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Very Unprofessional

I have never had any kind of dealings with Telhio Credit Union. Apperantly a relative of mine did finance a car with them.

She is behind on her payments and they contacted me even though I had nothing to do with the matter.

I explained to them I had no information on my relative or where she even lived One if their employees in the collection dept named Walter keeps harrassing me.

He even called my landlord & lied to them by saying this relative was living with me and we are on drugs.

He also stated he spoke to my neighbor and they confirmed this relative lived with me.

The neighbor he stated he spoke to hasn’t lived in the house next to me in 3 yrs so he had to go through there mailbox to even get her name as to it is her parents house.

All I can say is he dragged my name through the dirt and told outrageous lies on me.

As I stated before I have absolutely nothing to do with this business transaction but be related to someone that owes them money.

I absolutely recommend no one does business with this company if this is how they work.

It’s just bad business practices and very unprofessional.

I am placing a formal complaint against the business and Walter

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5 reviews on Telhio Credit Union

  1. Just terrible..

    At their downtown branch in the drive thru… Been in line behind 2 cars for over 20 minutes. I have been a long time member and cannot fathom how bad their service has slipped over the years. I am now waiting at the time station as I have been writing this review.

    I’m at the 4th of 4 terminals and still have not heard from a teller. My items were sent over 5 minutes ago. I’m simply requesting a withdrawal of a small amount.

    Very disappointed and very frustrated with the amount of time spent here. I’ve had various other issues with the credit union but this adds to the disappointment and put me over the edge.

  2. have fun at the end trying to get a resolution showing you no longer owe on the vehicle.

    Great Lease to start out but at the end, I get conflicting information between Telhio and CULA. The vehicle after two months still shows as me owing a balance however CULA says it should be removed from credit because they sent termination turn in and Telhio says they never received final payment.

    I have called both places and CULA is very helpful but Telhio not helpful at all. Never LEASE from Telhio and if you do, have fun at the end trying to get a resolution showing you no longer owe on the vehicle.

  3. would not recommend this credit union to anyone.

    I would not recommend this credit union to anyone. I was with them over 32 years. For the start it was fine. They were friendly, courteous and worked with you.

    Now they are no where near friendly, courteous or like to work with you.
    I was in the hospital twice last year. Which by being single I got behind on my bill. I asked them to work with my, what did I get ,,, overdraft charges , a couple hundred bucks.

    I asked my friend to look my account over. Seems when a deposit was made they would hold it for a day or more. That caused overdraft fees.

    I’m with a real bank now and would never to back to them or recommend them. Same with my friend we went in to pay a bill, no greeting, paid in cash and then informed they had no change. They didn’t have a key to the change machine in the lobby. I wouldn’t call that friendly service. Enough said.

  4. Customer service not willing to work with me.

    Customer service not willing to work with me. Even during this holiday season telhio (unlike other banks) has no one time forgiveness. My kids get a little less and telhio lines their pockets with my money. I’m ready to go back to the day you put your money in a safe at home. Merry Christmas Telhio….

  5. Absolutely the WORST bank I have ever dealt with on so many levels.

    Absolutely the WORST bank I have ever dealt with on so many levels. They make everything 10 times more complicated than it needs to be. Fee, fee fee happy bank. Branches are inconvenient, online banking is shotty at best with error screen after error screen. The loan bills are cheap postcard type and arrive ruined from the post office more often than not,

    I get a statement quarterly. If you are late making your payment after day one they are calling, that doesn’t bother me, it’s the incredibly rude reps that do. I have reps asking me why I’m late, and pulling smarmy debt collection practices, such as telling me to ask family for money etc.

    God forbid your account ever goes to the collection department, talk about smarmy rude NASTY people. Refinance, close any accounts A.S.A.P!!!!

North 4th Street 96
Columbus 43215 OH US
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Reported Loss :3252 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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Is Telhio Credit Union a scam?
Yes, Telhio Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on, They are not aggressive toward their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Telhio Credit Union a legit?
No, Telhio Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews submitted by Telhio Credit Union consumers?
There is/are 5 review(s) posted about Telhio Credit Union and its indicate that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Telhio Credit Union located?
Telhio Credit Union is located at 96 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA.
How much monetary losses incurred by Telhio Credit Union customers?
3252 $ monetary losses incurred by Telhio Credit Union customers.