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The whole process was very unprofessional

Well, I am glad I went with my wife to Thomas Dental’s procedure. I am not sure how this place has so many positive reviews, I guess it might have something to do with what I read earlier in the reviews: Thomas Dental give (or gave?) Starbucks gift cards for positive reviews.

First off, they were 1 hour and 40 minutes late. I understand things happen but they never once let us know it was going to be a significant wait. They kept saying “it’s going to be a minute sorry we are running a little late”.

Next, the dental assistant comes up to the receptionist and says, literally right in front of us and everyone else waiting, “Why doesn’t VB (her name, I don’t want to spell out for privacy reasons) want to be put under, does she not have enough money or something?” Little does she know, my wife is a successful engineer with a masters degree and probably makes 3 times what she makes.

Then they finally call us in and they say she needs to be put under and they can’t get a hold of our insurance company for a quote, and they said it was our fault for all the last minute changes because my lady said she would like to avoid being put under. I told them that was BS because my wife is not an professional dentist and we came in two weeks ago for an evaluation and did x rays, examinations, etc to prepare for this.

Nobody made a strong case for being put under then and its obvious the dentist doesn’t look at his paperwork until minutes before the surgery because they were totally shocked about plans we made weeks ago. Like I told the girl when we were there, the whole process was very unprofessional and we will never come here again.

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  1. There are a few of things I want when I go to the dentist.

    There are a few of things I want when I go to the dentist. I want to deal with friendly staff when I’m making appointments; I want a skilled and careful dental hygienist; I want an extremely qualified dentist. I don’t want a pretty, Cheshire-cat trying to convince me I need whitened teeth or jump on any opportunity to add a service that I don’t really need. I want honesty, care, skill. Pretty basic. Thomas Dental covers all of that. Plus there’s a human vibe in there. They are genuine and down to earth. No airs. They’re professional and thorough and organized.

    Dr. Visser will unfailingly ask you about your day. He will not throw on his mask, grab tools and start working in your mouth, while you try to answer; lips wrapped around instruments. He looks you in the eye and engages before he starts his process. My feeling is that Thomas Dental is there to provide a service to the community. We are lucky to have them!

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