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Stay Away from Status Labs

This report is a warning to anyone who wants to engage in business with Status Labs.

Status Labs promises you that they fix your reputation. They actually ruin your reputation and leave you dry after paying tens of thousands of dollars.

Check the web and you will find that Status Labs and its current and past executives have a dark past. This is after they have tried many shady tactics to remove these negative PR.

The former CEO of the Status Labs, Jordan French, was a piece of work. He did a number on the company and its reputation.

Then came his buddy and real estate partner, Darius Fisher, who plays the good cop but he is just the sneaky version of his close friend, Jordan.

Do not sign up or consult with them. Once they know you have a problem you are toast (Jordan’s French toast). You have to keep paying them, or they make it worse for you.

Stay away from Status Labs at all cost.

Darius Fisher may want to convince you that they have changed and they are not connected to the previous CEO.

That is a LIE. He is still partner with Jordan French in a real estate company. This real estate company has its own reputation problems especially in Austin. They screwed over a couple in a shameful deal that caused PR headache for them.

Engage with this company and you can kiss your reputation and money goodbye.

Don’t be fooled by their fake PR, like charity events in Austin, or showing golden retrievers in their pics to make them look friendly and social conscious.

They are all a ruse.

They may claim everything is previous CEO’s fault, and now that they have thrown him under the bus, they are all good and dandy.

Don’t believe them.

The old CEO, French, still has part of the company, and benefits from the company.

The whole thing is a lipstick on the pig and fake PR.

Stay away from them. You have been warned.

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  1. Status Lab Review

    Status lab believes in playing both the sides. At one instance, it claims that Jordan French is no more a part of the company, the other instance, it secretly shares profit with him.

    After Jordan French got into controversies regarding the real estate scam, Status Lab tried to cover up its reputation by faking his resignation which is as true as Jordan French’s loyalty.

    Save your time and money and leave these goons to create web of lies for themselves.

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