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Its "professionals" made for one of the worst experiences

This place and its “professionals” made for one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a business in my entire life.

1) The doctor was aloof and did not ask questions about where I’d like to receive the Botox.

2) She injected it in my face – obviously in the wrong part of my face – and now half of my face can not smile. It is mortifying.

3) After corresponding with the office, I went in and they told me this lack of movement due to my paralyzed muscle would go away in three weeks.

4) It didn’t.

5) After getting in touch with them again, still with a crooked smile and after months of hiding and embarrassment, I finally get to speak with the “doctor” who did this to me.

6) This woman, Dr. Curreri, was so rude I thought I was being pranked. She ended up hanging up on me and was so beyond unprofessional and unsympathetic about what SHE did to my face that I am still in shock.

I’m going to spread the word to who ever I can – stay away from this awful place.

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6 reviews on Trifecta Med Spa

  1. Trifecta Med Spa Is Scam.

    worst med-spa i ever set foot in, the place is a con, I had Botox there and it had next to NO RESULTS – I had it done many times before and since so I know

  2. I don't understand why it was like that and in response

    I’m writing this to warn and help fellow women out there! I agree with the other comments regarding the two doctor thing. I don’t understand why it was like that and in response to the owner who is answering these comments- no it is NOT common to have two doctors in the room. I’ve been to plenty of places before around the country and I’ve never been in a place with two doctors.

  3. it didn't feel professional.

    I went to Trifecta for Botox – after having it done countless times at different clinics – and it was just the worst experience I had. For started, my 20 units treatment that usually last a good 5 months, not only vanished after one month, the results were very bland, leading me to believe I got in fact less units than what I paid for.

    When I was at the clinic there was a lot of confusion as people that had also bought their treatment on Groupon were being charged tax on top – never heard about that before! – and the girl at the desk couldn’t even calculate the tax and was over charging me as well as other angry people there !

    while I was there they kept pushing some fillers and other treatments on me, it didn’t feel professional. I came out swearing never to set foot at Trifect ever again.

  4. this place employs criminals.

    Beware…..this place employs criminals…… The reception told me that bc the spa had only recently opened that the credit card system was not working and she would have to manually process/call in the cost of my treatment.

    She apologized and instead told me to please go in for my treatment and hopefully the system would be up and running when I was done. But instead she called and booked a treatment at another spa in Soho for her and her boyfriend.

    She actually emailed and called the other spa and said the she was buy this couples massage for her sister and her boyfriend as a gift and that if they would please process the cost manually over the phone and to please not bother the couple when they arrived.

    She not only stole my credit card information but she is stealing from her employer bc if she did this to me she undoubtly has done this to others. Law enforcement has been made aware and so be on the look out. This place is not worth the risk.

  5. I have been to Trifecta Spa in the Financial district twice

    I have been to Trifecta Spa in the Financial district twice.I went for filler injections both times(Radiesse 1.5cc). First time was one year ago,there were 2 doctors.The result of that injection was really good,I saw the difference the minute after injection.(Corners of the nose,corners of the mouth was successfully filled).

    My second visit was on .This time there was a blonde women,she was quick and painless but the result is not like my first time.Unfortunately I didn’t see any difference,corner of my nose and mouth still look like same before the injection.I will go to their location tomorrow or tuesday for an explanation.I hope they care customer satisfaction..

  6. I love Trifecta.

    I love Trifecta… Lauriel is absolutely wonderful and Dr. K is the best! The establishment is clean, warm, and friendly. They never push me to do more than what looks natural, and it’s really convenient to schedule appointments.

    I have had unpleasant experiences at other places in the past, but Trifecta has exceeded my expectations every single time… I hope that they flourish as a business!

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