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I did not get the chance to actually experience their moving services,

Nick Robinson was the estimator for my move in June this year. The guys that came were great and I thought all was well until about 5:30 that evening when Scot, head of detail, requested another truck. Can’t remember the imbecile I spoke to but even after the truck came, he called & told me I couldn’t have the truck or men for the next day’s move. It was June 11 and he said I would have the additional items the beginning of July and would have to pay storage. I told him that was unacceptable. Having had my own business at one time, I asked if he was a driver and he said ‘it’s none of your business what I’m doing tomorrow’…I didn’t ask him what he was doing the next day and couldn’t believe he was being so rude to a customer..I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he was the supervisor. I said everyone has a boss and he said his wasn’t in. He said I had ‘added’ things to my move which I responded I had not. (felt like he was calling me a liar) I had gotten rid of several large pieces of furniture and actually had less to move. At any rate, he was useless and of no help. I was able to get the owner’s phone number, Nick Baucom, called him and had results in less that 1/2 hour..That made up for the hassle the other jerk had given me…The move the next day was great and had a great team headed up by Scott again. I was told they took the 3rd truck back to the warehouse the night before, unpacked and repacked it. I did have a few items, however that were broken to the tune of about $700, expensive figurines, to replace along with 2 broken glass picture frames and several of my husband’s carvings. He’s now 82 and unable to carve anymore so a value was unable to be placed on them and had a lot of sentimental value. I was also missing a wheel chair, a matching mirror that went over a pedestal table and a large picture. I spoke to John several times about it and he was very nice but when I hadn’t heard from him in several weeks and left 6 messages over 3 weeks without a return call, I got concerned. I spoke to Andrew, this past Monday, Aug 28, now a new claims manager and he too was very nice but unable to produce my missing pieces and offered me $600. for the all the broken and missing items. He stated in an email that if I packed I was basically on my own and it was standard industry policy to not pay for damage of items I packed. I had packed everything else and 95% of my items were intact. I can’t help but think by unpacking then repacking the truck after 9 p.m. that night and being 122 miles to my new house by 10 the next morning….they just might have been a little careless with a few of the boxes…I paid $195 for the insurance and the $600 they want to compensate me for does not seem equitable as it ends up being only $405. And how could they lose my items….where in the contract does it address lost items????? My father is a retired Marine and I have several Marine friends and thought I was doing the ‘patriotic’ thing by hiring them. They weren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive…I’m extremely disappointed in their ‘damage’ policy and the $200 voucher they want to give me is useless since I will not recommend them. I did email Andrew and tried to email Nick Baucom but no one would give me Nick’s direct email and they do not answer the phone most of the time. Usually it’s an answering service. I do still have Mr. Baucom’s home phone but so far have chosen not to bother him. I hope he reads my review and hires better people when dealing with legitimate complaints. As a previous owner of a business, it’s how complaints are handled that makes a good thriving company…Linda Eagan

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5 reviews on Two Marines Moving

  1. Two Marines Moving Is Not Good Service.

    I am disappointed that I have to write such a negative review. I specifically chose this company because they only hire military and I wanted to support their efforts. I wish I had a good experience but it was AWFUL. The workers were careless and aggressive with my belongings.

    Two of my antique pieces (which are not replaceable) were grossly damaged, one of my brand new bookcases was completely destroyed (entire back was literally blown out), the rest of the bookcases and a cabinet were missing all of their hardware so that I had to purchase all new in order to put the shelves back together. Two of my glass end tables were completely broken and unusable. The movers complained about the amount of boxes to move.

    I purchased additional insurance for the move and when I filed the claim for the pieces it took months for a response and then the adjuster at the company wanted to cheat me on the amount of the claim. I only received compensation when I threatened legal action. Very very Disappointing.
    Not a good way to represent the brotherhood of the marines, guys. You should be ashamed.

    Future customers: don’t let the integrity of the word marines in the name fool you into thinking you are receiving good customer service or care of your belongings.The good name of the Marine Corp is blemished by this company.

  2. It is obvious these movers are only concerned about profit they can make and not customer service.

    I choose Two Marines Moving because my son served four years in the Marine Corps and I thought former marines would move my furniture. I initially contacted this company a few years ago when I thought I possibly would be moving. At that time, a nice young man came to my home to give me an estimate after physically viewing my furniture.

    He was very personable and professional. However, I did not move at that time. I actually did move this October and again enlisted the services of Two Marine Movers based on my experience with the first gentleman. The process was totally different this time. I spoke to Andrew several times and sent him photos of all my furniture to be moved.

    He quoted me a price over the phone with all the proper information that I gave him regarding my furniture. As a year old single woman on a fixed income, I called Andrew again right before my move to make sure the price was accurate. He insisted that it was. A friend was paying for the furniture to be placed on a truck and I needed an accurate amount.

  3. The only reason that I gave a star is because I couldn't give less.

    First off. This company sucks. As a former employee. I can honestly say. This place is terrible to work for and I will always. ALWAYS tell my military friends to never come work here. They say that they are for vets. That is the furthest thing from the truth. The Vice President of the company has said herself and I quote ” The guys that work here are the Failures of the military, who couldn’t make it past E-4. ”

    that should give you an idea of who you’re dealing with. Not to mention she never served a day in her life. So she has no room to be judging anybody who has. Furthermore, the Dispatch workers with the exception of Matt and Patterson are power hungry assholes that everyone hates working for, namely John and Chris.

    They care nothing for their employees safety and are only concerned with making the company more money at everyone’s expense. They constantly contradict themselves and are not fit to be in charge. The move factor is horrendous. The sheer amount of inconsistencies that are dangerous is appalling.

  4. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

    Based on my personal experiences with Two Marines Moving Company on (Alexandria, VA), I would not recommend their services. As an active duty servicemember, I specifically chose Two Marines Moving Company as I expected a higher level of service and care from a military owned organization as opposed to their civilian counterparts.

    Unfortunately, my expectations were not met. First, the company provided two movers, one of which stated he had just started (and implied it was his first official move with the company).

  5. NOT THIS TIME, however.

    My family has used Two Marines in the past, and had previously been happy with the experience. NOT THIS TIME, however. My mother hired Two Marines recently to move some furniture she had purchased online, from the seller’s house to ours. First of all,

    the movers appeared highly inexperienced and untrained, and ended up not only banging the furniture into the wall at the seller’s house (leaving noticeable marks), but then dragged the items across the floor at my mother’s home, leaving long, deep scratches in her hardwood floor (I thought NOT dragging furniture across a wood floor was Moving 101, but maybe thats just me).

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