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CryptoCurrency Ponzy Scheme

Hi there,

My name is Chris and I was recently involved with Start Systems and invested a good chunk of money to never be seen again.

Here are some names to be aware of, as that these people are complete crooks; Felix Logan, Oliver Turner, Willem Adelbert , Philip Van Dijk, Tony Rivas, Sasha Bjelov and  Ivan Ivanov.  Here are some of the other company names and websites they own;  Don’t go anywhere near these guys-

Dragon Mining-

HedgerTech Coin-

Bit coin trading world-


Hundreds of people have invested with this company, by USD, Bitcoin, and now they are offering contracts be bought by Ethereum and Litecoin. They were once offering B2G (Bitcoiin) contracts, but have now completely taken this off of their site, even though, they have breached several contracts that were involving Bitcoin mining, and were supposed to be expired after 90 days.

These contracts were supposed to then be paid back to the investor in the same currency invested, such as BITCOIN. They started conning people with a new coin, that isn’t even being traded, and FORCING people to cash out in something called a SMART TOKEN, to be converted on THOREX into the B2G coin. Well, GOOD LUCK WITH THIS, because everyone running B2G has disappeared, and support on Start Options refuses to pay anyone back or make it possible to get your money back!

Hundreds of people have been consistently emailing them, asking them to honor the contract, but they refuse and now more than 600 people are out THOUSANDS of dollars and are getting completely ghosted by these guys.


Everything about this is a SCAM, so BEWARE, BECAUSE YOU WILL ALSO LOSE YOUR MONEY, DESPITE THE WITHDRAWAL PROMISE, as you CANNOT WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY!! They will ignore you, block you, and potentially shut your account down to avoid paying out any money to any of the investors or instruct you to withdraw your account into Thorex to a Smart Token, and then say you can convert it to B2G, which, again…that’s where the road ends, because it can’t be TRADED on a legitimate Exchange!! It shows on Thorex that it’s worth approximately $50 dollars, but they are partners with Start Options. Every single site that is pushing B2G, is owned by the same people!!


If you or anyone you know has been scammed by these individuals, send an email here describing your situation: [email protected]


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