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not happy with them

I don’t know whether you have ever watched “Rossen Report” on “NBC Today” regarding dishonest home repair contractors.

Per my experience, this Tucker AC company is like those dishonest contractors in “Rossen Report”.

They would charge you an arm and a leg for something that is actually NOT the problem.

After you spend hundreds of dollars on them and the problem would still be there.

Below is my whole bad experience with this company.

First, to prove I was the real customer of Tuckers, I present my receipt here.
Why I want to show receipt?

Before I found this company to diagnose my gas furnace, I checked google review for this Tuckers company, 4.7 out of 5.

It is very good, isn’t it? After my actual interaction with this company, I seriously doubt that those reviews are from real customers.

Now, the whole experience.

My gas furnace starts, but would not run until thermostat is satisfied. The furnace would cut itself off at 5 ~ 20 minutes. And then it will try to light once a while, but the burner would never light up unless I shut off the power to the furnace and wait for about one hour. Then the furnace would start, but still would not run to completion.
The next day, Tuckers’ lady called me they would charge $99 for the diagnostics. That was fine to me as long as

they can find the problem and give me an estimate to fix it.

The Tuckers technician came on the same day. I showed him the symptom of gas furnace. We powered on the furnace and wait until it cut itself off at 13th minute. Then he used multimeter to measure the voltage of the “high temp limit switch” and took it for granted that this switch is bad and declare job done.

The actual time he spent on diagnosing is less then one minute. Making $99 in less than a minute would be OK for me if he diagnosed it right and tell me the actual problem.

The technician would NOT give me an estimate to fix the problem. He said his company would call me later.

2 days later, Tuckers lady called me and gave me an estimate of $297 (labor + parts). If you don’t know what this “high temp limit switch” is, you may not know this is a HUGE rip-off.

This “high temp limit switch” part is available everywhere for less than $20 including shipping. And there are only two screws, two plug-and-play wire connectors, and this switch is at a spot that is easily accessible. An average person who know how to use screw driver can finish it in 2 minutes. What a rip-off for $297 !

Furthermore, this “high temp limit switch” is NOT the problem. You cannot believe that a technician who claimed to have ~10 years experience does not know how to verify whether a switch is good or bad.

1. Measure the continuity of the two connector at the switch to find out whether it’s open or closed. NOT the voltage that he measured!

2. If this switch is the culprit, simply use a jumper to bypass switch (just for diagnostic purpose) to verify. With jumper, if furnace comes back to normal, then the switch is the culprit. But he did not do this.

To make sure that Tuckers’s estimate of $297 is to make my furnace work (instead of just replace this “high temp limit switch”), I tried to schedule service from tuckersac.com. On its website, I asked questions like “You have been paid $99 to diagnose my furnace. You should have known what the problem is. If your estimate of $297 is to guarantee fixing my furnace, please give me an estimate in writing and let’s schedule a date to work on it. What I really don’t want to see is, after I spend $297, you tell me that, ‘oh no, that is not the problem, you need to pay another $xxx to fix yyy…'” Tuckers would NOT answer my questions or online schedule request.

To make sure that Tuckers know what case I was talking about, I requested another estimate from its website. This time I attached the $99 receipt and asked the same questions “Is your estimate of $297 to fix the furnace or just the switch? You have been paid $99 for diagnosing the furnace. You should have known what the problem is…” Still Tuckers ignored me.

They would contact you the same day or next day if a new customer request for estimate/service.

More than one week has passed since I asked them regarding the $297 estimate. Tuckers would not answer my questions. It is very clear to me that they just want to charge me $297 for replacing the switch that actually cost less than $20 and 2 minutes’ labor. And my furnace would still not work after I pay $396 ($99 + $297) to Tuckers.

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3 reviews on Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing

  1. Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Is Bad Service Provide.

    not happy with them

  2. I was certainly sorry I ever heard of them and would not recommend them for anything.

    Long story short, the system they installed was loud, did not run properly, and did not even have a cover over the filter opening. After over a year, I still don’t have a speck of dust on my furnace filter. This is what I got for $8.000.

    Over the summer the house was cold and clammy and I started having mildew problems-a sign that the system was not removing the humidity as it should. The technician they sent for the first system check left a service ticket saying the flames on my all electric system were fine. I contacted Tuckers twice and asked for a warranty service since I was not happy with how their system was working and they never returned my calls.

    Finally I got another company to check the system and they found it was installed incorrectly After they did the appropriate adjustments, I started seeing a big drop in my electric bills.

    Oddly, other people seem to be very happy with this company, so maybe it is a question of demographics. I was certainly sorry I ever heard of them and would not recommend them for anything.

  3. If you want great service by experienced technicians, then call Tuckers.

    They have installed a new unit in a rental property of mine and everything went great. They were very accommodating with both my tenants and my schedules and the unit has worked flawlessly.

    In my residence they do all the service work and maintenance on my 2 GeoThermal units. These are older units that were in the home when we bought it. They are now pushing 15 years and running well.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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