Great person, not so Great broker

I really trusted TripleMint’s reputation. But after this, i would never use them again.we wound up dealing with someone who did not embody the TripleMint spirit. First, Luis represented himself as much more experienced than he was in the field of real estate and client relationships. While he was responsive and lined up showings, he reminded us how many favors he was calling in, which was off putting to me but he was so friendly and engaging I wanted to trust him: great person, not so great broker.

He was condescending during the initial search, even though I had lived in NYC previously and my roommate’smother, who helped us with the search, grew up in the city. We were constantly being talked down to and whenever we had a question or asked for further clarifications,he would always say something along the lines of “this is the city…” without taking responsibility for any mistakes/miscommunications on his part.

That would’ve all been okay–part of the process, if not for the fact that he continued to make misrepresentations that caused our 2 bedroom/1 bedroom+flex search to become a nightmare. It went downhill when Luis realized we didn’t want to spend $4000+/month. That was our absolute ceiling and we made that clear. We were hoping for more around 3000-3500. We also made it super clear to him from the start that we were studying for the bar. That was part of why my roommate’smom graciously offered to start looking for us.

We continuously reminded him we were not going to be able to travel between DC and NYC while studying for the bar. He reassured us it would be easy. He was a good salesman and promised if we hesitated we would lose the apartment we eventually decided to apply for–again, not the most surprising given the pace of NYC. Fine. We were assured that we could sign the lease remotely. But then of course he asked us to come to NYC. we took care of that quickly and were able to do it via FedEx. Also fine.

There were miscommunications about what documents would be needed for payment. Again, fine. But then he promised us over and over and over again that the flex wall would remain in place and he spent a lot of time emphasizing how special this type of flex layout was because the bedrooms were nearly equal in size. It was the entire reason we chose this apartment. It was the only reason we didn’t keep looking.

He brushed off our concerns about whether this would be guaranteed somehow, and we trusted him to make good on his promises. But then, by the time our lease started, it came to light that the wall was taken down. He didn’t tell us right away either–we only found out because my roommate talked to the super before she moved in.

He backtracked in subsequent communications, at first saying he was very clear to management that the wall was not to be taken down but then saying it had been out of his hands. Management said that they were not made aware of the exact arrangement.

Seeing as our building turns out to have an open house arrangement, the whole point of paying a company over $10,000 seems to be that we wouldn’t have to worry about giant, material miscommunications like this, right? Well, joke’s on me! And then he tried to say that he had done us a huuuuge favor by having them rebuilt the wall for free.

Even though one ofthe other “perks” he had sold us on was how we WOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR A WALL BECAUSE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO ALREADY BE THERE. At NO POINT was he apologetic nor did he take any responsibility. He used the typical “I’m sorry you feel that way” type of language.

I tried to reach out directly but he again refused to take any responsibility and was completely unapologetic for any part he might have had in miscommunications between himself, management, and our super. He even tried to guilt trip me by saying he paid the super part of his fee to make the replacement wall process go faster (another inconsistent statement as he had previously said it would be quick anyway). And now of course the wall wasn’t put up in the exact same spot so now we’ll probably have to pay even more than we originally would have for a brand new wall.

When we contacted the super, he made it clear that our broker, Luis, had informed him of exactly where the wall had been (ignoring very obvious markings and screw holes from where it actually was); the super said he wantedto make sure we, the tenants, could check where the wall should have been but Luis told him he knew exactly where the wall was.

At the time of writing, I’m looking at additional charges of over $1000 to put up a wall that my broker promised would be there, and the new wall probably won’t be ready in time for me to start work with the bedroom I paid thousands of dollars in broker fees to have (on top of Manhattan rent).

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8 reviews on Triplemint

  1. Triplemint Is Scammer.

    When moving in NYC, you’re exposed to a lot of brokers who never seem to have your best interest in mind. Because of that, we were determined to not use one of our own. But when the search became difficult, and we saw an ad for Triplemint, we decided to give it a shot.

    We spoke to Robyn who was very helpful and asked us all the right questions for what we were looking for. We spent the day with Olgierd Minkiewicz, who throughout the day assured us

    that he was the best broker NYC has to offer & that if we find an apartment we wanted, he will fight to get it for us no matter what it takes. Leaving that day, we felt great and determined and selected an apartment to move forward with.

    I wish the rest of this review could be a positive story about finding a broker so great and helpful that at the end of the process you’re MORE than happy to hand over that whopping 7.5% fee. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    Olgierd did not make us feel like a priority or make us feel that he had our best interest in mind once we parted ways after our initial search. After being told there was an application in before ours, we decided to go in with a higher offer to see if that would better our chances.

    We then didn’t hear anything from him for hours, despite our constant follow up. Then, we received a call from Olgierd saying we got the apartment, just had to confirm with the owner’s broker but that everything was going to work out. Naturally, we were crushed the next afternoon to find out that wasn’t the case.

    Obviously, the rental market in NYC is competitive and things can’t always go your way. But when someone represents themselves as your teammate and on your side for something as important as finding your future home, it really is heartbreaking to realize that your needs don’t come first.

  2. I politely asked to stop calling me and I would use another service

    I was moving to the city and did some research when I came across Triplemint as a rental agency. I registered for an account and automatically got bombarded with way too many calls and emails about using their services. It was too much to handle.

    I politely asked to stop calling me and I would use another service. Finally, they ended up removing me from their lists. I ended up finding a no-fee rental but suggest that people do not use Triplemint unless they like to get cyber stalked.

  3. HORRIBLE. Don't use this agency

    HORRIBLE. Don’t use this agency, they post fraudulent ads for apartments on Zillow and Street Easy and then flood your voice mail box and inbox with messages and spam from shady agents

  4. I'm happy she was sweet but I needed a real estate agent not just another sweet person.

    They were really highly-rated. After speaking to someone about my search, I was connected with a friendly agent. I gave her my budget and the areas I was looking in. She sent me some options through text and none of them were what I was looking for.

    I ended up looking on Streeteasy and found what I wanted. This agent was of no help. I’m happy she was sweet but I needed a real estate agent not just another sweet person.

  5. Very grateful and can certainly recommend who can afford the fees!

    Our agent, Matt, was awesome! Within the space of 24 hours of signing up on the Triplemint sight, we’d been contacted and connected with a number of different properties and a viewing shcedule, all of which met our original criteria. These guys go the distance to make sure they help you actually find the right place.

    Considering the speed of NYC property, it was amazing that they weren’t pushy – rather they were friendly and organized and very helpful – and good at negotiating on our behalf!

    The fees are a bit heavy and considerable, but considering the honesty, the good energy, and attention to detail that Matt gave our hunt, we found the process and final result worth our money. Very grateful and can certainly recommend who can afford the fees!

  6. I settled on a place that fit my lifestyle and my budget and I was honestly elated.

    Barbara was wonderful. I originally started off with a different contact but because of schedule conflicts I was transferred to a new person. During the first meeting I was shown some aspirational properties where I was able to walk through my wants vs my needs.

    The second meeting I had so many amazing options that it was extremely hard to decide. I settled on a place that fit my lifestyle and my budget and I was honestly elated.

    It is great to know that even after the moving process Triplemint and Barbara will still be there for me and I honestly would call them again in a heart beat… accept I don’t plan to move soon

  7. Didn't take me long to realize that this was the same as all the other websites.

    Didn’t take me long to realize that this was the same as all the other websites. There are no addresses which usually means the listings are fake. I tried to call them and no answer.

    I try to make an appointment but this doesn’t even go to the landlord like the website suggests, it goes through some broker (who will probably charge me some crazy fees). Do yourself a favor and search on your own on sites like streeteasy or zillow. Zero stars.

  8. making the entire process a lot less of a process. Thanks, JJ!

    Out agent JJ Choi was great! She streamlined our apartment search by showing only apartments she knew fit us, and by efficiently scheduling several viewings into just two days.

    She made inquiries and negotiations on our behalf from the start of our search through to our lease signing, making the entire process a lot less of a process. Thanks, JJ!

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