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Thrifty Propane kept us waiting

I saw the advertisement from Thrifty Propane about the lower prices for refurbished tank and fill. So, I ordered both from Thrifty Propane in Aug 2015. I was happy about the purchase as the advertised price was low and I thought I would be able to spent entire winter with my order.

When I tried to order, they asked me to pay in advance to make the delivery fastest as there were many orders pending the ones with advance payment would be given priority. I did the payment. However, they also added that the delivery was not possible before September.

I was ready to wait by then. But, the tank and fill never came and the September was about to finish. So, I called the customer centre of Thrifty Propane. With a lot of struggle and long queues, I reached someone live. I told him about the issue and wanted an explanation.

That guy told me that they are facing problems with the shortage of drivers and the latest delivery they can schedule was for 22nd October 2015. He hung up and did not care to know what I had to say. I live with my sister and we both are senior citizens. We did not know what to do and decided to wait until then.

In the meantime, we started using electric heater. I was waiting for 22nd October and it was getting difficult to wait in that cold weather. We also were sick and had to consult doctor for antibiotics.

22nd October came and went and there was no sign of any delivery. I was very upset and felt helpless. I again started trying to contact the customer care number but this time I was not able to reach a live person. However, I was able to reach a representative from the online chat option on their website.

This person informed me that the delivery guy had some personal emergency and is not available and he did not give any date as well. I was frustrated and discussed with my sister.

We decided to contact Better Business Bureau. Maybe they could pressurize Thrifty Propane into making arrangements for our tank and fill delivery. I was not so sure about that decision as well but we had no other option.

I wanted my order delivered at my door otherwise, I wanted my money. We have few savings and nothing much to get another tank and fill from somewhere else. And we wanted the money badly. It was getting difficult every other day to survive in that weather, but Thrifty Propane was not ready to make the delivery or the reimbursement.

They got us with the false advertisement and they never wanted to deliver our order. I am going to try until I get the solution for this. I have spent $1000 till date on the order and my medical expenses which seem nothing to Thrifty Propane.

Thrifty Propane is the worst company I have done business with and I am never going to repeat this mistake.

I wish I had googled about their bad reviews and lawsuits 🙁

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2 reviews on Thrifty Propane Reviews

  1. Thrifty Propane

    Scam scam scam, please do not deal with this company at all

  2. Best deal.

    I cant give them such low ratings as most i read about. We bought a few reconditioned tanks and gas around 2013 to 2016 for new gas heating systems installed…tanks are well finished plumbing is a bit sloppy but up to code.

    Their prices were much lower than competition in Poconos Pa.There were a few hidden fees and delays but nothing critical.

  3. Pissed Off

    Propane delivered on 7/20/2017 driver decides to just run the truck all over my front yard and parks there so he could be closer to the tank. I guess he did not see the sprinkler system that he ran over. Is this the way this company teaches their drivers on how to fill a customers tank, unbelievable. Called the company and they were just like I can’t belive he did that! Wait until they get the bill for a couple of thousand dollars in damages, can someone smell lawsuit.

Medina 44258 OH US
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Approved Date:January 24, 2017
Reported Loss :800 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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