Square Yards – Tanuj Shori

Square Yards Partner with Scammer Barworks

Square Yards Promoted  an Barworks investment For Higher & Quick Commissions which turned out to be a scam, There are legal actions in progress against Barworks & JP Morgan Bank in USA, However Square Yards & Agents Like Him Are Equally Responsible for this Scam, and must be held accountable.

How Square Yards Ditched Their Clients :

– SY hv not done any due deligence. (they dont know the fake man CEO Jonathan black does not exist while promoting the investment in overseas)
– SY sold it to investors with Guarantee & Commitments, Because of which investors put their money ( So SY must be held accountable for this )
– They even keep selling in March April when it was clear that something is wrong with BW, and rents were delayed…

– SY did it for higher & Quick commission i.e. 20%, which is one of the main greed for agents to kill their investors.

– SY is history cheater :





Bar Works: The return of Renwick Haddow

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4 reviews on Square Yards – Tanuj Shori

  1. Tanuj and the company they are scammers and sooner or later they will found out by the authorities and I really hope they go down as the business model they run is full of lies. I have had first-hand experience.

    1. Ashraf Karim

      Pls tell me more about your experience as they have approached me for investment with 12% guaranteed return. Thanks

  2. Tanuj Shori - Square Yards is Butcher, must be behind the bar...

    I hv lost 150k in an investment with square yards, they sold it with guarantee and raise their hands while investment turned out to be ponzi scheme.

    Read more about SY:


    Square is history cheater, whether its Singapore or India, they have stolen money from everywhere…

    With me they were butcher, I lost all my life saving due yo square yards…Tanuj will rest in hell…I wish any Arab local read our comments and protect UAE from people like tanuj shori…

    I am fighting battle in court and need helping hands as Tanuj is using his money and power to hide my voice, I am in much needed help by authorities…

  3. my two cents ...

    worst company that I ever invested in , total waste of time – avoid at all cost

  4. Square yards is really a ditch company having irresponsible employees

    Do not invest through SY as once they will convince you for investment ,after which person will face so much of queries and then the SY persons will not pick the phone calls and neither reply to your emails.All commitments done by SY is totally false .This is totally a company which ditches investors to gain the percentage profit from the builders.The staff is really annoying as they will never solve your query not they are bothered about any ones invested money.
    So it is better to stay aaway from SY.

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Dubai Dubai AE
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Reported Loss :10000000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : kamalsingh241083
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