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I will never go there again .

This summer, I purchased several items from this store and as I was standing at the register, my coat knocked over a headband from a display right next to me. The owner asked if I wanted it and I said no, I just knocked it over. She said “it fell out of your coat.” I can understand a shop owner being wary of theft, but the item that fell was right next to me, and my coat was hanging over my arm (in a shop so full of stuff you can barely move), so I did not appreciate the accusation. I let it go, though, and bought my items.

I then went to the shop next-door and a few minutes later the owner of Magic Carpet followed me in, and in front of everyone there, and asked if I had taken an earring that she can’t find.  I said I didn’t take anything from her store and she continued to question me. The owner of the shop I was in was shocked, and said she was sorry I was treated that way.

I even went back with my children to try to her find the earring. The owner was rude and condescending. After reading other reviews, I saw I am not the only person this woman had treated poorly.

The Magic Carpet has lovely merchandise and I was prepared to be a regular customer. However, I will never go there again .

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3 reviews on The Magic Carpet

  1. never use this company ever again.

    I was in this store not too long ago with my girlfriend. The owner asked me about football, then commented on my tattoos. Before I could answer she had already started touching my arm. Shortly after I said I didn’t like sports she motioned to hit my butt…and then she actually did hit my butt.

    Now before you all start jumping at my throat defending the store owner Id like to to add that I am a police officer and I do not lie when it comes to these things. I have no reason to lie, the fact that people think my girlfriend and I are lying is quite offensive.

    And I’m positive that if I were a woman and complained about being touched inappropriately people would actually believe me. And as for the users claiming my girl friend is lying; you didn’t see what happened. Period.

  2. I purchased a flower vase from this store and noticed a crack in the vase as soon as I arrived at my house with it.

    I purchased a flower vase from this store and noticed a crack in the vase as soon as I arrived at my house with it. I took it back to the store to inform the owner of the crack. I was very surprised by her reaction. She began to yell at me and told me that her son is a lawyer.

    She also walked around to other customers in the store with the cracked vase in her hand to tell them that she is the most honest person in the world and she would never sell a cracked vase to a customer. I was completely embarrassed and shocked by the owner’s behavior.

    I only wanted to inform her about the crack and see how we could resolve the issue. I was not accusing her of intentionally selling a cracked vase but I could not have a civil discussion with her about this because she yelled at me the entire time I was in her store and continued to tell me that her son is a lawyer. Finally, I gave up and left the store feeling cheated, scammed, and threatened by this store owner.

  3. Her customers are as varied as her wares. And we love this shop.

    Magic Carpet has more interesting merchandise than just about any small gift store I have seen…anywhere! Denise, the owner is sweet and helpful. It is true that she has had a big problem with young people lifting goods and walking out. Maybe she watches them extra close in order to survive.

    But to say she discriminates against folks of any color or ethnic background is way off base. Unfair. Untrue. Check it out yourself. Her customers are as varied as her wares. And we love this shop.

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