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I called Superior Tax Solutions from the phone # showing in Google for Jackson Hewitt tax service near by my house, & I talked to Samantha Tazelaar without knowing they’re NOT Jackson Hewitt but Superior Tax Solutions since they din’t tell me & I didn’t double check on that because I trusted Google search.

I called 2 times to make sure they could do tax return with amendment from 2017 that I needed to do for Energy Efficiency program affiliated with PACE program through E3 which is another bad company to deal with.

Samantha said she knew how to do it & told to bring it to the office to look at it to make sure.

So I went there & was surprised to find out it’s so crowded small office with so many people in there.

I went into Samantha’s room that she was sharing with another person, & it’s such a small room even for 1 person so that Samantha was barely able to walk to her desk.

Samantha was talking very clearly & loud over & over that I could not get much return this year because of some reason with open door that everyone else could hear.

After the meeting & another call, Samantha said she could do it for refund of the amount close to what I was told by another CPA to get refund from that program but I couldn’t go to that CPA since his office is more than 1.5 hours away from my home without traffic.

So I decided to do the tax with her this year, but she did not include direct deposit that I asked although I gave her all that information.

I now found out she claimed very little money, much less than she told me for refund, & I haven’t received the money from IRS either.

So I called her Wednesday to talk to her since she said she would be in the office Wed & Thurs only after tax season, but she was not in.

I was told by the man who did not say nicely to email Samantha about the return problem.

So I emailed Samantha last Wed night, & she had not returned email until today saying I was the one who didn’t give her direct deposit information & she said I would get much less amount of money I would get from refund which I found out later that’s the amount she claimed on Amendment which was not the amount she explained.

I spent all the hours to make sure she could do the Amendment for this energy program & the amount that the other CPA was saying I could claim, & I even explained that to Samantha from the very beginning.

Not only did Samantha liked to me, but she also made me a liar which makes me more mad about this service.

I recommend this service to anyone, & I’m sure I won’t go to this place again or talk to these people again.

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6 reviews on Superior Tax Solutions

  1. Unfortunately it seems this is a repeated tactic when the IRS contacts someone back.

    It just so happens your not the only one they aren’t contacting back. For whatever reason Ron smith is not that easy to reach when he ducks and dodges you.

    Unfortunately it seems this is a repeated tactic when the IRS contacts someone back. After receiving something claiming identity theft upon the return, it is unclear what the next move should be, but good ol Ron could care less to contact someone back.

  2. I will be looking for a new tax person next year and will be telling everyone I know who uses this place to do the same.!

    I have been going to Superior Tax Solutions for about 10years now and for the most part I really liked Robert who does my taxes. I even referred him to several of my co-workers.

    My experience this year has changed my mind 110%. I will never go back to him again and I will recommened my co-workers stop using him as well. I always do my taxes as early as possible because I always need my return as soon as possible.

    So I went in the second week in January and I was told that they could not submit them to the IRS until January 30th and I should have my return 7-10 days after that. I called them on Febuary 8th asking if about my return and the girl that answered the phone said she didn’t know and to call back,

    which I did and another girl answers the phone and tells me my taxes couldn’t be filled until the 14th of Febuary. Keep in mind nobody bothered to call and let me know. I called again and another girl answered and told me a differant reason for the hold up.

    I asked to leave a message for Robert which I did and it took 2 weeks to get a call back and it was not even Robert its was one of the girls that don’t have a clue whats going on. So to make a long story short I didn’t get my return until Febuary 26th and it was not even for the amount I was told.

    I asked why the amount was differant then what I was told and was told because adjustments were made but once again I got no call letting me know. I asked several people who did there taxes after I did and got there returns way before I did. I will be looking for a new tax person next year and will be telling everyone I know who uses this place to do the same.!

  3. CPA cost more than Superior, but well worth it.

    I read others comment on how happy they were with the returns Superior Tax has gotten them. I’ve been contacted by the IRS recently for the , , and returns. IRS is asking me to pay a substantial amount of money due to the errors on my returns.

    I notified Superior Tax and they refused to clean up this mess and asked me to take my business elsewhere because to begin with, I didn’t pay them enough to do my taxes.

    So I hired a CPA to look over the past returns and turns out that I had to pay back to the IRS with interest. CPA couldn’t believe to kind of deductions that Superior Tax gave me. CPA cost more than Superior, but well worth it.

  4. This place is horrible.

    This place is horrible. Ron tried to convince me to take deductions that were not entirely legal. I then came across another person that went to them once. She will not go back as she said that they admonished her for not being Mormon, as well as not being willing to sit there and listen to their speech about being mormon.

    While I have no problem with a persons religious beliefs, you should save the “your going to hell” lectures for a different venue. I will never go back cause of the shady practices these people employ, and then after hearing about the Mormon lectures these guys throw at ya, I definitely understand this place is worthless.

    I would strongly caution everyone from going here. I have contacted the IRS and reported these guys for the less than legal deductions they tried to convince me to take, I hope they go and audit everyone who had used them!

  5. I'm definitely going to keep seeing them for my taxes.

    I came to Superior Tax Solutions, via a friend’s referral & I’m so happy that I did. Robert was very professional & answered every question, making sure I understood everything before going to the next step. I felt very comfortable with the process & this tax season was a painless one. I never thought I’d have fun doing taxes.

    Robert explained the entire tax situation to me and made me feel at ease. Everyone was extremely helpful, patient and understanding! The whole process so easy that all I had to do was sign at the end. I was VERY impressed by the level of professionalism and their friendliness as well. I’m definitely going to keep seeing them for my taxes.

  6. The other guy put so much stuff that I didn't have on my taxes and the IRS got back to me.

    Ron got me a lot back this year. I was surprised after the trouble I had last year with my previous tax preparer. Before Ron, I was paying extra to the IRS for years. The other guy put so much stuff that I didn’t have on my taxes and the IRS got back to me.

    I was shocked to find so much fraud. But Ron helped take care of it and really saved me from having to pay like 5000 to the IRS. Definitely taking a vacation this year, thanks Ron!

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