Thomas Paul Schmitt

Thomas delivered nothing as promised

I am a very bad at judging people. And, this has always costed me a lot of trouble. However, those are nothing compared to the experience I had with Thomas Schmitt. I wanted a lawyer for personal injury case. Before I say any further, let me explain my condition first. I am an old man who cannot walk properly. The injury costed me bed rest for two months. And, it made it even more difficult for me to walk.

When I met Thomas, I was very hopeful. But, it did not take much time for him to turn that hope into ashes. He may seem nice, but he is cunning and tricky. In our very first meeting, I told him about my condition. I stay alone with my wife. We both are old and take care of each other. We are on savings.

I am not a wealthy person. And, the accident did make the situation worse. Thomas is nothing as he seems. He would never reply to your calls and would treat you like shit. He is abusive, and his entire team is irresponsible. Whenever I would call, they would put my call on hold and never get back. My emails were never answered.

I am unlucky that I found him among all the lawyers in the city. Thomas made my life difficult during the settlement. He would not appear for the hearings and would charge me extra for the next one. He would do that every time.

After six months, when I did not see any lead on the case, I got demotivated. I tried to consult another lawyer. I do not know how he got to know that. He started terrorizing me. He said that it I broke the business ethics and he would charge extra for that. He said that I cannot terminate the agreement for many unjustified reasons.

My son stays in a different city. When he came to know about the problem, he rushed. He had to take leave from the office. He also consulted few more lawyers from his city. All that happened in a week’s time.

My hearing was the next week, only a day before my son arrived. Thomas did not appear as usual. He later called and said that I am looking for help outside and he would not support me any further. Because of him, the hearing date got shifted to a month later.

My son came the other day. He had a fight with Thomas. He called his lawyer and made Thomas
speak with him. After a lot of discussion, Thomas agreed to leave the case. But, he denied refunding the fee.

The other lawyer was very good. He sorted everything sooner. And, got me $7000 in settlement when Thomas said that no one can get me anything more than $3000.

Thomas kept lying to me all this time. After the settlement, I did visit his office once. But, he did not talk much and ignored me. He is a scammer. Stay away from Thomas Schmitt.

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Reported Loss :8000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Dan2
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