Steven Venditello

Scam Artist

Steven Venditello is a monster. He’s scammed millions off of innocent people who fell for his lies. He has made people die from all the stress of losing everything.

He scams anyone he comes in contact with. He is very dangerous and is an alcoholic and horrible gambler.

He needs to be behind bars for a long time. Stay away from this guy.

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2 reviews on Steven Venditello

  1. Scammed me too

    Yup he scammed me too. He is very friendly. I don’t know what happened buy I fell for it. He had a blue corvette at the time. The thing is. These guys can’t keep it up. I spoke with his parents. They don’t even care for him. He is basically a scum. No family. Fat. Ugly. I guess all he had was gambling but he lost as well.

  2. I was scammed by him too OMG Fuck this guy

    I was fucking scammed by this loser too FML he’s awful

    1. AprilW
  3. Joel Jeffs is just like Steve Venditello

    Apparently this guy Steve is Tied to William Robert Joel Jeffs III/ William Joel Robert Jeffs/ Joel Jeffs/ Joel Privee/ Joel Jeffs Privee

    This guy Joel Jeff is just like Steve. They were buddies scamming people together. Joel is now continuing his way. Joel owes many people money from 100k- millions. He stole from his exs including Jessica and Tiffany Trevino. He jumps from relationship to relationship and even stoled from his grandmother and close friends. If you were a victim of Joel Jeffs Scheme, Please get in contact with me

    [email protected]

    A group of us that were scammed including myself, is coming together to deplete this guys name and take necessary legal action to warn others and to stop his scamming. Also anyone involved with helping this scam artist will be held accountable and apart of his scheme. In United States and In Canada. If you have been scammed please also make it known to google so more people know of this scam artist.

    Thank you

Niagara Falls ON CA
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Reported Loss :1000000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Lauradaly1999
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