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Failed to protect me from incurring thousands in unnecessary costs

Do Not Use.Failed to protect me from incurring thousands in unnecessary costs.Just finished a transaction with MoJo that stretched out over nine months and four different buyers.Started out well enough, and even after the first two buyers backed out for different reasons,

I did not blame realtor, it could of happened in any deal, especially in this buyer’s market. As process continued lengthen and get worse, so did the service from this group.They came up with a third buyer quickly, and things still seemed fine.

As our closed approached a few weeks out, I even asked these guys to help me find a nice rental, they did.It suited my needs fine and I overlooked the pressure from MoJo agent to get the application in immediately.

I did and we all arranged to meet the next weekday morning to sign the lease and leave check for $1,400. (Partial rent and security deposit, ect.) MoJo agent was present to make sure he got his courtesy fee from landlord after I signed.

As I was getting in my car to leave, MoJo realtor started to tell me about a potential problem with our current deal but he was “asured” from buyers agent it was not a deal breaker. Seems appraisal came up $2,000.

short but he thinks “they worked it out”.Immediately alarmed about just signing a nine month lease and paying $1,400 for a place I may not need yet for months, I said, “I hope so Morgan, it is too late for it to fall thru now”…

The next day, It did.Morgan called and informed me buyer used the appraisal contingency to back out of deal without losing a penny.I screamed, and said “why did you allow me to sign a lease on a rental, when you knew of potential trouble”?

He said he was “asured from buyers agent, it was going to go thru”.A verbal assurance, I thought?In the end, we finally closed three months later with a fourth buyer, while the house lost an additional $15,000 in value.

I got stuck with double utility bills, and $4,000 in rent I did not even need.When I asked MoJo agent to please at least pay for the $575. in outstanding SRP charges at closing, he replied “it was not his responsibility to pay my electric bill”.

I feel I had a right to ask him to pay that AND the three months rent I did not need because he is the one that allowed me to sign a lease without written assurance that deal was going thru.You pay a professional realtor to protect you with the expertise that we don’t have.

MoJo Reality failed to do so for me and I am out thousands and looking at bankruptcy because of it.

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Reported Loss :15000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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