The Avenues Spa

The place is clean but theskill is not

I went  The Avenues Spa for a fill and although Kim is very sweet that does get you a good fill in. It was horrible. It began to lift after 4 days and some nails were missing the acrylic around the sides. It’s cheap but you get what you pay for I guess. I can’t afford to go back there because I would probably end up with green nails due to her not applying acrylic properly. They do have a lot of colours though and the place is clean but the skill is not there.

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4 reviews on The Avenues Spa

  1. it did not come off completely.

    ATTENTION!! PSA!! My friend and I recently got two sets of acrylic nails at this salon. They turned out okay, but we both noticed a very strong chemical smell. My friend just got her acrylics removed today, and it turns out this salon used MMA acrylic powder rather than EMA.

    She knew this because rather than crumbling off the nail it turned into a glue like substance and didn’t come off her nail. MMA is also ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA AND POISONOUS. Needless to say, we’re appalled that this nail salon uses MMA and will not be returning. The photo was taken right after my friend removed the acrylic off, however, it did not come off completely.

  2. NEVER GO THERE!!!!!

    This place sucks! My 13 year old daughter was bullied at school for having short nails. She always bit her nails and couldn’t break the habit. She would come home crying everyday. I agreed to let her get acrylics. I said the acrylics couldn’t be too long.

    I walked in and asked if they had any open appointments. they said they had room and asked what I wanted. I told them my daughter wanted to get acrylics.

    She just laughed. She said my daughter looked like a baby and was too young to get acrylics. She refused to give her acrylics. Its not her choice to decide if my daughter can get acrylics its my daughter and I’s choice. We immediately left. NEVER GO THERE!!!!!

  3. Don't know how to deal with customer go stay at home and cook for your family jeez

    Yes second time here first time they’re nice and I came back and I got this shitty job done because they’re too busy and that they want to take as much clients as they can without caring to do good job. Called them to see if I can get it fixed I wouldn’t mind paying extra since it’s been 4 days or so and they said I can and went there and the way the other lady talked to me was so rude as if I am going to get my nails done for free and then tells me the person you just talked already left! Wtf! It was only 5mins that I called in. Don’t know how to deal with customer go stay at home and cook for your family jeez

  4. Never had an unpleasant experience.

    One of the best nail salons in the city. They work very quickly but are very careful to pay attention to detail, and the prices are great. Never had an unpleasant experience.

Reported Loss :300 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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