Tophatter is a bogus company with Fake tophatter jewelry reviews listings

When I first checked this website, I was very excited and in my first week of registering with this Tophatter auction site, I ordered almost 30 tophatter jewelry items. I started receiving those items one by one. As I got those items, I started to panic. None of them matched the pictures. There was something different and fake about those items. Starting from the makeup products to the jewellery that they claim to be .925 silver sterling are all fake.

The electronics items that I ordered were flimsy and cheap. The instructions were in Chinese and none of them were inlined with the US sockets. What a waste of time and money? I ordered 2 Kylie eyeshadows. Both were different, and the writing were also different on both the boxes. Is it possible for the same brand to have different font words for the same product on two different packages? No, not possible. This clarifies that the products were fake.

I ordered a necklace as well from Tophatter and was sent a fake item that did not resemble the picture. I even consulted the jeweller the other day and he rejected saying that it was not at all .925 silver sterling. I was promised a gift box with my purchases. But, I never received them. When I Checked the item and the necklace was not with the gift box, I was bothered and wanted to return the item. But, they make it entirely impossible.

They will make too many excuses and if the item is not sent with the tracking number which you will be paying extra for, they won’t accept the return. There were instances when people paid more than $50 for something that looked like a laptop and missed the small carving that said, laptop not included. What was the payment accepted for then?

They have provided option to cancel the order but when you will do so, they will suspend your account. And, when you will receive the item and will realize that you paid for the shit, you will have no choice but to keep it. Who would pay an extra $30 for shipping to china when you are not even sure of getting the refund. I even feel that their bidding is rigged. The way they have featured so many items and are selling crap, most of the items must be occupied by bots. This is only to promote their cheap auctions.

I was there more than 10 times to order the video camera and the same names keep bidding for the product, whatever time of the day I logged in. Who is going to give away a video camera for $1 and shipping. And, whatever question you ask, you only get answered in pre-written verbatim. They also offer $10 for referrals. But, you get nothing even if people join with your referral link and even when they purchase the items.

They have excuses and they will never answer as a real person. It is all automated and you get nothing out of the emails as well. After all, you are not even entertained as a customer. This company is an entire fraud. Stay away from Tophatter.

Is Tophatter a scam?
Tophatter is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Tophatter legit?
First Tophatter is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Tophatter’s consumers?
There is/are 19 review(s) posted about Tophatter and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Tophatter located?
Tophatter is located at 185 Berry St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. You can contact Tophatter by dialing 1 (650) 251-4424 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Tophatter’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3412 was the total loss incurred by Tophatter’s customers.
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19 reviews on Tophatter

  1. Chinese Company Trying to Cheat People in the United States

    I started a seller’s account and specified my pricing for each item. I was notified that I had two orders via email, and when I checked, the price the customer paid was a lot less than what I specified and they didn’t pay any shipping fees. I added shipping fees but they were not paid.

    I created two support tickets, and when I went back to check under “Support Tickets”, there were none. I wasted my time. This is a complete scam and they are advertising in TV commercials.

  2. defective goods and added customs charges

    Tophatter? Ordered a out 15 items off here 3 had to be refunded because they were faulty or not as described. 1 item was not up to the quality it stated. And 5 items I ordered from the same seller which I paid seperately (total of £12 shipping) for but got delivered as one parcel and incurred a £16.42 customs charge. This would of happened if shipped seperately as I paid individual shipping for. So paid over the odds for shipping and stung by customs because of the sellers incompetence. I will only say look else where for the auction goods as can be brought for same or cheaper. This company is out to make far east companies rich and don’t really give a toss about the customer as the same sellers are selling rip off goods that the feedback is suggesting. Also look out for the knife in a key. Classy. I think this should be banned. My advice is be very aware before venturing into this site.

  3. Top hatter junk

    I have been ordering off Top Hatter for over a year. I had good luck buying sheets super great quality. I also ordered some eye cream it was as promised

    Everthing else crap crap crap, I have tried to win the apple lap or the dell the reserve is never met no matter how high you try to bid , they are there to make you think they are a legit company

    99..9 % is crap stay away you can find better stuff on eBay , top hatter has wasted my time and money , they refunded must of my money I am tired of cheep Chinese crap made of plastic. Polluting our environment say no to this crap and stop shopping here

  4. Scam, fraud, misrepresentation, etc

    This company is a scam. It’s located in China and the number they have listed doesn’t work. I complained and they refunded me but I’m still waiting on items and a refund is not enough! We need to shut them down! Enough already!

  5. This place is a scam totally fake jewelry fake garbage everything I bought

    My tip is buy your stuff from a store a real store you will get screwed one way or another I have filed several complaints with better business bureau truly this place is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen but they are allowed to continue to do business blows me away this company and I use that term very loosely is a joke and will Rob you just not with a gun to your head. Truthfully I’d rather someone try to Rob me with a gun at least then I’d have the option to fight back

  6. Wrong size. Fake jewelry. Shipping delays.

    Don’t waist your time or money!!!!

  7. Tophatter totally scam

    Tophatter is a SCAM be careful if you want to start a seller they stole merchandise and don’t pay nothing for sellers , I sold $3400 and I have $4900 in Fees with tophatter When the buyer get refund they don’t need return your goods . Be careful sellers.

  8. Selling on Tophatter

    They let you sell, but they dont disburse your funds. basically spending your time money and items for nothing..stay away.

  9. Junk

    A few years ago I used Tophatter ordering items, mainly rings. All which were listed at .925 sterling silver. Not! Within a week the silver finish started wearing off all of them. Shipping time was long and also which I can not say was due to my ordering from them, but my credit card was compromised. So I just closed my acct. Recently for some unknown stupidity on my art I ordered a couple more things, after all. It’s been about 4 yrs since I last used them and I figured they had to have gotten better. Nope! And guess what? 3 orders and again my credit card has been compromised. Again, I’m not saying it’s due to ordering from them but I am saying bye bye for ever!


    TOPHATTER is nothing but a scam!!! Ordered an XL and it is comparable to a SM. Ordered something else in a 2X because the comments said it ran small.
    The 2X was comparable to a SM. Tracking numbers lead absolutely no where. It is impossible to get any information. Don’t waste your time ordering anything from them!!! Of course they charge your card immediately. Still waiting for an item and it has been almost a month.

  11. stay away from jewelry products. The silver “sterling” is not silver, and the “gold” is not Gold. I unfortunately learned the hard way. The representation is 14K gold, or 18K gold, or 24K gold filled. Legitimate gold jewelry will have a “stamp” indicating the karat value. No stamp, highly suspicious. With a stamp, from this operation, still suspicious. They get away with this by blaming the seller, with no quality control in place, and most of this “gold” junk comes from China. You will get a return label so you can send it back and get your money back from BFE! Right. I see items I purchased for 10$ or less now selling for $25-50 or more! These items are not worth the postage, and it is amazing the 5 star reviews received for trash. I guess there is an ass for every seat!

  12. Bot bidding

    I noticed that anytime I placed a bid on a “high” ticket item, I would be out bid as soon as I clicked the bid button, but the out bidder had my username. Guessing they are trying to raise the price of the item for max profit.

  13. Cheapeat quality ever at Tophatter

    They always post good stuff for marketing and when you purchase your get very cheap crappie. Several times I ordered gifts for friends and they came way after the expected delivery time. I wonder why they lie to customers that the delivery will be on a certain date then you get almost a month after. It is unfortunate no one is protecting the American market that is being jammed by these low quality Chinese stuff.

  14. this site

    this site is all lies, and shuold be shut down.

  15. Fake and Cheap items. Just trash

    I was really excited to get to the auction site. I won about 30 items. The items are fake cheap and not genuine. The gold chain lists at $ 699 but sells for a few dollars The market price is highly inflated. Not a good site but for kids it might be fun. Sorry

  16. Scammed

    Bought an item and recieved an empty package. When I wrote them all i keep getting is to report it to police or file a claim with the post office because they dont do refunds on tampered items. All I have to say is this. The package was not opened when I recieved it and had not been tampered with at all. The fact is they never put the item in the package from the get go. Very agravated and irritated.

  17. Buyer Beware

    I purchased an item that did not deliver although tracking said it had, when I contacted cust srvc, their response was sorry, tracking says it delivered, but check and file theft with U.S.P theft Dept. I have closed my account and advising all who will read my review, if it says your pkg delivered but you haven’t received your package be prepared for TopHatters’ Buyers Protection policy that only comes out when they are not going to reimburse you for your loss!

  18. Junk and sizes are wrong

    The items i have purchased are junk or the sizes are way to small

  19. Tophatter is not a business that anyone should ever get involved in!

    I had a good relationship with Tophatter up until around the end of October. Suddenly I had orders not only delivered, but also disappeared from My Orders.
    When I complained to Tophatter’s service they danced around the whole thing then told me they would take care of it. The next day when I checked on my orders, the ones I had received had disappeared! When I called and told them about it the representative with the Chinese accent once again danced around it, then said there were no orders! This is the most criminal business I have ever had any relationship and I will never deal with them again! And, since all of the shipping and management of the sales is done in China, there is no way I could ever take legal action to get my money back! And the fact that my orders disappeared also keeps me from having the proof to back up what they did!

Reported Loss :3412 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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