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ponzi scheme

Firstly, after investing you can only withdraw half of you wallet exchange money. In apprentice package, you can use software for 8 months. From your total investment for TCC apprentice, deduct around 200$ for the software, and from the rest of the money half is paid to the network, and left over is kept for trading. If at any stage, you want to withdraw all the money, you can only take 50 percent of it, and the rest you can never withdraw.

If you see the wallet exchange, it mentions the remaining guarantee, which is half of the total amount deposited. If you click on it it says it says. “remaining guarantees means TCC guarantee 50% of your investments back.

Every transaction inside (paying hash) or outside (withdrawn) decreases the guarantees. This means if you withdraw or compound or pay hash this amount will decrease and you can withdraw even less amount.

Secondly, the trade cycles are not enough to get back the invested money. They only give 8 months to the TCC apprentice. And you can only trade for 172 cycles. At the end of each cycle, they pay you 1% of the trading money.

At the end of 8 months, you will not get any profit from the trading because you will only leave with 50% of the trading money in wallet exchange and the rest of 50% in the wallet trade. Moreover, TCC takes 12.5% charges at withdrawal so if you withdraw all of you money after 8 months. You get even less than the amount you deposited.

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