Sonia Villagrana

$16,000 needfor shipping Gold Bars she was given by Iraq. Stolen Valor. Not Army

Sonia Villagrana (aka: Rita, Benedicta, Mary, Sonia, also she has stolen ARMY valor)

This scammer is claiming to be US Army. Preying on lonely singles. Grooms them and later tells them she saved important people in Iraq and was gifted Gold bars. She needs $16,000 to ship the gold bars to US and will split profits, with her newest victim, once she sells the gold for currency.  She has multiple Facebook accounts, and is on all sorts of online lesbian, and other dating websites.  Photos in military uniform are quite obviously fakes. Can see man’s Adams apple, and head is large. Arms are large male arms.  She has multiple dating sites with her profile, including LGBT

I believe this is possibly her real Facebook

Here are others

She is grooming victims and very good at it. $16,000 is a huge con

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4 reviews on Sonia Villagrana

  1. So glad I found this! I ran into her too!!!

    Ran into her ON a dating site and you could tell it was going to turn into some type of scan. Back then there was no fb profile and i could not find her online anywhere which were all immediate red flags. I wasn’t sure if it was this person or someone who stole these pictures posing as her.

    Writing is terrible and is obvious it’s a foreigner, also had so many discrepancies in stories.

    1. ana

      I met her on dating site as well. I agree you could tell she’s a foreigner and a scammer.

    2. anna


  2. scammer indeed

    She is a scammer…she tried telling me this same story and she tries to make her victims fall in love with her. she asks for a care package and an IPhone at first then she hits you with the money request.. She does pose as an Army staff sergeant.

    1. anna balderrama

      she told me the same thing how we where a match and ask me to get her things and iphone then later ask for money how she was going to be out in dec and she had gold that was on its way to me but it cost money to get to me 2,000. and we where going to be happy in life with all the gold she had i have every pic thats on the web sit she gave me ROSSY ZARA i was looking her up online never found her so i ask if her if she had fb she told me she cant have a fb page one you can i have friends in the army she keeps asking me if i need somethings like a new iphone 10 and she needs money and she will be home in feb and wants me to pick her up she does not no i no what she is doing im going to play this girl like she did to me but not with money or things i have a good life going pay back is a bitch and she is getting it back

  3. same experience

    same thing. was contacted by her. via tinder. claims to be in the army, in libya. pretending she got money for a life saving action. send a photo of a safe with money on it. quite obscure. then wanted me to have the costs covered for the transport to the us, to her family in massachussetts. interesting enough, her what´s app number was from california. so i broke up immediately when she was asking for money. crook.

  4. Vannesa Villagrana

    She contacted me on Instagram giving me the name Vannesa Villagrana. Said she’s an officer in the army stationed in Kabul Afghanistan on a rescue mission. She has messaged me for about a week on Skype talking about how we’re meant to be and she can’t wait to meet me when she gets back home to Miami. Today she asked for an iTunes gift card for her iCloud. When I said no she said “good luck to you”.

  5. Scam Indeed

    Same. She’s on HER and claims to be Rossy Zara in Special Forces in Kabul.

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