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SCS is a fraud company, don’t trust them

I have a small manufacturing unit. I was looking for an upgradation and contacted Specialty Communications for getting the Battery backup system installed. I had heard about this company through an employee and he suggested to consult SCS for getting things done. I did the same. Because of the reference, I was ready to pay a bit more but wanted a work that was perfect. So, I called them.

A guy came for the supervision. He checked the entire area and asked me few questions about what exactly I was looking for. I told him my requirement. He listened patiently and then asked for a few days to build the plan and the budget. I agreed. I was not in a haste and wanted him to take care of entire thing minutely.

He called me after a week and told me that he had mailed me certain things that I needed to verify. I checked it and consulted with the admin at my end who was taking care of the telecom part. He said that the plan was lame, and it would not meet our requirements. He also said that the company was using old setups and it would be a loss for us.

I forwarded the same feedback and the guy started talking nonsense. He told me that we did not know how this worked and he was giving the right suggestion. After a lot of discussions, he said he would revise the plan. Later, after two days, he did send the mail, but it had the same thing with few minimal changes.

I called him and said that I would not be working with them. He said that it was fine, and he would not try to convince me of something that I was not sure of. But, he said that he would be sending me the consultation fee details that won’t be much as he had invested time and effort. I thought he was talking sense. He seemed genuine. So, I said that he could send me the mail.

I received the mail right away. When I checked the charges, I was shocked. He had charged me thousands of dollars for visiting once and sending me a generic plan that was worthless. I called and denied paying the amount. He started abusing me. I had to disconnect.

I started receiving calls from him every other day. I asked him not to call. But, he did not listen, and the calls would come anytime. Even when I was working, he kept calling continuously without a break. I called him and said that I would pay if he would suggest a reasonable amount which was nowhere close to the amount that he has provided. He sent me deducting few bucks from the initial price. He was making me insane.

I blocked his number. It did not help me a lot. So, I started ignoring his calls. Gradually, it stopped. I believe that this kind of practice is completely unprofessional and unreasonable. Never contact SCS or you will be tortured the same way. What a scam!!

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Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : rubin
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