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It's a scam

It’s a scam. Don’t waste your money and time for Sweep Strategies scammers. I started asking questions during the presentation because there were areas that the moderator did not cover.

Instead of answering my questions, he starts to ignore the principal idea of the mortgage and goes on and on explaining the scam program (some people just see the small numbers on the calculator and thinks it’s a better payment plan).

I kept asking the same question that he couldn’t answer and finally he got mad and asked me to leave.

The moderator of the presentation was the guy named Santos Kidd who called himself the president of Sweep Strategies.

If the head of the company can’t answer the simple question, it sure tells me there is a flaw in the system.

All he wants is your money. If you want to invest your money listening to scammers like him, you can do that. In the end, it is your money to dispose.

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2 reviews on Sweep Strategies

  1. They need to focus on helping pay off debt only and not get MORE debt!

    I’ve been signed up with sweeps for 2 years and can honestly say that this company has changed my life! Our mortgage was paid off in 2 years and it would have took 7 before! They taught us how to utilize bank products to pay down our debts in a smart way and save money!

    I feel safe knowing that they have trusted local bank connections which made using the sweep system much easier and gave peace of mind. My only concern is that sweeps could be heading in a wrong direction. We had met with an adviser for a check up review appointment and it turned into a sales pitch for an MLM company! We already spent $5000 for Sweeps and saved a ton on interest but now were being pushed to invest in some real estate scam! I was not happy with this last experience.

    I looked up the company called renatus and was so disappointed with what I saw. A friend of ours who is with sweeps also told us the even the president of the company tried to get her to sign up for it and that really made me mad. They need to focus on helping pay off debt only and not get MORE debt! Like I said it is a great program but don’t fall for any extra stuff!

  2. Sweep Strategies has changed our lives and given us a much better outlook for the future!

    Sweep Strategies is Awesome!! I truly wish I came across this company 20 years ago when I was much younger. But it’s never too late to learn how to become financially independent! Everyone I’ve come across through Sweep Strategies has been very positive and knowledgeable in what they do!

    You don’t have to struggle on your own because they are there to help you, guide you, and answer any questions you may have. They have ideas, experience, and insight into a variety of helpful tools that can either save you a lot of money or set you up for financial security.

    We have been members of Sweep Strategies for about 5 months now. In that time, we have made it possible for us to pay off our mortgage in 7 to 8 years…instead of 25 more years. That gives us at least 17 years of NOT having to pay a mortgage! Wow!!

    This alone was worth joining. The ROI we received already is incredible! I definitely want all my children to learn what I’ve learned so far! Sweep Strategies has changed our lives and given us a much better outlook for the future!

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