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The Surgery was a nightmare at Strax Rejuvenation

I am completely depressed after looking at the results and devastated to feel the agony because of the unprofessionalism I was shown during the surgery. When I consulted the doctor at the Strax Rejuvenation, I was asked to complete few tests. After the test results arrived, I was given a date for my lipo surgery. I was very keen to see the results. But, it was a shame.

On the day of my surgery, I called these people to ensure the time and availability of the doctor. They said that the surgery will happen on time and the doctor was on the way to the hospital. So, I called the office and asked them for the leave. I straight away went to the clinic for the big day. These guys made me wait for 2 hours. After 2 hours, I was informed that the doctor won’t be available.

I am always prepared and likes to be sure about things. When I called in the morning to check the availability, I wanted these people to provide me straight answers which they failed to do. After making me wait for 2 hours, they suddenly felt that the procedure was not possible that day. So, I got agitated and started calling few people. I also tried the doctor’s number which he had shared during consultation.

After few hours, I was informed that the doctor would be coming for the surgery. So, I waited again. After long hours of wait, the doctor finally arrived. I remember, he did not even mark the area from where he had to take away the fat. I was given sedatives.

Before I went to sleep, I remember him calling my name to ensure that I was not listening. After the surgery, I was not attended at all. I was supposed to be the first patient for the day the surgery was scheduled, and I became the only patient.

I had to call them and email them for scheduling follow ups. The surgery was done few months back and I do not see any changes. It seems as if the doctor never took away the fat. I asked for a meeting with the doctor few weeks back. I also sent them my before and after pics that seemed completely alike. But, these people seem as if they don’t care.

Few years back, I had my tummy tuck done at a different surgeon clinic and the results were awesome. I did call him to schedule for my lipo and he was unavailable for a week. In haste, I chose this clinic and ended up being cheated. These guys are cheats. They scammed me. I was not taken care of. And, when I asked for reimbursement, I was made to look guilty. These guys blamed me for everything and I had a very bitter experience at their clinic.

I am sharing this experience so that no one else get cheated. I would share this message as much as possible to warn people of these fraudsters.


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7 reviews on Strax Rejuvenation

  1. not experienced or qualified to be performing these treatments.

    Went to Strax for dysport, waited over an hour from the time of my booked appointment. The nurse practitioner and her assistant were completely unprofessional, talking on the phone about personal matters and gossiping to eachother,

    they had me sign my life away without explaining any forms, and she didn’t analyze my face whatsoever before injecting me. The door was left open while she was working on me, with other patients walking back and forth, completely unprofessional.

    I have had dysport for many years, she never asked where or how much I usually get- but just Injected four places between my brows unevenly. I am now left with a giant bruise where she injected (I have never bruised before), while still having full movement between my brows (the whole point of dysport is to stop movement).

    Do not waste your time here- these people are scammers and not experienced or qualified to be performing these treatments.

  2. I wouldn't recommend Dr. Kelly to my worst enemy.

    If I could review this with ZERO stars, I would! Save your money and go somewhere else. I came out of surgery with NO difference! The only thing they did was SCAR me.

    When I confronted the Doctor and the owners, they would not give me their medical notes of how much fat they took out because they could clearly see by the before and after pictures, that nothing was done.

    I had to get another surgery by a different doctor 6 months later just to redo everything that was supposed to be done in the first place. And my friend’s cousin who had her lipo done there was also very disappointed. Her stomach looked unnatural and deformed.

    I wouldn’t recommend Dr. Kelly to my worst enemy. He was also extremely rude to my mother and me when we confronted him nicely about the poor results.

  3. Very Bad

    He was also extremely rude to my mother and me when we confronted him nicely about the poor results. He told my mom not to speak for me and pretty much yelled at us for criticizing his work. The owners pretty much told us we have to sue them to do anything about it.

    I know it is cheap and you are probably longing for a life changing surgery but this place is not worth 1 penny. It’s a meat factory and I hope Dr. Kelly is not practicing anymore. And the owners of Strax Rejuvenation do not care if your surgery was done poorly. Speaking from my heart, this was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.


    WORST NIGHTMARE EVER … Wouldnt even give them one star. I went for a liposuction with dr Randy Dean, and they completely ruined and deformed my abdomen. It looked worst than before, my skin looked like to wrinckled bags hanging in my stomach, i just could cry.

    when I asked my coordinator Tatiana Diaz, she didnt even feel sorry, she said I needed an abdominoplasty now and i had to pay 7 500 more dollars, they didnt have the intention to fix the damage. I had to flew to my country to get another surgery to get it fixed.

    I write this revew to prevent people to pass the nightmare l been through, they dont help people, they dont care, they just care about your money. They are not reliable at all.

  5. I am not happy with my results and regret getting the procedure done there.

    I had a fat transfer on April 18 and I am still swollen and in pain. I had to wait 3 hours for them to find Dr. Sid Bass on the day of my surgery and when he was found he was very rude to me.

    I have gone to several follow up appointments and met with a Rose who has the absolute worse customer service known to man. I asked her about certain symptoms that I had and she told me to google it…GOOGLE IT…

    They make you get undressed and sit in a room only for this “PA” to come in and sit in front of you and say ok you’re fine, come back in a month. If you have questions she asks you to GOOGLE IT…

    I refuse to continue going to these waste of time follow ups. I am not happy with my results and regret getting the procedure done there. Money wasted!! Buyer Beware!!

  6. No one seems to know what they are doing.

    Please do not go to this company for any type of cosmetic surgery. They are the worse! I know they have the best prices but please do your research on this company before considering them. The office staff is rude, the call center/ customer service staff is also rude.

    No one seems to know what they are doing. My surgery date was changed about four times before I received the correct surgery date, then they had me scheduled with the wrong the doctor

  7. This is the worst place to do you a surgery

    This is the worst place to do you a surgery the items stained me the skin from the face up to the frenteme did the surgery of the eyelids and is equal, nothing of improvements also unfortunately I did lipo on this place and nothing results
    the girl who is names is GABRIELA or GABY I treat me horribly and her spouse by phone was so mad, because I call her to ask questions prior to surgery

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