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Fraudulent Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Exposed: The True Story

I am sure you heard about Tim Sykes, If not he is an American penny stock trader and entrepreneur level scam artist.I had a very huge interest in trading stocks right from my infancy and always seem to be able to intuitively predict behaviors especially with regards to extremely complex scenarios.

I have always known that the meeting point of passion and career is in stock trading. Where else will I put the best of my abilities if not in the most risky with the highest promise of return if gotten right and longest and hardest fall if gotten wrong? That place is penny trading. With all the self-realization and preparations, I got it wrong by following the media “badass”.

I have always felt like the awesome deviation from norm, the next big thing to happen to boring old “business as usual” methods. The truth is that I was right; the sad truth is that I chose the mentors hip of a stage-managed fraud called Timothy Sykes.

To be able to demonstrate exactly what is meant, his fraud will be exposed now with the following expose:
Timothy Sykes Method Explained The “bad boy” narrative There has always been at attraction for bad deviance from norms like in the case of Robinhood or Captain Jack Sparrow. All these have an appeal yet in the outcast category and have gone to be a huge success and have even been reproduced over and over again in the industry.

You can mention a few of these types of endeared deviant characters like this too. One thing common to all of them is that they have a red line they are not supposed to cross, the line that separate them from the likes of real bad guys that we categorize as villain

Staged Management As mentioned in the good “bad boy” analogy above, he needs to actively manage his brand to appear just bad enough to fit the analogy without being too good and too bad to not fit. I will guide you through a process to show you his frauds, get your google close.

Activity 1: Google “Timothy Sykes Review” You will see articles supporting his successes and his good “bad guy” sides only. That itself is a red flag, as it seem too true not to fit the narrative. The narrative that ensures that the douchebag keep smiling to the bank. Mind you, he still need to appear to be good at what he does.

So the need for the success story management. This was attested also by his mom when she implied “He is not actually like that but playing that role makes him appear bad, good-bad but also makes him so reach as compared to penny trading only”. Activity 2: Google “Timothy Sykes scam” or something negative

You will see a lot of reference to a website called thetimsykesscam.com claiming to be for his former student and specially developed to stage manage the brand.

The delicate balance has to be maintained so that the extremes of too-good that fits into standard societal norm and too-bad that makes him undesirable is avoided. This page even goes ahead to backlink a lot to his website acting as SEO tool, thus a very huge red flag for foul play
The Real Fraud – Timothy Sykes

There is nothing bad in brand management in actual sense as long as it is not harming anyone… There goes the redline. Real people follow his advice and lose real money but their voices are drowned by the stage managed brand which has so far succeeded in drowning their voices.

The problem here is now how to make sure that the real man is exposed so that the true narrative of a caustic and greedy man is revealed? I urge you as a matter of selfless necessity to share this post as much as you can so that others will not fall into the trap as I have and lost a huge chunk.

I had an insight into his personality based on the fact that I will admit just as I started and stated in the beginning of the article, I am a millennial and I reason a lot like him just that I may not be able to go to the extent he has gone to defraud other fresh young minds in the stock trading nursery of their hard earned life saving.

A friend who doesn’t want to be named, whom we started together and got swooned together spent his medical saving for a serious defect on this fraud brand. He had the choice of either undergoing a corrective surgery or going through the romanticized guide of and unfortunately we are here today and in his case, he is acutely depressed now added with his initial medical problem.

This is just an isolated close friend of mine, there are other sad stories out there while the plotter smiles to the bank everyday. How long will this go on? What will it take to stop frauds like this? Just a little education and awareness creation.
Exposing Timothy Sykes

As long as Timothy Sykes is out there destroying lives and smiling to the bank, I have taken it upon myself to keep sharing the news and hoping that others will be made to see the true picture. Today, I am a proud owner of a business but still that does not stop me from making sure that what I went through, what my friend is still going through is not repeated again.

Timothy Sykes should be and will be exposed according to the true fraud that he is. There will be no hiding for the wicked, I enjoin the reader to share their own experience to save others and if you do not have a direct experience, share the story, and you do not know who will be saved. Awareness creation will go a long way in helping us all.

Penny Stock used to be and is still the most volatile, unpredictable and high risk area of trading and when someone makes the claim to guide anyone through, it is either the person is a genius or a complete scam as is the case of Timothy Sykes. As of 2017, Timothy Sykes net worth is estimated to be 12 million Dollar by Forbes. This makes me wonder, “how Timothy Sykes is executing his scam and making people fool of his penny stock?” In penny stocks, Timothy Sykes is like Loki but only fit the abhorring features too perfectly. Let us all share our experiences to save others coming through to the stock-trading world.

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38 reviews on Tim Sykes

  1. Timothy Sykes – A scammer

    I always had an interest in trading stocks and was pretty good at predicting the behaviours for even complex scenarios. This made me want more and I got in the trap of Timothy Sykes. I was looking forward to starting my career in stock marketing because I knew I will excel in this field. Before going ahead, me and my friend consulted Timothy as we never wanted to row the boat without supervision.
    My friend even invested the amount that he had put aside for his surgery. We thought of making money and then going for the operation. As we were sure that the idea is going to click. But, we forgot the rules. When someone sounds too good to be real, you need to step back a bit and then decide.
    He told us things that seemed impossible. Either he was a genius or he wanted to make money out of us. Without considering the second option, we invested all our hard-earned money. The fact is, we acted dumb. That is what I can say after what he did to us.
    I was so much in the delusion that I couldn’t see him taking everything away from me. He is a jackass who has zero understanding of the stock market. If an experienced like me can fall for his words, what about those who are just starting with trading. This can be easily explained by the worth of his company that is estimated to be 12 million dollars by this date. This is according to the Forbes.
    He has maintained the right balance of his both the sides on internet and when you will google him, you will find stories of his success and the ways he has scammed people which is again back lined to his own website.
    This is the SEO technique that many follows and it gives me a heart attack to know that he has used the technology to harm others. If he claims to be the one, he is not and is involving in manipulating important decisions related to money for others, then he can be termed as criminal.
    I have experiences with many people in my past and have seen people fooling other people, but this was something well planned and staged. Penny stock is the most volatile and high risk area among other domains of trading and he uses this category to fool people. He very well knows that it’s rare that he would find someone with good knowledge of the area. This will make it even easier for him to accomplish his scam.
    My friend is under a lot of mental trauma. We are broke and only because we trusted the confidence of Timothy Sykes over our instincts. We are paying for our mistake. The money that my friend had for the surgery is gone and he is finding ways to get it back which is close to impossible.
    I do not want anyone to go through the same trouble and lose their patience and money. So, stay alert while making vital choices of your life.

    1. Tim

      Wow so many dumb people

      If you were so good at analysis then why did you need advice from someone else? Answer me that please.

  2. Tim Sykes- NOT a scam

    Tim Sykes is the man, no other teachers have legit millionaire students like he does. And he has way more 6 figure students that never get mentioned. If you fail to make money using his techniques and strategies you have no one to blame but yourself. Tim teaches students to become self-sufficient. That is what he preaches every day. He specifically tells students not to follow his trades, but to learn from them and the reasons he entered and exited the trade. Like any money-making endeavor, it takes a great deal of time and hard work to succeed. That is also the case with day trading. Do not sign up and expect “hot picks.” You won’t get them. He offers tools to be the training wheels for your education, because if you sign up you will see that his successful students don’t need him anymore. He is merely the stepping stone to understanding the market. Everything after that is up to you and your work ethic. You can either pay the market tuition or you can learn from someone like Tim. You won’t find a more transparent and “real” teacher out there.

  3. Tim Sykes is a scammer

    Thank you for sharing. I joined Tim Sykes last weekend and have been nothing but disappointed. All I receive is emails saying how others have made their fortunes or what not to do to make mine. I’ve yet to see the stock of the week he states will make 20, 40, 60 or 100% over the next 6 days. I’ve called the 1-800 only for it to ring and ring once I got someone that had to put me on hold to double check who Tim sykes is. I’ve emailed their customer service several times with no response. I’m calling my credit card tomorrow in hopes that I will get the $3000.00 I spent on a scam. Is their anyone out there that has had this experience with Tim Sykes?
    I’m very upset and so beyond frustrated with how this situation has turned out. I’m a cautious person and am careful with investments I didn’t see this coming at all. Any advice is appreciated.

  4. Hello, I just had the same thing. It may not be a complete scam however when he releases the alerts they are always way later and its to late. I almost spent the $3000, fortunately I decided I would try it for a quarter to make sure I like it. Needless to say after releasing EMAN and then having an immediate sell alert come out after that I am done! I called AGORA and I got my subscription cancelled and told them I would report it as fraud if they didnt cancel. THey put me on hold and told me everything will be fully refunded and cancelled 3-5 business days. Very Scammy and the old saying goes if it “Sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.” Good luck out there Elizabeth!

  5. Let's start petition against Timothy Sykes

    Wow Well said ronny, I feel bad for your friend who is in under trauma, just register complaint on human rights website and your voice will be heard.


    Why don’t you start petition on change.org that will surely help your friend to fight with this stock exchange mafia.

  6. Nearly made a HUGE mistake!!!

    Thanks guys!

    You just saved me over 7 grand!!!

    Won’t be investing in this charlatan, I thought I did my due diligence and was just about to pull the trigger when I happened upon this website.

    Thank you all so much!

  7. The Timothy Sykes’ Weekend Trader should be called:
    Timothy Sykes’ Pump-And-Dump regimen.
    I was going to buy in a stock at 4.2, I tried to buy less than 2 minutes after he made the call. Most people use a lot more than that. Alas, I couldn’t buy any stocks at the limit which he set. The stock soared to 5, where half was supposed to be sold, and went to 3.9 whereupon the last half were supposed to be sold. I have tried to buy in many times, but even when I got the message, opened my PC, went to my broker page and entered, I was far behind. Don’t buy it, you won’t get to use it, and it doesn’t really work either. Only because him and his goons make a fuss.

  8. Nothing but a crook, one of the biggest!

    I lost $2000.00 in one of his scam webinars. He claimed he had two stocks, (and gave the ticker symbols) he had researched extensively, and as good promised, a person could make $9050.00 in 3 to 4 days if a person got in immediately. I bought the next morning, with a 25% stop loss, and they took a nose dive, immediately. He is a scam artist and he is probably making more money from conning people into his sales pitch, than he is from trading penny stocks. This is probably why he is so rich. Expensive lesson learned!

  9. I got burned by this also. Alerts are not timely. Disappointed because Sykes was recommended by James Altucher who I have found has some really good financial advise.
    Does anyone know the next step if my $3500 is not refunded? Agora Financial is listed in Maryland. Is that who I go to? Any help would be appreciated and my condolences to all who have lost $$$.

    1. cassie mollerstuen

      this is why

      All you guys seem to want is hot stock picks and alerts. How about actually putting in the years of work and studying it takes to learn what he teaches. The alerts aren’t supposed to be followed he literally says to us all the time do not follow alerts but use them to see why I bought and sold. He says that alerts are for degenerates who are lazy and just want the next hot stock pick. I have found success with him but you need to put in the work and you wont even need his alerts ever because you can do it all on your own. I sure don’t follow them because I actually try and follow the advice that he teaches. That’s how I know you all never took his classes because that is one of the main things he drills in. I’ll never follow an alert or hot stock pick because I don’t like gambling with my money. Just because you go to the gym doesn’t mean you will get in shape. You actually have to do the hard work. So how many hours you put in studying? because I know I studied for almost 2 years at least 30-60 hrs a week!

  10. Tim Taught me how to trade

    I’ve been dabbling with different types of investing for years, Mostly Forex and some Crypto stuff though.

    I picked up Tim’s course back in 2016, and since joined another of his higher end coaching programs., not JUST for the stock picks, but so I could learn what the hell Tim’s doing that makes him so successful.

    He’s a no b*llshit kind of guy, maybe some people don’t like that he cusses so much? I don’t know, but I can say I know how to trade Stocks and Penny Stocks 100% due to what I learned from Timothy Sykes.

    1. Rosy


      Since I joined profitly last year. I have been constantly scammed by people claiming to be him or one of his millionaire student which is very few. I believe they have our information and leak to people our emails and phone numbers. I basically lost US 40K. I cannot stand his teaching on his videos. I learned my lesson, probably there is a team in their group who uses their skyes name to scam people. Because there is no others way anyone would know our details such as phone numbers and emails.

    2. Tim’s Landlord

      Wake up- his money comes from selling the courses- NOT FROM TRADING!

      You were wondering what Tim does that makes him so successful? I should charge you 75 dollars a month to teach you his secret, but I’m feeling generous today so I’ll give it to you for free…

      Tim definitely made money from penny stocks early in his career, but his main source of income right now comes from SALES OF HIS TEACHING TOOLS. He gains a steady income in the form of monthly subscription fees of 75 or 150 dollars a month per subscriber! Do the math on that. If he had 2000 subscribers, that would equal up to 300k in revenue monthly! The overhead and labor costs that he incurs are probably minimal, leaving him with plenty of profit.

      With an income like that, why waste it on penny stocks?

  11. I'm not sure what the complaints are about..

    I’m not sure what all the complaints are about.
    Tim’s NOT a prophet, he’s NOT going to get 100% of his trades correct y’all

    BUT – having said that – the man knows his stuff and is responsible PERSONALLY for me learning how to trade penny stocks PROFITABLY and quit my 45 year day job as a mechanic.

    Thanks Tim!

    JT Durham
    High Point, NC (safe in the Hurricanes, so far!)

  12. Loving Weekend Profits So Far!

    I signed up for Timothy’s Weekend Profits when It came out, in July I think. The first 4 trades were wins, BUT you have to be quick to get in and buy once the recommendation is made.

    Having said that, I’m up so far 137% overall (with a few losses too), and I haven’t even made all of the trades due to some financial issues I had for 2 weeks of them.

    I’ve never heard of Tim before this, but I’m loving what he’s teaching and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a customer for life!

    Michael T. Morris
    San Francisco, CA

  13. Amazing!

    I’ve been a student of Tim’s now for over 2 years and have invested a pretty penny (get it?) in his training programs and DVD’s

    In my opinion, you won’t find a more real penny stock trader or teacher out there

    NO- not all my trades are winners and I’m not a millionaire student of his, but I’m making more trading penny stocks than with my day job, and that says a lot bc I’m not super computer savvy

    Pardon my formatting, doing this via mobile phone. I hope this helps somebody with their decision

  14. Whiny babies

    I joined Timothy Sykes Millionaire Masters Program. I have received everything I was promised. Reading these reviews i’m sure of a few things.First, you thought it was going to be easy. Second, hard work is something you are not willing to do (ie studying). Thirdly, you expect to be rich in a few weeks or months. If you want something, work for it. Your momma isn’t going to be around to fix your problems forever.

  15. Scam

    In my opinion, Timothy Sykes is a total Charlatan. I purchased his weekend stock system and out of 10 trades he got one correct. Can you make up for 9 losses with one good trade? No you Can’t! All he says, we never said every trade was going to be a winner! Well if you think that you are going to make money with Tim Sykes System, Don’t waste you Money! He is just a Used car salesman that knows nothing about Day Trading. But he is great taking your money and giving no results. His motto should be No service after the sale!

  16. No Weekend Profits - Weekend Losses

    Promising to buy on Friday and sell the following week for huge gains based on his “relentless research” on companies about to release big news – driving the price higher on Penny Stocks. Then, sell after the news spreads in a few days.
    Portfolio since July 13, 2018
    PIXY sold July 13 (-9%),
    RWLK sold 1/2 on July 20 (-14%) sold second half RWLK on Sept 17 (-17%), GPRO sold Aug 6 (-4%)
    TRUE sold Aug 13 (-10%)
    ABCFF sold Aug 27 +8%, AOBC sold Sept 4 +2%, note 2 winners-luck?
    MYSZ sold 1/2 on Sept 14 (-14%) sold second half MYSZ on Sept 17 (-6%)
    ASTC sold Sept 24 (- 30%)
    ALT sold Oct 8 (-18%)
    MMNFF sold Oct 15 +5%
    PTI sold Oct 29 (-3%)
    ACRX sold Nov 5 (-9%) and finally NBEV sold Nov 19 (-1%)
    Total trades 15 ****-Losing trades 12 of 15 *** Winning Trades 3 of 15
    ***Average losing trade (-11.1%) x 12 trades of 15
    ***Average winning trade +5% x 3 trades of 15

  17. Do Not Buy. Not worth the time and profit.ly results can be easily faked.

    I made a detailed video investigating Tim Sykes and those type of scams. Is long, but worth it to anyone that is considering investing in His program.

    1. den

      Re: Alex's Video detailing Tim Syke's scams.

      Hi Alex . Could you send me info on how to see your video. Thanks.


    I bought across the money line for 850.00. He did not send out recommendations weekly like he said he would and when he did by the time I received the alerts it was too late to make the trade @ the buy price he said to buy the stock at. I totally lost 850.00 dollars with Tim Sykes Scam. I am highly disappointed by that. The only trade I got in on was TRUE CAR that was my very first recommendation and it lost money. He is a Scam and if he is making all the money he say he making then he should REFUND people their money back…FAT CHANCE THAT WILL HAPPEN

  19. Save your time and money

    I paid for the $850.00 trial for 3 months. (No refund for this deal.) Several weeks there was no recommendation. When the alert was received, it had already gapped up past the entry limit point and was too far in the money to chase. It seemed that he passed the info to his best buddies, and by the time the info was passed on to the rest of us, the numbers were no longer any good. All the trades were carefully analyzed, and i really wanted this to work, but sorry to say, it didn’t. This analysis was based on 5 minute charts, and I was able to receive the trades while sitting at the computer at the time they were sent. I still have the paperwork to support my comments. In addition, the stock is so volatile that I did not want to risk more than $1,000. per trade. At that mark, it would be improbable to show any kind of profit to offset the price of the subscription.


  20. Scam

    I thought i will learn about some penny stocks after looking at Tims youtube vedios and spent $300 CAD to just enroll into his some educational vedios thinking that i will get some value add service from him. After that i schedule a call with once of his associate and they says the Educational vedios are nothing and I need to spend another $1600 CAD to get into anothter step as tution fees. Horrible!!

    I said i need little time to think about spending another big amout and he was rude to me saying don’t come back..

    All my experience reveals this is another way for him to make money in the name of education.

  21. Outsider looking in

    So I’ve read a lot of reviews here and honestly all the negative reviews say the same thing. You were expecting someone to tell you EXACTLY what to buy at the EXACT price and then tell you EXACTLY when to sell. I haven’t paid a dime to anything of Tim’s mind you but I have watched a lot of his videos and such just gathering information. I’m currently studying Tim as well as a lot of other well known traders pulling as much info and sifting thru. At the same time I’m doing my own research in pattern trends, what financial news to believe and what to not and etc… I’m sorry people have lost money in the market but that’s the chance you/we take. If you join Tim or lay for his services, or anyone else for that matter, and want things given to you without you yourself doing the research and hope to succeed then I honestly think you have probably failed or come up short a lot in life. I’m 34 years old and have 2 years of College and 8 years in the Marine Corps. I’ve been making 6 figures a year salary doing what I do best see I have mentors yes, but they never gave me an answer. I listened and used some tools and thru the others away. I think most of you need to take a hard look at yourself and take responsibility for your own actions instead of shifting the blame. As the old saying goes, if I told you to jump off a bridge would you? I wish everyone nothing but success in happiness in life but know that no one but you is going to make that happen.

  22. Trading

    As the old saying goes, never bet the farm. All trading involves risk whether its penny stocks, Futures, Forex or Options. Penny stocks in my humble option would be a straight out bet, due to lack of worthy financial info. most are vulnerable to pump and dump making them a fools game. Greed is the worst human characteristic you could bring along to trade with, unless you want your ass handed to you in a hat. There’s a reason why the Forex traders incorporate risk to reward ratio in their trades. Even at that the percentage of losers far out weight the winners. The losers take up internet marketing to sell their course to the get rich quick mentality, and for a little more cash they will fix you up with an easy button and pillow so you can do it while you sleep.

    Bottom line you can make money trading but your going to lose some also.

  23. I agree. I saw Tim’s ads on Internet. They were too good. But I paid $2000 for the Weekend Profits. After 29 weeks nothing. 40% no alerts. Then I saw his website. Millionare Media LLC tim sykes. Full page disclosers and disclaimers so he is out of any responsibility for anyone losses. Super Red Flags. He isn’t making money trading only selling various programs in the millions. He should be in jail. I will call the Federal Trade Commission. Today I believe there is much published about this problem. I still believe he is committing crimes.

    1. Tim

      Not sure what you are complaining about

      I have been in his challenge course for 6 months and have received everything I was promised. He tells you not to follow his trades. I have learned a lot from him and his other students. This takes time to learn. Anyone reading this, if you want to make a living trading stocks and can afford his course, DO IT, this is by far the best course I have ever taken.


    Think about it. I saw on FB where he claimed he could pick stocks that will increase 22 percent in a week. Assuming he can do this weekly instead of daily he could double his money every 5 weeks. Why on earth would he take time and risks teaching others? If he could achieve what he claims he would be the richest man in the world in a very short time.

    Don’t be a fool. Read stock reports and predictions made by people who give the advice free. They are the legit people who are actually trading. They know what they are doing and make money from the market not from selling programs.

    I am middle age and have learned the hard way that those who cannot do teach. The people who advertise their expertise and go around the country or world giving free seminars where they make money by selling programs are making money off the program and not by investing.

    Be smart. Study. Listen to business news. Take free advice. Then invest your hard earned money in penny stocks. If you are thinking about giving this clown a grand try investing 50 bucks each in 20 stocks instead. You have a better chance just doing that randomly than throwing a grand to the wolves.

    Just my opinion from my long education from the school of hard knocks.

  25. For Anyone Considering His Weekend Program, Here are the Undocumented Steps to His Success

    1. You pay to be a member and get alerts of what to buy on Friday and sell on Monday.
    2. You get an e-mail and a text alert on Friday. It is also posted to his member area on the Paradigm Press site.
    3. In that alert, you have a recommended price to buy and one that you should not exceed along with a price that you should sell if it loses ground.
    4. You immediately quote the stock on your favorite app.
    5. You realize the stock is already well above the recommended buy price and isn’t moving higher. If you are one of the few lucky people to get his alert first, you buy in. But, those people are already selected. It isn’t going to be you.
    6. You check the history of the stock and see that there was a significant run-up on the stock price about 15-20 minutes before you got the “urgent text alert” or his website has the info posted.
    7. Tim Sykes sells his stock after the price leveled out from the people who invested right after he sent the text message. Since there is a recommended cap on the price, most people don’t buy when it exceeds it. So, it levels and he knows when to sell.
    8. You get a text alert early Monday to sell. You sometimes get one over the weekend that tells you things are not going well in after hours trading. What happened is that his subscriber based pump-up is exhausted and no one else jumped in, so now it is retreating and will continue to retreat.
    9. Tim Sykes made a lot of money on a pump and dump. His friends made a lot of money, too. Some of the first subscribers or whatever priority he has given a few people made some money, too. You didn’t. You won’t. Play the lottery instead. It has better odds.
    10. Repeat. Seriously. This is how it works. Every time.

    1. Tim

      If you are that certain the his stock picks are going to fail then why not short sell them also? Use common sense to make money. Don’t trade against your own judgement

  26. They make it then they make it again and again.

    All i can say is that i had to find a way to make $, @ 58 i worked harder than hell all my life since i was 13, i have a 2 yr degree which isn’t saying much now a days because there handing out 4 yr degrees like high school diplomas.
    I trusted a member of my own family to work for me after i went into big time debt building an auto shop and buying all the equipment for it, tens of thousands of dollars worth,well loans i mean….. then 2 things happened, the family member broke his promise about working, and i got sick big time. 3 almost fatal bouts with pulmonary embolisms, the 3nd time around just a week ago and the doctors are still scratching their heads how i made it through this last bout, 2 shots of levonox daily and 2 5 mg eliquise 2 times day to make my blood like water, my blood is so thin i cannot dare to even shave right now. The first bout took place over a year ago and that put me on disability which thank god we live in a country where we get something mind you, 1000.00 a month ain’t nothing to sneeze at, it also is not enough to pay my bills, my poor wife at 60 lost ability to work last year, from nerve damage in her arms so bad she can barley lift a cup of coffee in the mornings, so their went her income, and because of other factors, worse one being i live in a part of the country where if your not working your either a junkie, or your on SSI, so hiring anyone is not in the cards i went thru 13 so called mechanics who did nothing but rip me off and my customers, to the point i had to work on the cars to make it all right with my customers, reason why i had the 2nd bought with blood clots, was not supposed to be working in that kind of environment, tripped and fell and 5 days later almost died from not being able to breath thus i had to find another way to make ends meet. I have bought into the Sykes, banyan,agora,banhill, lombardi ,caboth, and a few others, bottom line their all full of SH-T!! If i had the $ that sykes has, i wouldn’t be spending it on tigers, elephants,and some of the other crap he’s into, and hes not the only one doing their thing out there, point i am making is its their money they can spend it the way they want too, i think it all starts here at home and should stay here. I trade and make now 50 to 400 a day trading the old fashion way, the ways its always been, and always will be, doing research and looking for that stock that’s moving that pre- market and 1st thing in the morning.Yes theirs gurus out there with regards to everything, knowledge is $, if you don’t know how to do something chances are you will have to pay for the knowledge or pay to get it done for you….i was lucky i got my $ back from anyone who didn’t perform as promised. Even Sykes, i just wish that folks like that would keep more of it here in our neck of the woods, theirs always plenty of people that need legit help, one of the finest places i can think of is Danny Thomas children’s hospital, with all the $ some of these people make they could do so much better for those here that need it, my promise if i ever make it like that, is to help those right here in the states. I will tell you, that i work from 630 am to 8pm Monday thru Friday on these stock things and trades, its not physical work but its no less hard in other ways, and i do not make big $ but i have been able to make payments on a lot of my bills keeping my 300 grand dept paid every month and keeping a roof over my and my wife’s heads. Remember the ole saying if it sounds to good to be true it prolly is, and to those that are taking advantage of us out their for greed and profit, remember this one, what comes around goes around , watch out for Murphy’s law, when it goes wrong for you it will be terrible…….and also this one i would rather have problems with $ than without it…..until the creators son makes it back here things are not going to get better, there going to get worse, just listen to the evening news now a days, every day another flood,shooting,tornado,killing, the country that stood for justice and in god we trust is being judged, ask his son Jesus Christ to come into your life and except him, in the long run that’s all that matters, believe me people. I am going to bet this will never get on this page…….But if it does, love each other, and have no ill will toward your neighbor i know its hard to do but try and ask your father in heaven to come into your life and change you so you can change others. Brothers and Sisters that’s what all this is about in the long run, one day it will be perfect, and remember you never know just how bad you might damn well have it until you walk in another mans shoes.

    1. Kim

      The 1st and the last one...WOW!!!!

      Wow what can i say about the again and again title, and the first one, Like the man said you never know what its like until you walk in the other man’s shoes. I am an atheist by choice so i am not into the other but maybe its time to re-think that also? One thing is for sure here, better hold on to your wallet, before chasing this stuff, sounds almost like a drug addiction to me.

    2. Tim

      We all work hard, but in order to become successful we need to work smarter not harder.

  27. Uhh.

    You can barely speak English, no wonder you can’t make it in the stock market. Stop blaming others for your failures and bad decisions.

  28. Tim Sykes Weekend Profits - Poor Performance

    I purchased a 90 day trial of Tim Sykes Weekend Profits through the Agora Financial (Paradigm Press) website for $850. Half the time there was no trade for the weekend. The other half of the time Tim’s recommended buy limit was exceeded by the time I received the email and text alert. I had zero success with this program. There is no refund on the 90 day trial (even if you dispute it thru the credit card company) so be careful.

  29. It is a total scam

    I have joined his weekend trader program and paid him several hundred dollars. I have received no trades. I plan to file complaints with the SEC. I

  30. Needed to be said - Sykes SEO game is strong

    To call Timothy Sykes a predator would be to flatter him. He is actually a parasite who offers nothing, takes all he can get and then moves on to another victim.

  31. Tim Sykes is a sham!

    So me and my wife were going to invest in the Tim Sykes program for a reduced price of only 10k for the two of us, we had received calls from the supposed Tim himself at an early date, we did not schedule, and had to re-schedule, the day the rep called back he talked a lot about where we were financially and that we had the money to invest that was not dependent on paying for bills. We asked what Tim got out of the deal and he repeated just like all the websites that he only wants to teach people to be successful and help them make money as his website says over and over. after many sales like questions to get to know us he drops what the real cost of the program is, to the tune of 10k for the pair of us, which was a deal according to him. So when we asked him in the beginning what Tim gets out of this he states have you not listened to his videos he only wants to teach people but that is not true he only wants to teach people who are willing to pay 7-10k for the teaching that is not what he so boastfully stats on all his interviews that he wants to teach people insinuating that he wants to do it for free, it is not.
    So the biggest red flag for us was that we were supposed to give 10k to a perfect stranger with no contract as to what we were to get in return. Who on earth would agree to that type of agreement? well not us we stated that we needed to talk this over and that enacted the gates of hell to ope,n the salesman proceeded to bash us in every way he could for not giving him one or multiple credit cards to pay for the fee and for us we were done knowing full well this was a scam if the guy was pushing so hard to put the cost on one or multiple credit cards, this was clearly not the angelic attitude that Tim Sykes portrayed on all his videos but a scam to get your money no matter what the cost. even when I said I need a day to transfer the money did he change from demanding the whole amount to well you can pay half now… the classic scam artist back step right?? We eventually ended up saying thank you for your time and hung up, I definitely do not recommend entering into anything that you do not have a contract or guarantee to what you are paying for. This is a total scam do not give him any money.

  32. I am afraid he is a scam

    I signed up with him a few weeks ago. However, he has done nothing for me.I am supposed to get a signal after the markets Close every weekend and another sell signal on Monday. This has not yet happened and it is now Friday June 28.

  33. Glad I found this review

    I just watched his video. I
    was contemplating going for the ‘trial’ period to minimise any exposure. But thank God I found this web page. I read everyone’s comment and Im so sorry for the losses made. Tim need to be ashamed. Actually, Agora, Tim, Paradigm etc. are all accountable and should all be shamed!

  34. He plays all of you

    He emails his “watch list” to ton of people and they all buy the stock and he sells… that’s the scam. Then you tell someone who tells someone who tells someone to buy a certain stock meanwhile he has a sell limit and leaves everyone in the ruins. He emails me some shit list all the time of stocks a 5 year old could find out. Nothing really special about these stocks except he already holds a huge position. Me and a buddy were talking about his scam over dinner and his ad should be in prison for market manipulation.

  35. You wish you could trade like him

    I have taken his courses and been in his challenge chat room. Whoever wrote this has no idea what they are talking about. Where are your facts at? You didn’t know Sykes is a completely transparent trader? He shows every trade even every single loss on a site called profitly.com with commentary. What I learned from him can be repeated over and over. Last year, I believe it was, I witnessed him win every trade he made for an entire month. That is not on accident. Don’t mislead people because your too lazy to put in the effort it takes to actually learn.

  36. I felt into the trap of Tim Sake with the advertising that is false.You do not get
    to be a millionaire expecting that Tim will give you the right information.
    I call myself stupid for fall into the trap, it has been already 10 months on the
    site, and so far I am loosing $1450.oo , because the information given by
    Tim on Fridays is always at the last minute in the afternoon, and the price that he suggest is always high than the price in reality.So you get to Monday morning to sale, and the stock went down, so if you invest on buying, you end up
    loosing money.And that is mostly every week, or also he takes too weeks off
    in no sending information.
    I am almost at the end of the year subscription and I have not make any money so far, so my investment plus what I am loosing makes a good amount.
    So, I suggest to whoever want to invest in Timothy Syke site, please avoid the
    interest in doing it, because you will loose your investment plus the money that you will loose buying penney stocks base on the information from Tim
    on fridays to feel on Monday morning.

  37. Terrible scammer

    So you know I was NEVER able to utilize any of the recommendations. When initially enrolled I tried diligently each week to learn and make it work. Not so long following my enrollment the alerts were pushed back from the 10 a.m. timing to 3:20-3:40 – far too late in the day to read and log into any accounts in order tom make intelligent transactions.

    Hope you enjoyed my investment into a program that ws misrepresented and not feasible to carry out.

  38. Too good to be true

    I am glad I saw this before I invested any money. I believe I have a niche for picking stocks, but I realize I need help to make a good living at it. This would have helped if it was real.

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Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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