Could be my fault, and could have been a worse

My recommendation for Theodore’s is to look at their furniture, check out the fabric samples, and figure out what you want. But feel free to order online, which is generally cheaper.

Last year I bought a Thayer Coggin Armchair at Theodore’s on sale for $3,219 inclusive. Everything was fine, except they were a little late on deliver (they estimated 8-10 weeks but they notified me it was ready for delivered in 11.5 weeks).

I came back to them and ordered another on January 15th, same price. This time, at the 15.5 week point I emailed them to see what was up, largely because my mother was visiting in nine days. They said the factory was having trouble sourcing frames for the chair. I said to go ahead and cancel, as I wanted to buy something for the visit. They called back, and said forget it the factory has frames, and we can drop a chair off so you have something. But I have plenty of chairs, you just want the right chair when your mother is in town. 🙂 On June 30, they let me know the chair arrived, and knocked $389 off the price.

Unfortunately, I was out most of July and August on vacation, and flew back September 11th from my final stop. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t get to complain about anything!) There were kind of snotty voicemails, “I thought you were eager to get the chair” when I was back from Italy.

Whole thing left a bad taste. I am not the big customer obviously; I just buy small things. But I like to buy local and will pay the mark up because I want to keep local places where you can see the product. I always think stores are more likely to handle things well too, while online might leave you hanging. But the service doesn’t seem to be there for the $350 markup from the online price at yliving ($2,872 inclusive). To get down to the online price, you have to have something go wrong, and then might as well risk online!

I am in and out of DC, I have a job where I spend 50/50 time in SF and DC. I also work a lot when I work, and vacation hard. So I am tough to get in touch with. Could be my fault, and could have been a worse, but my experience with them is not great.

Just called now to get it paid and delivered, and they didn’t have the revised invoice in the system. So what should take 5 minutes takes, takes 30 and a bit of hand holding. But seems to be over, fingers crossed! 🙂

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  1. I wouldn't recommend this place!!!

    I had the worst experience with this store and their design team. I bought a whole bedroom set from them and they delivered it damaged and when I requested them to replace it they refused. I wouldn’t recommend this place!!!

  2. Theodore's has a nice selection of furniture.

    Theodore’s has a nice selection of furniture. The high prices are not always commensurate with quality, but it’s on the consumer to know the competition.

    They’re not reliable regarding time estimates for delivery, and it’s always the manufacturer’s fault. We’d invested $20-30k at Theodore’s and believed our business would mean something to a single location shop. It meant nothing.

    Bottom line: Once an order is paid for, the customer is at the mercy of the owner’s daughter and store manager, Janice, should a problem arise. And problems are not rare. Their customer service is non-existent.

    We’ve had only positive experiences with other furniture companies in the city. They value the customer from start to finish. We wish we’d given up on Theodore’s earlier. There’s so many comparable options, we’re surprised Theodore’s is in business. We would never recommend them to a friend.

  3. The remaining pieces (European made) are expected to arrive before Christmas.

    Theodores tailors their proposals to my needs, my design aesthetic, and my budget! I have been a client of Theodores for about 10 years now. Their attentiveness and willingness to work with me on my ideas is what keeps me coming back. I recently scheduled an appointment to discuss purchasing additions to my dining and living rooms.

    For well over an hour, Janice and Sandy and I discussed ideas on I arrived on time for a one-hour appointment. Janice and Sandy and I discussed ideas and options well over my allotted one-hour time. I was neither rushed nor delayed.

    Together, we reviewed photos of my rooms, finalized the vision for the rooms, selected new purchases, and then prioritized the purchases in respect of the planned budget. The first piece (American made) arrived within 2 weeks. The remaining pieces (European made) are expected to arrive before Christmas.

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