Trifecta Med Spa

Its "professionals" made for one of the worst experiences

This place and its “professionals” made for one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a business in my entire life.

1) The doctor was aloof and did not ask questions about where I’d like to receive the Botox.

2) She injected it in my face – obviously in the wrong part of my face – and now half of my face can not smile. It is mortifying.

3) After corresponding with the office, I went in and they told me this lack of movement due to my paralyzed muscle would go away in three weeks.

4) It didn’t.

5) After getting in touch with them again, still with a crooked smile and after months of hiding and embarrassment, I finally get to speak with the “doctor” who did this to me.

6) This woman, Dr. Curreri, was so rude I thought I was being pranked. She ended up hanging up on me and was so beyond unprofessional and unsympathetic about what SHE did to my face that I am still in shock.

I’m going to spread the word to who ever I can – stay away from this awful place.

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Severity of Scam :High
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