Tophatter is a bogus company with Fake tophatter jewelry reviews listings

When I first checked this website, I was very excited and in my first week of registering with this Tophatter auction site, I ordered almost 30 tophatter jewelry items. I started receiving those items one by one. As I got those items, I started to panic. None of them matched the pictures. There was something different and fake about those items. Starting from the makeup products to the jewellery that they claim to be .925 silver sterling are all fake.

The electronics items that I ordered were flimsy and cheap. The instructions were in Chinese and none of them were inlined with the US sockets. What a waste of time and money? I ordered 2 Kylie eyeshadows. Both were different, and the writing were also different on both the boxes. Is it possible for the same brand to have different font words for the same product on two different packages? No, not possible. This clarifies that the products were fake.

I ordered a necklace as well from Tophatter and was sent a fake item that did not resemble the picture. I even consulted the jeweller the other day and he rejected saying that it was not at all .925 silver sterling. I was promised a gift box with my purchases. But, I never received them. When I Checked the item and the necklace was not with the gift box, I was bothered and wanted to return the item. But, they make it entirely impossible.

They will make too many excuses and if the item is not sent with the tracking number which you will be paying extra for, they won’t accept the return. There were instances when people paid more than $50 for something that looked like a laptop and missed the small carving that said, laptop not included. What was the payment accepted for then?

They have provided option to cancel the order but when you will do so, they will suspend your account. And, when you will receive the item and will realize that you paid for the shit, you will have no choice but to keep it. Who would pay an extra $30 for shipping to china when you are not even sure of getting the refund. I even feel that their bidding is rigged. The way they have featured so many items and are selling crap, most of the items must be occupied by bots. This is only to promote their cheap auctions.

I was there more than 10 times to order the video camera and the same names keep bidding for the product, whatever time of the day I logged in. Who is going to give away a video camera for $1 and shipping. And, whatever question you ask, you only get answered in pre-written verbatim. They also offer $10 for referrals. But, you get nothing even if people join with your referral link and even when they purchase the items.

They have excuses and they will never answer as a real person. It is all automated and you get nothing out of the emails as well. After all, you are not even entertained as a customer. This company is an entire fraud. Stay away from Tophatter.

Is Tophatter a scam?
Tophatter is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Tophatter legit?
First Tophatter is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Tophatter’s consumers?
There is/are 38 review(s) posted about Tophatter and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Tophatter located?
Tophatter is located at 185 Berry St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. You can contact Tophatter by dialing 1 (650) 251-4424 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Tophatter’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3412 was the total loss incurred by Tophatter’s customers.

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38 reviews on Tophatter

  1. Don J Harris

    Join Tophatter if you like being robbed

    Everything about this website is geared to steal from both the sellers on the site and the buyers. Especially the sellers. The fees are astronomical. I sold a high quality product and had to compete with garbage sold by tophatter. I did over $1000 in sales and got a return of $300 on inventory that cost me $498. It became painfully obvious that this company is all about stealing from the gullible. Beware. Do not buy unless you want garbage and do not sell on this site unless getting robbed turns you on.

  2. Suzanne

    What happened to Tophatter?

    What happened to the quality products that used to be sold on Tophatter? I purchased several gold rings with real stones including diamonds. I haven’t been on for years and was surprised to see the amount of junk that is on website. I don’t recall so many items being from China either. Guess I will just close my account don’t want to purchase this crap

  3. Raylene Shirey

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM!! Never received my order, never heard back from them when I made attempts to find my purchase, never refunded my money. With all that’s happening in the world today don’t let these thieves break your heart too.



    I won several items on TOPHATTER and these items were refunded for various reasons (incorrect address, out of stock, etc.- BOGUS reasons)). The bids on these items very low. All items refunded were relisted soon after my refund….. I was wondering if the vendor and/or TOPHATTER make it a habit of refunding the item you won, then relisting on the site to make more money. I am not accusing anyone but it seems strange. Another thing…. you need to watch TOPHATTER on refunds to be sure they refund the item the same way you paid. If you paid with PAYPAY you need to get a PAYPAL credit not a TOPHATTER credit.

    1. Mary Hyndman

      Thank you. I paid with a credit card and they will not refund me my money back to my credit card. I. Poor I thought this would be a good way to get decent stuff at a good price boy I was so wrong I’m so pissed at tophatter

  5. Peggy M McMullen

    I bided on some things and won paid 4 them my laptop did not arrive at my address and they say was delivered it wasn't

    I want my money

  6. Nichole Norris

    What is this!

    Did not get what i ordered it ended up being a balloon that wouldnt blow up it was supposed to be a water filled one im so angy item was 8.99 and not worth 25cents!

  7. Milton Shefter

    Misleading with no refunds

    Bought face masks for current virus needs and after order was placed, discovered over 31 day to deliver. Contacted vendor and company to stop order and get a refund BUT BOTH REFUSED. Both their oruiental vendor and company are inviolved in this mis-leading offering. Don’t buy from them!

  8. Julia Miller

    Jewelry ads says 925 sterling silver, if it was real it should have the marking 925 etched onto the ring like real jewelry does. I would consider misleading and stealing money from people under false pretenses.

    Title of my review is my comment

  9. Linda

    shipping is the worst

    they have great prices,but the shipping is the worst,l have been waiting a month for a item l order ,the tracking information is never updated,and late on deliver said it could take up to 30 more days ,will not be buying again,

  10. Don Pitchers

    Still Wating on my items

    I tried Tophatter and I am not impressed. I have made a total of 12 purchases. Of the 12 purchases one item received was not as advertised, 3 items were refunded as they were never shipped, and I am still waiting on 6 items to be delivered. All 6 items still show they are awaiting shipment from China. The oldest purchase is March 28, 2020 and the newest is May 1, 2020.

    My recommendation is to not purchase anything from Tophatter. They are slow to ship, most items are not as advertised, and they will only refund with credits to be used on their site.

  11. Constantin Olteanu

    i think its all true, unfortunately.

    I buy many stuff from this site and all I can say its all counterfeit.

  12. Sean Cox


    UPDATE: EVEN AFTER SPEAKING TO TOPHATTER, THEY REFUSE TO REFUND ANYMONEY! THIS COMPANY IS ALSO BEING SUED! DO NOT USE THIS APP THEY WILL ROB YOU AND THEN GIVE YOU BS REASONS WHY THEY CANT REFUND MONEY. IF TOPHATTER KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEMSELVES THEY WILL STOP ROBBING CUSTOMERS! This app is a piece of crap! if you order ANYTHING, do not expect it to arrive. I have 23 packages missing that have NOT shipped and yet on some of them they are over a month old with no shipment!!! when I messaged tophatter about this I gave all 23 order numbers… TopHatter gave a BS excuse of you need to wait 60 days before we can do anything. WHAT THE F#$%!? IF AN ORDER HASNT ARRIVED WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO, YOU REFUND THE CUSTOMER THEIR MONEY TOPHATTER, YOU DO NOT GIVE BS REASONS AS TO WHY YOU ARE A THIEF! TOPHATTER HAS COST ME 10 CLIENTS ALREADY AND IF THEY DO NOT REFUND MY MONEY MY LAWYERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED AND ARE WAITING WITH BAITED TEETH TO SUE THE HELL OUT OF THIS CRAPPY COMPANY! DO NOT USE THIS APP EVER! USE WISH THEY ARE MUCH BETTER! Order #106672970 Order #106321287 Order #106524847 Order #106222339 Order #106117187 Order #105843124 Order #105677647 Order #106897736 Order #106733218 Order #106793917 Order #106543264 Order #106929554 Order #106747503 Order #106508298 THESE ARE ONLY SOME OF THE ORDERS TOPHATTER WONT CANCEL EVEN THOUGH HALF OF THEM ARE ONLY NOW JUST BEING TAKEN CARE OF.. THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND REFUNDED!!!!

  13. Stormee Druschel


    This site has dissapointed me beyond any site ive ever ordered from. Lame Customer care. Orders never arrive some items very cheap. Beware of magnetic eyelashes. I could have bought 2 packs from Walgreens much better quality. Jewelry items most kinds all cheap. BUYER TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. BRING MANUFACTURING BACK TO U S.

  14. Patr John

    Scam and knock offs

    Scam artist site. Merchandise is cheap knock offs. It takes days for merchandise to go out. If you cancel an order because you’re tired of waiting, you get suspended. But, nothing happens to them for delayed shipping or not even sending your item out at all! Merchandise is beyond INFERIOR and shabby is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Do not waste your time or money on this site!

  15. Anne

    Tophatter steals your money, locks you out of your account & more!

    My issue is with which is a ‘bidding website’ and unfortunately I tried it out and was addicted immediately, and I spent more money than planned. I did bid for items and ordered many things. Initially, I never had to log in, as it took me right to my account. It was really fun!

    After 5 weeks bidding I opened the app, and I was asked for my password, which I entered multiple times and I know it was the right one, but I had to click ‘forgot password’ and a link to reset password would be sent to my email yet it never comes, I tried this step many times in the last week with all disappointing results, I also searched everywhere for a way to contact them and did find one, and I sent an email, stating my issues, and still no response. There is really something wrong with the company if consumers can’t get responses..

    Now I am getting pretty scared as I am disabled and have to be housebound from the start of pandemic. Just a few days ago, I started a new account so I could email them ‘contact us’, there was just no other way to contact them. I did get a response right away, but all it was showing how to get info on the bidding site. I am really getting frustrated, scared and anxious, especially since I have many items I’m waiting to get status on as they are all paid for.

    So I finally got an email saying they have linked both of my accounts, and an email would be sent to reset my password, that was 8 a.m. yesterday morning, and I emailed them 3 times since then.

    I still didn’t get my email. I will now file with the Federal Trade Commission, BBB, etc. Next, I will contact my bank to get my money back. I am so dang pissed and aggravated as this is really ridiculous.

    Next time I do anything with a company, I will check ALL sites I have found that want to hear about bad business messing with consumers. Tophatter is the worse! Like many times before, the computer operated tells you to enter a ext. and that is all you get, I tried many different numbers to guess a workable ext, but none worked.

    Nothing is more frustrating, when you can’t talk directly to a live person, or that do not respond to your email. I will no longer do business with any company if there is no real contact info. I just can’t believe they are still doing business with all the negative complaints made by consumers.

  16. Norm Walpole

    bought 15 things none of these things were delivered after a number of emails to top hatter, there refund leave a lot to desire , a lot did not show up on my credit card as refunded

  17. Mary Hyndman

    Tophatter is a joke a scam of all scams

    Oh where do I begin. I ordered never received a majority of what I so called won. Paid price with credit card I have tried several times to get the money back on my credit card and nothing I get fucked around and around and around I’m highly going to see about legal action or something cause this is way to messed up. They don’t even feel bad or guilty for taking money from people poor or rich

  18. Norm Walpole

    no refunds

    won 14 items and paid for them, 3months later still waiting for them ,,no refunds 100 of dollars lost ,all I was refund was cost of transaction ,not the full amount

Reported Loss :3412 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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