Tophatter is a bogus company with Fake tophatter jewelry reviews listings

When I first checked this website, I was very excited and in my first week of registering with this Tophatter auction site, I ordered almost 30 tophatter jewelry items.

I started receiving those items one by one. As I got those items, I started to panic. None of them matched the pictures. There was something different and fake about those items. Starting from the makeup products to the jewellery that they claim to be .925 silver sterling are all fake.

The electronics items that I ordered were flimsy and cheap. The instructions were in Chinese and none of them were inlined with the US sockets. What a waste of time and money?

I ordered 2 Kylie eyeshadows. Both were different, and the writing were also different on both the boxes. Is it possible for the same brand to have different font words for the same product on two different packages? No, not possible. This clarifies that the products were fake.

I ordered a necklace as well from Tophatter and was sent a fake item that did not resemble the picture. I even consulted the jeweller the other day and he rejected saying that it was not at all .925 silver sterling.

I was promised a gift box with my purchases. But, I never received them. When I Checked the item and the necklace was not with the gift box, I was bothered and wanted to return the item. But, they make it entirely impossible.

They will make too many excuses and if the item is not sent with the tracking number which you will be paying extra for, they won’t accept the return.

There were instances when people paid more than $50 for something that looked like a laptop and missed the small carving that said, laptop not included. What was the payment accepted for then?

They have provided option to cancel the order but when you will do so, they will suspend your account. And, when you will receive the item and will realize that you paid for the shit, you will have no choice but to keep it. Who would pay an extra $30 for shipping to china when you are not even sure of getting the refund.

I even feel that their bidding is rigged. The way they have featured so many items and are selling crap, most of the items must be occupied by bots. This is only to promote their cheap auctions.

I was there more than 10 times to order the video camera and the same names keep bidding for the product, whatever time of the day I logged in. Who is going to give away a video camera for $1 and shipping.

And, whatever question you ask, you only get answered in pre-written verbatim. They also offer $10 for referrals. But, you get nothing even if people join with your referral link and even when they purchase the items.

They have excuses and they will never answer as a real person. It is all automated and you get nothing out of the emails as well. After all, you are not even entertained as a customer.

This company is an entire fraud. Stay away from Tophatter.

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8 reviews on Tophatter

  1. Tophatter Reviews

    Every word is true. I also ordered many items and was fooled. Never got any refund. I would never recommend it even if it promises $1000 referral bonus.

  2. Tophatter - Reviews

    This website is decisive and will allure you into buying items at a cheaper price and will promise more than 95% discounts on all the products. But, be cautious. You will get something that will not even look like the items in the listing.

  3. No refund for broken items

    I purchased a refurbished computer only to find out the hard drive was broken. I paid $54. I asked for refund and mailed it back. It has been 2 months now and NO refund. I am not happy!

  4. Scam Website

    I bought a watch 3 months ago. Last night it stopped working. I contacted tophatter. Their response was “Unfortunately due to the length of time that has passed, this is outside of our Buyer Protection window”. It was only purchased only 3 months ago. Buyer beware – run away from this site as fast as possible!!!!!!!

  5. Beware

    Beware. If you’re bidding on tophatter and your bid is extremely low and close to winning the item will disappear. I think they do that to safeguard the seller. This happened on multiple occasions. Their customer service support tried blaming it on my internet service. I have extremely fast and reliable internet. I could understand if it just happened once but multiple times means there’s something happening internally.

  6. Tophatter is a scam

    I ordered several things from Top Hatter have not received anything in the mail I finally got ahold of them they called me started cussing me out calling me names saying I’m retarded and I’m an a******do not buy anything from tophatter you not download the app scam fake jewelry

  7. bad

    tophatter is scam

  8. You get what You pay for!

    I have bought two items from TopHatter! that I have received so far
    To this day they still work great.
    Will they tomorrow? Who knows but like I said, You Get What You Pay For!
    True items are built cheap, like plastic items, true they will break easy with hard use. Yes it is true they are good at hiding what You are truly bidding on and the picture they show may be deceiving! but the item You are bidding on is in the picture, maybe not everything that is in the picture, but if You look the item is there. Before You bid on item You need to click on item and read everything on the item You are bidding on, or wish to bid on, if You don’t then yes, You may be very mad to know that what You bought was not what You thought You was buying!
    If You want good sturdy items that will last years, then Tophatter isn’t the place for You! If You want gold , diamonds, rings, Tophatter may not be Your place either! Again You get what You pay for! and sometimes You get the shaft, but You need to look at it this way, no one is forcing You to buy from them. It is like gambling, You take a chance. and more times then do You will lose your shirt on. Yes it is going to cost You an arm and leg to send items back to china, but hey it is not cheap to send from china to America either, yes they sen in bulk, and yes it is true they will get shipping cheaper then You, but it still costs them. That is another thing You need to stop and think about before You buy from someone in China if You do have to send it back, is it worth it? Probably Not! Here is another word of advice, never bid higher then 20 dollars on any item, and that 20 means either free shipping included or 20 counting shipping, that way if You get burned, it won’t sting so much! You don’t want to buy high on electronics, because You will get burnt. Years ago the Better Business Bureau protected people from those who scammed us, that is not the case anymore, so we have to have the smarts to protect ourselves! TopHatter reminds me of the Dollar Tree! Because the items for bid probably comes from the same place!
    These are just my opinions! But think about it, if You was selling items, would You place them on a bidding site at a dollar bid to start when the item cost You 20 dollars? No You wouldn’t and neither would they, You both would go broke quick! Regards!

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