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The more I saw the Sterling video the more disgusting it felt

I was thinking of expanding my business and got in contact with Sterling Management’s representative Seth Watson. He was the consultant there and was helping me to understand the management training the company provided. To do so, he shared some files with videos to have a look.

I was engrossed in my work and going through his myspace account made me feel sceptical about him. He seemed armature and was sounding more like a desperate. So, I was trying to ignore his calls and emails.

But he continuously kept pinging me. When he asked me about the same the fourth time, I lied to him and told him that I saw the video. He further asked me about my feedback and what did I like most about the video.

He kept on decorating the company in his own words. He told me that since the time Sterling started, there has no problem related to the economy of the country. The profits have always surged with the growing client base. He gave me the list of companies his company helped in conquering limits. The companies that he included made me feel suspicious.

The list included companies like BMW, Volkswagen, 3M, Rolex, Dell Computers and many more. However, I gave him the benefit of doubt.

Later, in the meeting, he tried to get my information about the accounting firm. He started asking irrelevant questions. I tried to ignore his questions, but he came too strong on that. I told him that my business was affected badly in 2008 and since then I am not doing well.

He wanted to know my yearly income and other details. I was getting out of answer and wanted to take the defensive turn. To give his question a different direction, I asked him about the course price. But, he was too experienced and knew how to avoid such questions. He told me that he did not handle the price thing and he was just to access things that the company can help me with.

He said that the meeting with the founders on Friday will clear all my doubts related to the course and the price. However, I kept stressing on the subject like he did to me. And I got him. He told me that he had made changes to the price considering my requirement. The book will cost near $50. The seminar will be close to $600 and the intensive training will be between $3500 to $35000. That was a huge gap and he knew what he was telling.

He kept on asking me about my finances which he told was necessary to get the custom plan for me. I knew he was judging me about the money I can pay him.

Later when I went through the video review, I knew that I was right for avoiding the pain of watching it myself. Someone named Mr. Bad had described it to the fullest and there was nothing left to click the play button myself.

He told in his feedback that he was totally disgusted after watching the video and was not able to stand the shit for more than 7 minutes. In his own words, “I could only watch about 7 minutes of this garbage before I reached maximum revulsion and started wanting to puke.”

He wrote that the video started with the front of Sterling office that seemed like a cult centre. Jeff Pomerantz had narrated this video’s intro who is the same douche bag to narrate every scientology event.

Jeff in the video tried to attract all the attention by describing the unsustainable statistics of Sterling over 21 years.

Later, the video introduces Ben Ochart, who as per seth was the man who runs Sterling. He stepped in and conducted the seminar of 1-and-a-half-hour long describing the ways L. Ron’s magical managerial wisdom could be used to increase your CPA business. It was a total shit and contained nothing to learn.

L. Ron’s managerial ‘TECH’ teaches to treat your employee’s like accused by PTS/SP tech. It further talks about surging up all your client’s fees to make more money. It also tells to use their meaningless statistics to track every little thing. You can use these ‘statistics’ to skulk out your employees. It suggests shouting on them for increasing profits. This is what the $1000 fee course syllabus.

At the end of the video, Ben asks for taking the survey and asks the attendees about the most important thing they want to induce in their business. The audience talked about growth and cross division.

They have tried to make the video seem informal and legit. However, it is very well edited and is a gateway to recruit people into Scientology. The company is a fraud and keeps pushing people for paying them for something that is crude garbage.

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3 reviews on Sterling Management

  1. Sterling Review

    Not to mention, but Sterling is a waste of time and money. I attended the seminar where they talked about the L.Ron’s managerial techniques and to be candid it sounded much like dictatorship. He gave examples of harassing the employees to get the best out of them which is so crude.

    His start was a bit impressive where he talked about the problems that a company face while handing its clients and employees simultaneously and was pretty experienced. By this I mean, they haven’t solved the mystery themselves by this so called L.Ron’s skills. Doesn’t it sound ironical, a technician asking for the procedure to mend the software bug. He sounded much like an amateur.

    His understanding lacked the intensity and the research that these training require. These people can fool those who are new to the race and can never convince those who have seen the various ups and downs and have come out as winner themselves.

    That is the reason their framework invites new businesses. It is easy to fool them. What I understood after attending the seminar was that they were very much pushing to enrol with them. And there were few attendees who without a question were ready to do that. That seemed much like planted.

    I have attended many seminars and never in my career have seen such a quick response and that to for such a worthless program. All these made it look fishier. The program also talked about using the clients for making profit. Surging rates and unnecessary billing was their tool to get maximum growth which is unethical.

    I am still surprised, how audacious their approach was, they did not mind advertising wrong practice to get the job done and still few people were more than excited to join them. Don’t you feel that the response was totally manipulated? That is what it seemed to me.

    The company is not even worth attending the free seminar. There is no word to explain how cunning these people are. After the seminar was over, I started getting calls from Seth Watson, one of their representatives. He actually started harassing, that is the right word to pin down such an idiot. He called me every day and it took me a month to finally cut him off.

    This company is insane and so are the people working here. Sterling is a fraud company that can only lie to get what it wants.

  2. Sterling management review

    Sterling management is net worth a penny. I invested in their program only to get fooled.

    They keep luring people through their seminars which is totally useless. Anyone with minimum expertise can know what they are selling.

    I regret that i trusted them.

  3. Sterling Management scam

    I am happy that I got to know about them before paying anything.

    I was introduced to their plan through a colleague and soon I realized that he was a scam. I have never known that anyone can sell shit wrapping it with lies.

    Sterling management is a scam and is fooling people through knowledge which can easily be accquired through simple search on internet.

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