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The Receptionist Had no interest

like maureen O. i’d been a patient at this location for 10 years along with my wife. Dr. yang and Dr. Gangi were great…as is Dr. Saeidi and Stella is a fantastic hygienist. all that said, with the conversion to soothing dental has come with a huge turnover in employees. no longer are any of the receptionists or dental assistants there that had been for years. i’m sure there’s a learning curve to those positions along with the billing staff…but no one seems to stay for more than a month or two.
the current reception staff since march has been atrocious with one taking an unauthorized co-pay from a flexible spending account i kept on file. shes been fired, but i’m not thrilled that she has yours and my personal info.
further that visit still hasn’t been correctly billed to my insurance which has been the same for ten years. i tried to contact billing to correct this but once again the reception staff wont connect me saying billing is too busy with the thousands of soothing dental patients. what am i? in short soothing dental has lost my wife’s and my business which id estimate at $5-10 thousand annually for no other reason than horrible customer service. people who aren’t accountable, argumentative,and interrupt when you’re trying to explain your situation shouldn’t be in customer service. i’m sad that a ten year dental health relationship has been ruined by a few low paid, low information clerical employees playing god with my dental and financial well being.

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  1. Soothing Dental Bad Service.

    Three visits and an issue with each visit. First visit they had no record of me even though I’d registered my visit on line and had a confirmation printed out. Signed up for a monthly plan which unfortunately no one told me was for without any cancellation.

    3rd visit, specifically asked for a dental hygienist for a cleaning not a dentist as I usually get a better cleaning from a hygienist.

  2. i don't recommend the gal at all.

    i’ve had my share of dentists here in sf. greg’s awesome and the place is pretty nice… however, i will never go back. i had a rotten experience w/ the gal: took my aunt for veneers here before flying her back north and she got some infection… so i wound up having to get it taken care of in vancouver… utter mess. i don’t recommend the gal at all.

  3. Scammer

    easy to explain— my novicane wore off while getting a root canal but ganji said he had to finish — with me in severe pain and out 800 dollars

  4. I would NEVER go back to this office!!!

    I would NEVER go back to this office!!! They will send you to Collection before they have receive their payments from your insurance company!!!

    When I first found this dentist office and went there for a cleaning,I was really impressed by their spa felt office and their up-to-date dental technology. Till recently however, I will NEVER go back to this office and will never recommend anyone ever again.

  5. redone within two years because of issues with their workmanship.

    Drs. Ganji and Yang are great people. I loved my visits because they’re easy to talk to, their office is stunningly beautiful, its just such a shame they do worthless work. I have had to have EVERY SINGLE thing they did, a crown and 5 fillings, redone within two years because of issues with their workmanship.

  6. Great dentist experience so far,

    Schedule five minutes for the lift. Super slow. Great dentist experience so far, though.

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