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Waste a lot of time and money

My experience was that this business is completely INCOMPETENT and UNETHICAL. The Book Balancer was hired to complete monthly profit & loss reports as well as TPT reporting. There were many egregious mistakes that I was able to identify myself, so was concerned that Jennifer approved reports without questioning some of the work done by her staff; surely if I could find them, she should be able to see them. Jennifer had her staff correct their mistakes and then billed me for the time it took to make the corrections. I had 5 different contacts in the short 3 months I was there. I started dealing with the new office manager and was hopeful that things would settle down.

She sent me an email saying the credit for the erroneous work would be applied and that they had internal issues they were working on. Some of the information she shared, gave me even more reason to be concerned. I lost confidence in Jennifer and her staff which constantly turned over so decided to go back to my CPA. It was then that they refused to give me the credit and threatened to send me to collections if I didn’t pay what I was told would be credited. As a small business owner myself, I thought I should speak directly to Jennifer because it seemed absurd to me that the “receptionist” was telling me that they wouldn’t honor what I had in writing from them.

He said that Jennifer would speak to me but she would charge me $100/hr. I paid the balance on my account and decided I would collect on the back end by taking her to small claims court as I also had to pay my CPA to redo the three months of work that the Book Balancer completed. He found that bank reconciled payments were not applied, credit card charges for a full month were not recorded, he had to correct sales tax entries for 3 months and had to adjust payroll figures.

I understand that companies/their staff make mistakes and go through growing pains. I was willing to work with them, but there was a total lack of accountability and customer service which was also evident when I tried to take her to small claims court; she refused to sign for the certified letter and subsequently told her staff to tell the process server she would not sign for the documents (they had to have her signature not anyone on the staff).

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time and money, you should find another bookkeeper. It would have been easy for her to do the right thing. The whole experience was surreal…I find it hard to believe this woman is still in business. You should also check out her BBB reviews where you will see other folks experienced the same issues…this is not an isolated situation.

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3 reviews on The Book Balancer

  1. The Book Balancer Is Bad Service.

    Stay far far away from this company, it will cost you thousands of dollars to clean up the mess, actively pursuing legal action against this firm!!!

  2. The Book Balancer is extremely unethically with personal tax returns.

    The Book Balancer is extremely unethically with personal tax returns. They steal your money, are unsure of what they are doing, and way over charge. I had just moved into the Arizona area and had received a flyer on my apartment door and thought, let me use a local business. WRONG. It took almost two months for my taxes to be filed, and months later, I still have not received my tax returns.

    Jennifer was great in helping me when I went to her with my concerns, however, she charged me $254 to fix these mistakes. When I sent an email about being an unsatisfied customer, one of her employees responded to me by accident, instead of forwarding it on to whom ever she was trying to forward it to, bad mouthing me!!!

  3. don't be fooled!

    I am happy to review of this unethical business. DO NOT let them handle your business bookkeeping if you care about accurate and ethical advice and tax returns. Not only do they make mistakes regularly and routinely, they bill for things they haven’t done. They just billed a business credit card without authorization (fraudulent)… unbelievable to say the least.

    Jennifer has her staff try to collect on bills (via harassment) that are inaccurate. When we ask to speak to her she won’t talk/isn’t available, and doesn’t respond to email questions.

    What a sham of a business. It has cost thousands of dollars and many months for a ‘real’ accountant to straighten out her mess. The Book Balancer website has been ‘black’ for months… why are they hiding? WARNING: If you value your business… don’t use Jennifer’s business.

Reported Loss :390 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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