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The Online Services Are Worse

I have been an Umpqua Bank customer for a long time. I used to love Umpqua and referred many people over, but not anymore.

There is no possible explanation of what has happened. The entire bank is a mess. The online services are worse than broken.

Apparently there is only one person that does phone support, and it takes over an hour to get through to them…

Avoid avoid avoid. They will screw your account up. The ATMs never work, and when they do are the slowest ATM on the planet.

Their online bank services are horrible when they work, which at least they never do…so you are saved from that.

I have many accounts with them but wonder why.

I really am not looking forward to the boondoggle that will likely follow trying to close the accounts to move to a credit union.

Should have done that years ago when I left the big banks for Umpqua.

In fact I tried to even get feedback from them after a recently horrendous experience, I emailed with with the facts of my situation.

The reality is they don’t give a crap about your time or you as a customer, I wasted hours dealign wi:

— To UB —

Subject: Entire lack of phone support is disappointing Message: I have been an Umpqua customer for a while now and have always experienced great customer service, until recently.

I was formerly a customer of Wells Fargo bank where customer service was always lacking, so I chose a “small and local” bank to get more personal service.

This week I have had the need to call UB a couple of times, and each time it took more than 1/2 hour to either get someone on the phone and try to resolve the issue.

In fact the first time I was on hold for so long, after the call was answered, that the system inexplicably told me I couldn’t hold for any longer and gave me no clear option other than to hang up.

Thankfully the customer service agent did call me back, however they failed to resolve the problem.

So now I am trying to contact UB to resolve the same issue, the one that should have been resolved after the first 45-minutes of my time being wasted.

I tried calling today and have now been waiting for over 30 minutes for the system to call me back..

This is infuriating, my time is precious but it seems that UB feels otherwise.

I am stuck either waiting on hold for an hour in hopes of someone helping…or I have to find time to make it to a store location during business hours.

Honestly, if UB can’t offer an explanation for these problems I am not sure how long I can stay a customer.

I have several accounts with UB and have referred many customers to you, however all compliments are gone now.

I will be looking at alternative bank options as well, as I cannot stand the fact that I am helpless in getting problems resolved.

If you can’t even answer the phone how am I supposed to trust you when I need you?

— Umpqua Banks Response —

Thank you for contacting Umpqua Bank Customer Service.

I am sorry to hear that your experience with us has been less than desirable.

We take customer service and satisfaction very seriously.

We have a higher than normal call volume due to our conversion.

We attempted to reach you by phone on 5-7-15 but were unsuccessful.

In order to further assist you, we need to speak with you in person or by phone to complete our identification process.

This helps us ensure that your personal and financial information is kept secure.

Our Customer Resource Center is available M-F from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm and on weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please give us a call toll-free at 866-486-7782.

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2 reviews on Umpqua Bank

  1. This is the worst bank to try to get a mortgage.

    This is the worst bank to try to get a mortgage. The loan officer strung us along for 4 months, would not give us written documentation, and tried to convince us to not do the loan. We wanted to get approved for both a construction and a conventional loan but the loan office only approved us for the conventional.

    When we finally decided we want to do the construction he just won’t put through the paper work. I found out after going to another loan officer from Umpqua that due to a bankruptcy 7 years ago, and it still showed on our credit report we could only get a conventional loan.

  2. don't use them

    The manager couldn’t understand how it was their fault, even though I told him that if they were upfront to begin with I would have gone somewhere else; thus I would have been building.

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