental

  1. Highly recommend!

    Had a small cavity filled a few weeks ago, and had my regular cleaning yesterday. Bright office with lots of natural light, Marianna and her staff are friendly and welcoming. X-rays are super quick, anesthesia painless. Both times I was in and out quickly, teeth and mouth feeling great. Highly recommend!

  2. I had my fist initial visit after switching dentist.

    I had my fist initial visit after switching dentist. Everyone in the office was very nice, professional and made me feel welcome. I had switched dentist and Union Fillmore Dental came very highly recommend and they didn’t disappoint. I have a few more visits coming up but I am not nervous about my visits.

  3. I have been going to Dr. Rexan for over five years and have had only the best experiences.

    I have been going to Dr. Rexan for over five years and have had only the best experiences. I trust her and her team for all of my dental needs including cleanings, crown replacements, invisilign, and more. Dr. Rexan is extremely kind, thorough, and diligent in her work.

    She always takes extra time to answer all of my questions and make sure I feel super comfortable throughout all procedures. I have been so happy with Dr. Rexan that I continue to visit her office even though I no longer live or work in San Francisco. I also enjoy the fabulous view onto Union Street from the treatment rooms.

  4. Got my periodic cleaning done.

    Got my periodic cleaning done. As always everything is top notch: Ruth is supper gentle and attentive, scheduling, appointment, insurance handled smooth and easy. Dr. Rexan and the crew have it dialed.

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