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these people are crooks

I don’t ever take the time out and put a review but I had to let everyone know that these people are crooks.They told me that they give free consultations, when I get in the girl didn’t even introduce herself and just asked why are you hear I explained that I already started a root canal but my insurance is ending in three weeks and the place which I love(smile dental group in Clifton, Nj) can not order my crown on time before my insurance ends and they don’t want me to be stuck with a bill if it does not come on time.

I went to this place because my friend said the do the crowns wishing 2 hours. I sat down the girl say ok what tooth is said a molar( didn’t look at it) and said with my insurance I would pay $740.00 and the dentist I go to in Clifton they were going to charge me $320.00. Than she tells me(remember she never introduced herself). Now the doctor is going to see you and we have to do an X-ray, the doctor has to see you and check your tooth we are going to charge you.

I said I thought it was a free consultation she said no it’s just for me to tell you the price I was like you could have told me that over the phone. Seriously!!!!!??? I was like don’t worry it’s too much anyway the prices here she said ok. I said ok I’m leaving now how can I leave she didn’t walk me out and told me just follow the other people leaving!!!! I have never been to a place like this!!!!!! Run don’t go!!!!! Please go to my dentist in Clifton they are so honest and caring.

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6 reviews on The Dental Center

  1. The Dental Center Is Scammer.

    One word to describe this place. Overpriced. You end up spending a lot of pocket for God knows what reason. A simple filling was just under 300 bucks. Insurance paid some,

    the office adjusted some, and the rest was left for me to pay and that was about 120 to 130. I did almost 10 fillings there, do the math. Again, this place is overpriced and not for average people at all.

  2. The poor work is fact.

    Let me start by saying that at first very happy with the 5K+ worth of work they did (xrays/extractions/fillings). It was a little pricey, but the work went smooth enough. My problem is that in about 4yrs most of their work has failed.

    The teeth they fixed/filled are in need of repair AGAIN. I understand that dental work has no guarantee, but for that kind of money and with today’s advances how could I still have some childhood fillings at almost 50yrs old that outlasted theirs! My conclusion is poor work.

    In addition, on a visit back after voicing my concerns, I think Dr. M held a bit of a grudge because my face was more swollen after that visit than ANY other. That part is just my opinion. I could be wrong (don’t think so though). The poor work is fact. Take it for what you will, but I WON’T be going back.

  3. That doctor stated that no one is that incompetent,

    ahh, they watch their bottom line more then your health. In my case they said that doing something simple and inexpensive was not possible and wanted to something that would cost 3-5 k.

    Then they charged me $600 for absolutely nothing (charged my insurance to). I ended up spending $650 on a real doctor else where. That doctor stated that no one is that incompetent, it’s just greed.

  4. The care that Dr. Cathy has given him was terrific.

    My son has been receiving orthodontist care at The Dental Center for the last years for his braces. The care that Dr. Cathy has given him was terrific. Although, in October, Branden received a bill in the mail for another procedure that never authorized.

    I called the office to get an explanation for the outrageous bill and the billing person explained to me that it was for a special cleaning since he had braces. I then demanded to speak to the office manager and she refused to remove the amount because she said that the hygienist said that she told me the cost of the service, which I told her that it was not true.


    HIGHLY RECOMMENED. I could not have asked for better service! Thank you again! Professionalism at its best.

  6. they are honest and friendly. Highly recommend!

    I haven’t been to a dentist in years and while I was nervous at first, after my first consultation with Dr. C all my worries vanished. He laid out all the information for me regarding my teeth, what we were going to do and the coverages with my insurance.

    It made my next visit so easy and I took comfort in knowing what was happening and that every step would be explained to me. Very grateful that I found this place and team, they are honest and friendly. Highly recommend!

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