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TLK Fusion fakes about its experience

My company was doing decent earning and I was at the phase where I wanted to extend my business. I understand that it was not an easy decision to make. So, I consulted many people around. My attorneys, accounts team and many other people from management. I do take pride in the system we have established so far.

The team is worthy of all the praises and mostly, the decisions are made together. After a month’s discussion, understanding that a dedicated team was required to make this happen. We all were so excited. The only mistake we made when we chose TLK Fusion over other companies.

We wanted to start with digital marketing and had plans around it. When we met their experts, they offered us to go with disruptive marketing that they offer along with the digital marketing plans.

The budget was way over the expectations. However, Ken Collis assured that the profits will adjust all the bills in very small time. He was impressive and determined. We took the final decision of letting TLK Fusion do the job.

They started slow. I mean, I was promised for huge returns and when they did not provide any marketing plans for a week, I was terrified. It was the first time when I had the feeling of something not right. I consulted Ken and he again played the trick.

I found the marketing plan to be vague and it looked as if it was prepared by some armature. But, I thought of waiting for at least a couple of months before judging them. After all, they had a reputation.

However, I was wrong. These guys no nothing. During the first meeting, Ken boasted about creating the customer base for us instead of searching for them. I thought he was good at what he does. But, soon I understood that it was all big talks. When it came to business, I found my internal team much more sufficient and capable than his entire office.

In just 5 years of our existence, we had become popular among the neighbouring states and wanted to expand internationally. But, in only few months we found ourselves getting backwards. When I raised the concern in the meeting with Ken, TLK Fusion had to say nothing.

I was provided an answer that was so stupid that I could still laugh at them.
I wanted them to withdraw the services. However, they were stringent on making one more attempt. They did some work with the social media accounts. But, what I paid for was much more than the work they accomplished. I could have targeted that number with my team as well. We were doing it for five years now.

We already had a good social media reach. These guys just tried to update the page every next day. Any naïve social media consultant can do that. I could have paid for a hire to do what they did and still would have saved lots.

Anyway, I terminated the agreement after 6 months. I was late. I should have made that decision earlier. These guys put me under huge debts. I will need years to recover. The company is a complete ripoff.

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  1. TLK Fusion Review - The worst place to work

    I was an employee at TLK Fusion. I can very much connect with the experience that you have gone through. Just for the records, they not only take their clients for granted, but they are a loser when it comes to managing their employees.

    The management is a dead end. There is no discipline. The staffs are all young and they do not have the experience to work with big clients. They can only manage small businesses. That to not with huge expectation. Being an employee for more than a year, I saw a lot of drawbacks that one could have and still dare to call one successful. They are below mediocre.

    They do not entertain anyone’s useful suggestion. I believe it makes them feel small. How can anyone sitting at the lower position provide anything better than they already have? With this belief, they deny taking assistance from anyone among the staff.

    These guys are very rude and do not value their staffs. I was very disappointed by their attitude and lack of ethics at work. I have witnessed them ignoring their client’s call. We were instructions whom to call who not to.

    If you wish to save yourself from misery at work, do not join them. And, if anyone is thinking of taking his/her company to a new level, with them you can only see your company downgrading.

Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : jammy
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