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Lacking of transparency and consistency is unacceptable

In my recent regular oil change service in Lake City Toyota, I was recommended to fix 3 problems of my recently Toyota Camry and they gave me the estimate prices for all 3. I was told the price included the tax.

Couple days later I received a coupon from them. It’s a discount depending on how much you spend. In my case, it could save $80 on the front and rear brakes change. I called them to confirm it and made the appointment.

To my surprise, after the work was done this afternoon, I was told the final bill $720 minus the $80coupon did not include TAX and I have to pay around $50 more than I expected. Since the work was done, I thought I might just pay the amount. Maybe I was wrong.

After I went outside I thought I need to double check with the advisor about the other 2 problems and does the first estimate price include the TAX. Here comes the most ridiculous part. She said NO but she could give me a discount, she wrote the new price on the right side of the original estimate price.

The discount “happens to be” the tax! So for the other 2 potential services the original estimate prices would BE the prices I finally pay! It was the time I asked her to let me meet her manager. I was struck by the inconsistency and fickle policy that was changing from start to end. This is unprofessional and confusion to me and to other customers potentially.

The manager worked through the problem quickly and literally judged me without respect. He said :”When you go to grocery store, does it say plus tax in the price tag?” No. But look at the first estimate paperwork your advisor gave me. Another estimate and final bill really had (+tax)

sign right after the price. However they were missed from the 3 estimate prices which I firmly believed the advisor told me they were tax included.Needless to say I was frustrated and upset. I was always entrust with Toyota brand and believe this is good organization producing reliable and trustworthy products and services.

Today’s event, however, change my view. Finally, the manager said he could give me $50 if I promise I would come back, I don’t want to lie, so keep that $50 Lake City Toyota.I don’t know if there are other people having similar issues with this provider in different situations, but lacking of transparency and consistency is unacceptable.

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  1. Toyota of Lake City Scam

    Disgraceful customer service- spoke to 3 different people and within 60 seconds each of them said the exact same thing. At one point Chris in service was shouting over me – do you work for free? Do you work for free? The problem I had was a mechanic told me the part in my old Toyota should last 80k miles. At 37k it’s leaking.

    I wanted Toyota to waive the diagnostic fee to see if it was defective. I was met with ridicule even to the point of asking me if I expect to eat for free in QFC. I said no, but if I purchased a can of food and it was rotten when I opened it I would expect a replacement. Only to be told ‘well this isn’t QFC’. ?? This was her analogy not mine?

    Then she hung up on me. Disgraceful customer service – obviously all the service reps feel comfortable speaking to customers like this because it was something each of them did in the first 2 minutes. Don’t buy Toyota – but if you have loyalty to Toyota buy it at Rodland Everett.

    They had a fantastic rep who had no issues assisting me and not ridiculing me for having a job.

Reported Loss :15000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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