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I would not recommend using this company at all.

I would not recommend using this company at all. I have been signed up for their maintenance program where you pay a monthly fee. You would think you would get great service but you don’t. They also claim with this service that you get an appointment right away which is also not true, you still have to wait a week or so despite monthly service fee of $29.95. In addition, two years in a row my AC worked perfectly fine, they came out for a maintenance check in the Fall, said everything was good, signed it off on the receipt and left. Once they left my system completely stopped working. They came back and said my machine stopped working after they were here so I still needed to pay them. They said, ” with mechanical devices they can break when someone works on them”. Instead of realizing that their technician did something that put my AC unit out of commission they insist that they will not right this wrong. This literally happened two years in a row which is pretty ironic, huh? This company is not honest or trustworthy. I would recommend finding someone that will treat you with respect and admit when they screw up to help their dedicated customer.

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  1. I tried Turners for my home unit after working with

    I tried Turners for my home unit after working with Turners Tech Mike Higgins on commercial units at work. He was great!, Honest, technically well versed, and I felt I could trust him and was dealt with fairly.Great service. On the other hand…my home experience was quite different!
    Not only did I get strung along with the time of my appointment: first 1-4 then 4-6 then 6-8 then a tech actually called at 9:20 PM!!

    and wanted to come to my house at 10:00 PM! The next day a tech named Jacob showed up and without even pulling a screw tried to sell me a new unit! He hit me with so many cheesy sales pitches I felt like I was buying a used car from a guy in a polyester shirt! Then after my service he hit me with the full blown sales routine straight out of sales 101!

    package sheet and all! Such a sleazy way to do business not only will I not EVER call Turners again but I have told anyone that will listen what a terrible experience this was

  2. Horrible experience!!!

    Horrible experience!!! The technician from this company is just left and I could not stop myself writing this review! Horrific experience! The lady in the office was so rude and so loud!! Our heating was not working and we were freezing in cold! We called this company as we saw the good reviews here!!

    They promised that they will change the motor today and the technician said he can go pick up the parts and do the work now! Suddenly the office lady called and said that they don’t have anyone to pick up the part and so we need to wait the entire weekend and may be some day next week they can do the work!

    That means in this freezing weather, we have to stay another few days like that! and they just don’t care about it!! It was their fault that they gave us wrong information about parts, but the lady was screaming and showing so much attitude like they are doing any favor to us!!!

  3. I asked why they couldn't fix it so it would turn on when it should instead of replacing it, and they were quite vague in the answer.

    However, when I called them I did not have a service plan and was looking to only repair my AC unit since it was icing over when our heat was on and not defrosting itself like it should (my brother-in-law works on AC units in boats, so he was able to tell me the problem while visiting from Rhode Island).

    When Turner’s came over to look at it, they spent ~1 hour doing checks and informed me that the defroster wasn’t turning on when it should, which is what I told them the problem was when they first arrived. It was suggested that the entire inside and outside units be replaced ($8,000-$20,00 or more), or at least the entire defrosting unit ($800+).

    I asked why they couldn’t fix it so it would turn on when it should instead of replacing it, and they were quite vague in the answer.

  4. As good as it gets! is the best way to describe the service.

    Turners is the best service company I have used to date. They were able to schedule a time date worked with my schedule. They came on time and repaired my AC unit with in a few minutes. That means a lot to me as a businees owner myself.

    I don’t have alot of extra time for excusses and Turners delivered A++ service across the board. I will reccommed them to everyone I know. I plan on using them on my next project. Woohoo! As good as it gets! is the best way to describe the service.

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