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Scammed normal accounts to try and pay 2x and deleted my account

My experience with team treehouse was horrific. Here is my story. I started using Teamtreehouse 25 months ago and learned a decent amount from it. I also learned a lot from great free resources like The New Boston ( YouTube channel ), LevelUpTuts ( YouTube channel ), and codeacademy. I became one of the top students in the top 100 out of 400,000+ people. I was #1 in the world for WordPress and Digital Literacy for a long time.

Teamtreehouse decided to screw the users pretty badly by moving a ton of their content to “pro”. They basically were trying to make users pay double for what they originally signed up for. Someone posted in the forums about it and I voiced my disappointment in the decision. A few days later I tried logging in my account and it was vanished. They kicked me out of their own site and didn’t even send an email. Sending no email while holding onto my payment information is beyond unprofessional.

I recommend staying away from this site. They are trying to squeeze their users wallets dry and will delete you if you share an opinion that they don’t agree with. I have ran big sites and if a user is upset their is usually a good reason. Deleting the user for sharing an opinion shows a level of incompetence and shows this company only cares about money. STAY AWAY FROM TEAMTREEHOUSE!

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  1. Teamtreehouse Reviews

    They have used my credit card without my consent and when I have asked for the refund they blocked and ceased my account.


  2. Teamtreehouse Reviews

    Apart from that, they have even stopped that replay to my email. I want my money back

  3. Teamtreehouse Reviews

    Also they have declined to respond further to my email, this is really not a BS.

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Approved Date:January 17, 2017
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