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Don’t get duped by Stephanie Curran or Nikita Hermesman and their Reps in the cannabis and cbd product business. They own Biolief, LLC. Beware of them. They are scammers. Interesting their house is for sale in Lake worth too. Well, actually pending sale… were they trying to flee before she was indicted? scary for anyone who was doing business with either of them. They do business in Colorado, California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Las Vegas, Chicago, everywhere. They own several businesses besides Biolief. Stephanie Curran is a “Consultant”, owns a Laboratory management company;HCC Management, Innovative Advisors, and more.

Stephanie Curran in Florida bragged to many people that her company with Nikita Hermesman, HCC Management Group, in Florida made over $2 million in 2017. Stephanie Curran also claimed she she invested over $150,000.00 into their Biolief CBD company in which they have already scammed the public and physicians out of money and products. NOT to mention, today she appeared in court (LIED) regarding her federal charges on conspiracy and health care FRAUD claiming that she is “INDIGENT” (no money /no assets) to get a free attorney. Unbelievable!! CHECK out the palm beach county court records.. this chick was charged with grand theft for embezzling money from a fitness group in 2013 in Florida. Guess who bailed her out?? The Mastermind behind he federal indictments. “but she’ll say she’s Innocent of course. She’s probably one of the top 10 health care and business scamming frauds in the US.


How did she even pass background checks???


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