Unethical And Borderline Criminal

Buyer beware! We were told that we were “locked” into a loan for a rental property only to learn, 3 weeks into escrow, that was not the case.

This was after a nearly $800 appraisal fee. Unethical and borderline criminal, as a classic “bait and switch” in an attempt to move us into a higher rate loan.

Please use extreme caution if you are referred to Laura Jean Levine.

She provides service to the San Francisco bay area, as well as Nevada.

Unfortunately, we never checked the reviews, prior to entering into a contract with Ms. Levine because we trusted the referring party.

Please read ALL the reviews for TIAA Bank and proceed cautiously.

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7 reviews on TIAA Bank

  1. Scammer

    they increased the monthly payments against their own contract and have no explanation for it. they are just blaming each other and have no answer to that.

  2. This has been an absolute TERRIBLE experience

    Extremely dissatisfied. My old mortgage company switched to TIAA on January 1, 2019 and I have yet to receive a bill for my March 1, 2019 payment that is due when it was promised to have transferred and mailed out on February 1, 2019.

    I called and the customer service was terrible and was no help besides letting me know that my bill was just mailed out on February 20, 2019 and would take 5 to 8 business days to receive.

    There are only 28 days in February therefore making my payment late. This has been an absolute TERRIBLE experience and I will never choose TIAA for any loan ever and cannot wait until they flip my mortgage to a different company.

  3. I am a long time Everbank customer, and loved the quick and friendly service.

    I am a long time Everbank customer, and loved the quick and friendly service. My experience with TIAA Bank so far has been terrible, and I am debating switching all my accounts to a different bank. I would call Everbank 24/7 and get a person w/in 30 seconds.

    I just called TIAA Bank and the wait was 72 minutes. I opted for their call back service, and they did call back– but the representative was horrible. I am not sure she even followed the correct security protocols, and a simple transaction I needed took over 15 minutes on the phone to complete.

    With Everbank it would have taken no more than 2 minutes. I would be glad to talk to a TIAA Bank representative, if they want to contact me.

  4. David Hussy

    I was an Everbank customer and absolutely loved them. However, since it has become TIAA it has gone downhill and it’s precious metals program is horrible.

    For example, I executed a silver trade when it was trading for over $16.00 per ounce and TIAA ended up only getting me $15.56 per oz. That is a loss of $54 for every 100 oz I sold… which is completely unacceptable. I will be taking my business elsewhere… as that amounts to little more than theft!

  5. That now puts the problem over the edge.

    We had been with Everbank for many years prior to the TIAA acquisition of Everbank. Our online accounts became unavailable Friday and have remained down over the weekend. On contacting the company, I was informed that we were entering our password information incorrectly (we weren’t).

    It was only after it became obvious that we were not entering our password information incorrectly, the support person we were talking to then changed the answer to, “the website was undergoing ‘improvements.'” Why wasn’t this stated at the first?

    No time frame for when we would be able to access our account was given (hours, days, weeks). That now puts the problem over the edge.

  6. i'm going to reach out to other consumer protection agencies for help

    This bank ran a unauthorized credit report on me for a mortgage loan. I have never spoke to them in any way about a loan or any other banking needs. The first time I heard of them was due to my credit monitoring service alerted me by email.

    This took place in Oct – I’m still trying to get Equifax off my hard inquiry credit column. The other two credit reporting agencies did it immediately. Everbank has been dragging there feet with putting pressure on Equifax to remove the inquiry. Everbank did send a letter to Equifax but now working on 3 plus months!! i’m going to reach out to other consumer protection agencies for help

  7. Don't EVER BANK with EVERBANK.

    The single worst banking experience of my life. My home equity line went from TIAA Direct to Everbank and I went from dealing with great people, to dealing with soulless bureaucrats. I would not only never recommend doing any business with this bank,

    I would actively campaign against anyone using this company for any financial needs. These are the kinds of bankers who were responsible for the global financial crisis of.

    They employ customer service people to answer their phones and deal with inquiries, but do not allow anyone to speak with actual decision makers, supervisors or managers. Don’t EVER BANK with EVERBANK.

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Severity of Scam :Medium
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