Spectacles of Union Square

Bad taste in my mouth

I searched for a specific pair of Cartier glasses for three months. I worked with three different Cartier boutiques and with some different opticians in the area who are authorized retailers. After a long search, I finally found the pair of glasses I was looking for. The frames were the only pair I could locate and they are $2,500 frames.

I had come into Spectacles a few times to check their selection of Cartier as well. My first few times coming into the store were great. I happened to be assisted by Danny each time I came in, who was always helpful with answering questions and he gave great customer service. Although they did not have the frame, Danny told me to come back even if I found them somewhere else.

I liked working with Danny and decided to come back with the frame.
They are wood frames and they require delicate care. I read great reviews about this place and Cartier San Francisco even recommended coming here. I am in no hurry to have lenses put in because I want to ensure that the job is done right and they are handled with care.

After working with Danny, I was ready to have my single vision prescription lenses made, and he told me to come back to see the owner Kevin who would be taking in the frames and explaining their process and fees for the various types of lenses options.

I came back to see Kevin. When I walked in, I approached the man at the counter who I hadn’t seen before and told him I was looking for Kevin. He said “Yea that’s me” in the most unenthusiastic way possible. I told him I had a pair of Cartier glasses I would like lenses for and I careful placed them on the counter. He picked them up, quickly examined them, and then half dropped them back on the counter and slid them across the counter to me and said “Yea it’ll cost you about $450”.

I couldn’t believe his attitude and the fact that he threw down my expensive frames like they were $20 plastic frames. If this is how he handles them in front of me, God only knows what he does in the back when no one is looking.

I will never come back here and I hope others read this before coming here for lenses. Maybe he didn’t want to deal with me because he sells Cartier and didn’t have the frame I wanted but that was not how I would expect a business like this to treat customers. This definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and I had to share this experience

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3 reviews on Spectacles of Union Square

  1. Spectacles of Union Square Bad Service.

    This past , we took in a number of frames previously purchased at Spectacles to ask whether any of them would work with my latest prescription. They advised us that several pairs of frames we’d bought from them would work, so on their advice and at major expense, we ordered new lenses for the frames they recommended.

    However, when the glasses came back, they did not fit properly at all. After several attempts by the staff to adjust them, we were told that the lenses were “too heavy” and not right for the frames.

  2. Thanks but no thanks!

    It’s too bad I was greeted by the snobbiest, most wench-like sales associate at this optical shop. Since I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for over half the 37 years I’ve been alive, I have a good sense of what I like and I’m looking for. I entered the story friendly and upbeat, excited to know what they had to offer since this shop is supposed to be known for a good stock of eyewear. The salesgirl,

    a young Thelma-from-Scooby-Doo-looking-type, was nice when she asked if I was looking for a particular style (frameless) and particular brand, and then she decided to tell me all the things wrong with Safilo Group eyewear — which wouldn’t have bothered me if she had the sales-skill to offer me something comparable or something she *knew* would be better.

    I suppose she felt better just rattling off at the mouth instead of provided good customer service. No way I’m going in there again, except to try on frames and buy them CHEAPER online at equally reputable eyewear boutiques. Thanks but no thanks!

  3. Great selection and amazing service.

    I called in this afternoon to get some new spectacles – we were greeted by Shaun who helped me pick out two pairs while Kevin efficiently did an eye check and arranged the lenses. Within half an hour I was walking out job done. Great selection and amazing service.

Reported Loss :2500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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